Black Friday Deals: Buying or Selling Future of Top Young WWE and AEW Stars

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistNovember 27, 2020

Black Friday Deals: Buying or Selling Future of Top Young WWE and AEW Stars

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    In celebration of the annual Black Friday shopping rush, there are a plethora of young Superstars in WWE and All Elite Wrestling who fans should be buying or selling for the future.

    Amid the television ratings war between WWE and AEW, both companies have a bountiful selection of fresh faces they can build around for the next decade or more. It's a great time to be a wrestling fan.

    From Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm on WWE to Maxwell Jacob Friedman and Jungle Boy on AEW, the next generation of wrestling fans will have a better mix of veterans and future stars than ever before.

    Here are the top young stars in wrestling and a look at whether we should be buying or selling their stock.

Buy: Tyler Bate

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    At just 23 years old, Tyler Bate is one of the most promising wrestlers in the business, thanks in part to his boyish good looks and incredible in-ring storytelling ability.

    As a former WWE United Kingdom Championship titleholder and NXT tag team champion, he is already a young veteran in the company.

    While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has hampered his progress due to travel restrictions, Bate has the ability to transcend international boundaries and become a main roster star for WWE.

    Whether it's on Raw or SmackDown, he should be vying for a secondary title right now before eventually challenging for either brand's world title.

Buy: Jungle Boy

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    Another ridiculously young wrestler who is already making major waves in the business is AEW's Jungle Boy.

    The 23-year-old has been one of the most popular performers on Dynamite in its first year, and the future couldn't be brighter for the Los Angeles native.

    In addition to his ability in the ring, he is a good-looking guy and the son of the late actor Luke Perry.

    With AEW looking to break into the mainstream in any way possible, Jungle Boy has the potential to transcend wrestling and carry the weekly show.

Buy: Rhea Ripley

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    The NXT women's division is arguably the strongest of any in wrestling, but Rhea Ripley has still managed to stand out as a top star.

    The 24-year-old Australian already has WrestleMania experience and has dominated NXT UK and NXT. 

    The main roster is next.

    With both the Raw and SmackDown women's divisions in need of depth and fresh faces, the addition of Ripley to either brand would add instant credibility.

    With her size and power, there are a plethora of possible pay-per-view-worthy feuds WWE could book for her.

Sell: Dominik Mysterio

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    Despite only being 23 years old, fans should be selling Dominik Mysterio, who is riding off his father's name instead of earning his way through the ranks.

    Rey's son has been serviceable at best in the ring and lackluster on the mic since fully arriving in WWE this year.

    There is no doubt Dominik will grow as a performer, but expectations will be sky high as the son of a future Hall of Fame performer.

    It will be nearly impossible to match the impact of his father, so the WWE Universe should be selling stock on Mysterio junior.

Buy: MJF

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    One of the reasons AEW has enjoyed so much success in such a short time is Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

    The 24-year-old has become one of the best talkers in the business since making his television debut with the company, and that momentum hasn't slowed.

    With the chance to work next to legends of the business such as Chris Jericho, Jim Ross and Jon Moxley, MJF is being put in a position to build upon his raw natural talent and slowly morph into one of the cornerstones of the AEW brand.

    The future is bright for Dynamite with Friedman on the mic.

Buy: Toni Storm

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    As a former NXT UK women's champion and now a star on NXT, the sky is the limit for Toni Storm.

    After dominating overseas, the 25-year-old is looking to translate her success to an American audience, and it's all working out perfectly for WWE so far.

    In addition to being a larger-than-life personality relatable to the WWE Universe, Storm is an elite in-ring worker who can stand toe-to-toe with the best the company has to offer.

    While there is always concern about how NXT stars are booked on the main roster, she has the look and skills needed to be a Raw or SmackDown women's champion by the end of 2021.

Buy: Darby Allin

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    At 27 years old, Darby Allin is the oldest performer on this list, but he also has, arguably, the most upside.

    With an enigmatic quality comparable to Jeff Hardy or Sting, he has become one of the brightest stars in the business since he debuted on Dynamite in October 2019.

    Allin has been a popular attraction on the independent wrestling scene for years, but when he finally got an opportunity to shine with AEW, he morphed into one of the faces of the brand and a fan favorite.

    With the TNT Championship now around his waist, there is no stopping the Seattle native.

Sell: Marko Stunt

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    Despite Marko Stunt's small stature, he is a legitimate wrestler working on his craft and getting better. The problem is he doesn't have what it takes right now to cut it in the big leagues.

    At 24 years old, though, selling on Stunt is merely a temporary recommendation.

    Stunt is still finding his place in the industry, but he has already accumulated a wealth of experience from being on the independent scene and now on television with AEW.

    While his future could still be bright, fans should be selling on him in the short term.


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