Projecting the Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at WWE Survivor Series 2020

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistNovember 21, 2020

Projecting the Most Likely Heel and Face Turns at WWE Survivor Series 2020

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    Every WWE event is a new opportunity for fresh stories to emerge. WWE Survivor Series 2020 may come off as an unexciting event, built too much around brand supremacy. However, it has potential to bring some big moments for the future of WWE.

    Several stars could change direction given the implications far beyond just Sunday.

    Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns stand at opposite sides of an argument for who is the top world champion in WWE, but many are interested in the chance to dethrone either man. Sheamus sits on the outside with a fascinating perspective.

    Both the men's and women's Survivor Series team matches have story potential based on who lasts the longest and who falls woefully short. Lana especially has a chance to make a lasting mark in the contest.

    A few champions also have potential to turn face or heel. Sami Zayn and Asuka are in need of a shake-up for their own sake as well as that of their divisions.

    SmackDown and Raw have plenty of stories left to tell after a recent WWE Draft, and Survivor Series can be the catalyst for massive change on the horizon.

Heel: Sheamus

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    Sheamus was a heel before he moved to Monday Night Raw, but his alignment has been unclear on the red brand. He has struggled to work with heels and faces on the Raw men's Survivor Series team.

    However, he has shown one clear face trait in his support to Drew McIntyre. The two men have history that has come back into play, selling The Celtic Warrior as an ally to the WWE champion. However, the world title hangs in the balance.

    It is inevitable that Sheamus will turn against McIntyre. If he can convince the champion to let down his guard because of their friendship, he can sneak his way into title contention, particularly by playing on McIntyre's emotions.

    The Celtic Warrior has been world champion four times alongside a bevy of secondary singles and tag team championships. He has repeatedly made the most of opportunities and helped build new stars along the way.

    It was inevitable he would get back to the world title scene, and is there anyone better for him to face than his longtime friend? Sheamus vs. McIntyre is a rare money match that has not been overused despite the two men's familiarity with one another.

    Survivor Series is about brand supremacy, so everyone should be working on the same team from Raw. However, it is just one night. Sheamus could absolutely take his shot at McIntyre, cost him a match against Roman Reigns and stake his claim for the WWE Championship.

Face: Lana

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    Lana has spent months going through announce tables courtesy of Nia Jax. This has arguably been the most developed story for WWE Survivor Series of any angle (which does not mean it is good). It has to lead to something.

    Despite WWE attempting to build sympathy for her, The Ravishing Russian remains a heel, playing the opportunist in every situation. She has not built any credibility recently as a serious in-ring competitor.

    If she can rally an unimpressive Raw women's team to a win, it could change the perspective of many on Lana. She can show off what she can do with more time in the ring. She might finally impress The Indomitable Force.

    This turn seems inevitable. If it does not happen at Survivor Series, when would Lana ever be able to prove herself as a worthy hero for the fans to root for?

    This is a moment for Lana to rewrite her career direction. Given the limited stories for Survivor Series, The Ravishing Russian could do far more than just turn face. She could make a lasting impact if she brings her best to the ring.

Face: Sami Zayn

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    It is always awkward to set up a heel vs. heel match, but Survivor Series established several with its early expected card. Raw pivoted by taking the WWE Championship off Randy Orton and returning it to Drew McIntyre, but that still leaves Sami Zayn vs. Bobby Lashley.

    The Critic of the Critics is a fun performer and ultimate opportunist. Despite his shortcuts, he has at times portrayed himself as a fan favorite. He often detests fellow heels and prides himself on his title as WWE intercontinental champion.

    The All Mighty has also played a babyface at moments during The Hurt Business' rivalry with Retribution. However, Lashley never felt as believable in that role. He is best when he dominates and destroys without considering what is right.

    When Zayn and Lashley fight, it will be a clash of wrestlers with limited chemistry despite their considerable talent. It would make sense for The Critic of the Critics to accept the crowd adoration and play a lovable cheater.

    It could be only the beginning of that journey back to a face role. Zayn has been limited as a heel, playing too frail even as champion. Once he turns back to a fan favorite role, he might get the attention he deserves.

Heel: Asuka

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    The truth is that Monday Night Raw is stuck. Its women's division is carried by one woman above all others, and it feels like we've seen most of what we could possibly see from Asuka.

    The Empress of Tomorrow is fantastic, but she's played a face for so long that it has grown stale. Everyone knows what she will do in a segment and what catchphrases she will use. She has gone through the same process for years.

    The rare exceptions were in NXT, as well as when The Empress teamed up with Kairi Sane to win the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. Asuka was at her best playing the villainous role, mocking and dissecting her opponents.

    It is time to reclaim that role for Asuka, and Survivor Series is the perfect time. Sasha Banks is coming in fully as a face who needs to prove that she can defeat Asuka on her own. The dynamic has shifted.

    It would be perfectly heartbreaking for The Boss if Asuka cheated to defeat her again. That is a story that would make this repeat match memorable.

    Raw needs a heel Asuka. The division is limited for true memorable stories, and The Empress dominating Raw with the confidence to cheat when needed would bring a spark to an unexciting division.


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