The Real Winners and Losers from 2020 WWE Survivor Series

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistNovember 23, 2020

The Real Winners and Losers from 2020 WWE Survivor Series

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    Survivor Series was truly a clash of the Best of the Best as promised. The champions of both brought everything to this night in some of the most impressive clashes of the entire year.

    Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre brought all they had in a physical and incredible main event clash between titans. The Tribal Chief needed help to overcome The Scottish Psychopath, putting over the resilience of McIntyre.

    The Street Profits knew a battle with New Day would test their mettle. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins not only challenged Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods but managed to defeat them clean.

    Sasha Banks had to prove herself against Asuka. She had never been able to defeat The Empress of Tomorrow by pinfall or submission. Survivor Series changed that as she managed to pin Asuka.

    The men's and women's elimination matches brought out some clear losers. The entire men's SmackDown team fell short in a clean sweep loss at the event. Lana was the sole survivor for Raw but only be standing around and doing nothing for much of the match.

    Certain stars above others won over new fans with their efforts, making a statement that will be remembered. Others had a statement to make and could not pull it off, losing with one of the biggest opportunities of their careers.

Losers: Men's SmackDown Team

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    Seth Rollins set a shocking tone after he let Sheamus Brogue Kick and pin him. From there, the men's Smackdown team fell flat, going down after the other. AJ Styles eliminated Kevin Owens. Riddle took out King Corbin.

    Otis and Jey Uso tried to rally on their own with pure fire, but the number's game was far too much. Braun Strowman planted Otis with a running powerslam for the elimination then Keith Lee caught Uso mid-air with a Spirit Bomb for the win.

    The SmackDown men's team never talked together throughout the build to Survivor Series. Meanwhile, the Raw men's team tried but struggled repeatedly to get on the same page. It felt like there would be more of a story behind this contest.

    Instead, it was all red brand. It made everyone for SmackDown but Otis and Jey look bad. The last two at least fought hard. Rollins' story has some intrigue, but it is hard to get swept and remotely feel like a winner that night.

    This made sense for Jey's story as he is not confident enough in himself to lead a team of personalities yet, and no one could have won at that end stage alone. That does not mean he will not punished by Roman Reigns for failing.

    It will be interesting to see what comes of this. Jey is the only that can benefit long term by going after the men that failed him, following the aggressive approach of The Tribal Chief.

Winners: The Street Profits

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    New Day came in confident with Big E joining Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in Gears of War 5 gear. However, their confidence turned in a tough fight with The Street Profits. Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford survived New Day's best and landed a devastating high blockbuster for the three.

    Afterward, New Day and The Profits hugged, showing a deep respect for one another. While New Day has long been considered the top tag team in WWE, Ford and Dawkins have proved their own worth, just not at quite this level yet.

    This victory has established The Profits on the same level as New Day. This was the best match of The Profits' career and the biggest win. It would be fun to watch them fight again soon with gold truly on the line.

    SmackDown and Raw's tag team divisions as a whole benefited from the best tag team match in WWE this year. The champions look better than ever, and it is up to the rest of the division to rise up to meet that challenge.

    The talent is there. WWE needs to just give this same time to other tag teams. Do not waste time after one of the biggest matches the tag team division has had in years.

Winner: Sasha Banks

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    Sasha Banks tried to play confident against Asuka as The Empress of Tomorrow did the same. However, both saw what the other was willing to bring to the fight. Ultimately, neither could quite capture the clean clear victory. The two battled for a surprise roll-up, and Banks pulled it out for three.

    The Legit Boss has been seen as one of the best in the women's division for years, but there has always been someone better. Whether it was Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Bayley or Asuka, one woman had stood higher until this night.

    This was the night where Banks became the top woman in WWE. The Boss stands above the pack and should lead SmackDown to the future as champion. Hopefully, her feud with Carmella will only further solidify this point.

    Asuka is still absolutely among the best in wrestling. She is arguably able to outshine Banks in the ring every time out. However, she was absolutely able to take this loss and move on to whoever is ready to take the next shot at the Raw Women's Championship.

    Both women brought their all in what could be the last match for a while in their incredible series of matches. The women's division showed off in a pair of long matches at Survivor Series and must deliver on that with more opportunities to come.

Loser: Lana

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    After briefly holding her own against Natalya, Lana was sent to the steel steps to wait as the Raw women's team supposedly won without her. Instead, in a physical back-and-forth battle, Lana was left the sole survivor after Bianca Belair and Nia Jax were both counted out.

    It may seem odd to call The Ravishing Russian the loser after being the last woman standing, but this finish did not make her look good. It was similar to her victory in the recent No. 1 contender battle royal before Asuka squashed her.

    At every opportunity in this story, WWE has failed to make Lana look good. She has won some matches but barely and with little personal additions to the contests. This was an awkward outing in the ring where commentary put over a sloppy showing for two minutes before she was left to look ridiculous waiting outside.

    This is not an indictment of Lana's ability in the ring not her mic skills. She has clearly been putting in the effort. She does not have the natural talent of other women currently on the roster, but she has certainly not been around just for a paycheck.

    If WWE wants to reward that effort, it takes more than surface-level victories. She could have easily taken the final pinfall win without hurting The EST, who had a fantastic showing in the contest. She is neither unlikable enough to be booed nor sympathetic enough to cheer.

    This could have finally been the moment where The Ravishing Russian showed she can hang with the best in the women's division. Instead, she added almost nothing beyond a shocked expression in the midst of a flurry of action by the rest of the women involved.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

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    Despite everything Roman Reigns said to Drew McIntyre, The Scottish Psychopath had something to prove. He did just that in a brutal battle where he refused to stay down. He did not lose after a pair of Spears. It took a low blow and interference from Jey Uso to force McIntyre to pass out to the guillotine choke.

    This was the match of the night on an incredible night of action. McIntyre and Reigns fought hard in a contest that would have felt at home as the main event of WrestleMania. It was a true showcase of the best talent in WWE.

    While The Tribal Chief is undoubtedly WWE's top active star, The Scottish Psychopath has been on the rise consistently. This may be the match that solidifies him as a main event act for the next decade. He was put over as an unstoppable force.

    It made complete sense. Reigns came in overconfident while McIntyre was wholly determined to prove himself. He survived an onslaught and looked poised to win until the referee went down.

    The future is bright for McIntyre. He is an unbelievable talent, who never quits. He competes at an elite level every time out. He and Reigns will fight again. That is inevitable. Next time, it should be on The Grandest Stage of Them All with gold on the line.