Knicks Boycott: It's Now or Never

Zachary CharlesCorrespondent INovember 16, 2009

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I have watched some horrific Knick teams take the floor: overpriced players, guys who no other team wanted, soft lazy players, but I have never seen anything like this before.

The Knicks have started 1-9, the worst start in franchise history, and if the Nets weren't so bad, we would for sure be the worst team in the league. I have written articles about firing D'Antoni, replacing Donnie Walsh, how this team is only going downhill while crazy/hopeful fans actually think Lebron or Wade or even Bosh or Amar'e will be in orange and blue next year.

The guys who are calling numerous times a day to tell you to buy season tickets and that the future begins next year are all reading from a script. They lie. There is no future in sight for this ball club. Until James Dolan is no longer the owner of the club, until, Donnie Walsh—who has screwed us up even more with horrific draft picks and trades, a guy who was chased out of Indiana—is gone, until D'Antoni is gone, who doesn't care about the squad now and basically tells them that 99 percent of the team will not be returning; how can a team be motivated to win knowing their own coach and GM has no faith in them and will replace them at year's end.

We as Knick fans who bleed orange and blue MUST BOYCOTT THE GAMES. 

There are many fans who are still willing to pay these ridiculous prices to go watch a team lose by double-digits beginning in the first quarter. Families spend $20,000 a year to sit close to the action, to watch our team lose year after year. I myself am always looking for tickets to go and watch the team I really love, but that time is over, I am sick of wasting my money, sick of people telling me that $250 is what they are selling the tickets for.

The Knicks should pay the fans to come out and watch the abomination of a roster. Who do they think they are, charging tons of money for season tickets or even single game tickets and for what? So that we can watch Darko Milicic run around? Jared Jeffries miss layups? Larry Hughes go 1-10 or even watch Nate Robinson moan to an official after taking a horrific shot claiming he got fouled, while his man has a fast break layup the other way. It's time for people to take action

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It's time for all Knick fans who care about this team, to finally stick up the Dolans and the Walshes and the D'Antonis and say its time for change. Since they are playing Boston on Sunday and probably will lose by 20+, I am urging all Knick fans to give up their tickets, boycott that game and other games, and bring this team back to its winning ways with new ownership, management and a new coach. 


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