"We believe this is where we belong," he said. "We have spent 16 years out of the Premier League because we've been passed from pillar to post of bad owners after mistakes were made by the board in the Champions League era. The most pleasing thing is, we've done it playing great football, with a team giving their all.

"When you are linked with players like Cavani, I think most of us take it with a pinch of salt. We know not to get too excited until you've got 100 per cent confirmation—see: Dan James! But to be linked with players of that calibre, it shows how much of a pull Leeds United and Marcelo Bielsa are even after 16 years of 'being nothing'as some have said!"

Leeds are now beginning preparations. Players' holidays will soon be over, the board are already in video meetings plotting their squad depth for the Premier League. And even bigger meetings lay ahead.

The first task is to tie up Bielsa. Then they can worry about Cavani and the like. 

When the new Premier League season starts on September 12, Leeds have to make sure they are ready.