Seth Rollins Feud Would Help Cement Buddy Murphy as Singles Star on WWE Raw

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistMay 25, 2020

Credit: WWE.com

Much like one's descent into madness, Murphy merely needs a little push.

Seth Rollins gained an acolyte on last week's Raw when he ordered Austin Theory to attack Aleister Black while The Dutch Destroyer was wrestling Murphy. The Monday Night Messiah may have ultimately lost a follower in the process.

The Australian shot daggers across the ring as Rollins and Theory embraced.

Rollins doesn't yet have a bout for Backlash on June 14, but it looks like he'll be matched up with Black for WWE's next pay-per-view. Looking ahead toward Extreme Rules in July and SummerSlam in August, a feud with Murphy could beckon.

The former cruiserweight champion is one of many on the roster who have the skills necessary to become a star; they're just lacking the right opportunity to catapult themselves into the upper echelon.

Murphy's run in the cruiserweight division showed how good he is in the ring, but his time on the main roster hasn't been as successful. You've probably already forgotten when he was briefly part of the Roman Reigns-Erick Rowan storyline last summer.

By aligning with The Messiah, Murphy got the direction he sorely needed, even if it takes him a while to reap the rewards.

One issue with WWE's current product is the inability to make midcard matches feel meaningful. Rollins, for example, loses to Kevin Owens at WrestleMania 36. Then, on the next PPV, he's challenging Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship. His sole qualification for getting a title shot was basically "being Seth Rollins."

Of course, not every midcard angle has to be in service to the world title picture.

The beauty of a Murphy/Rollins feud is in how WWE could allow it to play out over a long period of time to let a Superstar who once called himself "The Best Kept Secret" steadily build momentum.

AOP have been out since March after Rezar suffered a biceps injury. Should they return, they could be the first hurdle for Murphy to clear in order to get his hands on Rollins.

Given their shared enemy, a team of Murphy and Black would make sense and be a lot of fun.

From there, it would be on to Theory, with Rollins doing his best to antagonize Murphy, thus making the latter an even bigger babyface.

By the time Murphy vs. Rollins actually happens, the WWE Universe will have hopefully rallied around the Australian in the same way it got behind McIntyre after the Royal Rumble and leading up to WrestleMania 36. Otis' rise is another good example of how good writing and compelling characters will always get fans on board.

Turning on Rollins and besting him at a major event—assuming WWE took a deliberate approach—would immediately turn Murphy into a top contender on Raw.


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