Perfect Situation: Allen Iverson Is "The Answer" for the Cleveland Cavaliers

Dwayne MontellCorrespondent INovember 12, 2009

The Internet has been going nuts for the past two days with people writing about why Allen Iverson is a good fit in Cleveland with Shaq and LeBron. I thought about this and came to conclusion that this may just be the best situation for Iverson.

You see, there are only three or four active players that have had a better career than Allen Iverson. Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, and Tim Duncan are the ones that are locks. You can make an argument that Kevin Garnett is, but that can be discussed when their careers end.

Everyone says Allen Iverson is selfish for not coming off the bench late in his career when his skills have declined. Then they say silly things like Rasheed Wallace is sacrificing why can't Iverson? I have a problem with those statement.

First of all, anyone who has had a career like Iverson's would not accept coming off the bench and they would want to retire as well if they were asked to come off the bench for Michael Conley and Rodney Stuckey.

Allen Iverson is a lock for the hall of fame and is definitely one of the 25 greatest NBA players of all time. He is arguably the third greatest shooting guard ever and is one of the five best scorers to ever play.

Then there is a list of all his accomplishments: 1996 Rookie of the year, three-time NBA steals leader, four-time NBA scoring champion, 24,020 points, 27 ppg for his career, 30 ppg in the playoffs for his career (second all time), 10-time NBA All-star, two-time NBA all-star game MVP, 2001 NBA MVP.

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Like I said, there are not more than four players in the NBA right now that have accomplished more and the whole talk about Rasheed Wallace coming off the bench because he knows he has declined.

Rasheed has not had half the career Iverson has and actually has declined a lot. Iverson lost a bit of quickness and still is one of the quickest players in the league. The rest is all the media forcing you to believe that he is not the same player he once was.

Iverson would sacrifice and take a Scottie Pippen role if the player who was ahead of him was actually better. LeBron James comes to mind right off the bat. Iverson has accomplished more than LeBron has in his first seven years in the league and obviously has a better career but right now LeBron is arguably the best player in the world and Iverson would have no problem taking a back seat to him.

Iverson feels LeBron's pain. About four seasons ago Iverson was at the stage James is right now. Every year dropping 30 ppg and 7 apg but still losing to a more talented team and not having a second scorer with you to help you when you are not playing well or have too much pressure on you.

This leading to playoff exits and thus not getting the Ring you want so badly. If there is one person who feels LeBron's pain, it is Allen Iverson.

Iverson was the best one man team in the last 10 years. Today, LeBron is the best one-man team in the league. That is why Iverson would excel on the Cleveland Cavaliers. His mind would be right, he would know his role and he would know that he is not the best player on this team.

Iverson would get his own anytime and he would average over 7 apg because he would have LeBron and another hall of famer who is actually declining in Shaq. Iverson for once would be the guy on the team that does not have the best career and is not the best player. Shaq has the best career on the Cavs and LeBron is the best player. Together they could form the deadliest big three we have ever seen and cruise to a championship.

The Cavaliers are missing a scorer in the backcourt who has been through everything and has the ability to score any time he wants and more importantly when LeBron is stuck. Think about it. Who would you double team?

Double Shaq and LeBron, Iverson or Mo are open. Double LeBron and if he doesn't break through it than Iverson or Shaq or Mo are open. Double Iverson and LeBron, Shaq or Mo are open again. It would be a lethal team.

The Cavaliers would be the scariest team in the league and could just change their team name to the Cleveland Hall of Famers if they can work out a trade for Iverson. They would even be the hungriest team. Shaq wanting his fifth ring so bad, LeBron wanting to prove that he is the best by winning his first ring, and A.I. wanting that ring more than anyone so he can go out with a bang and complete his career with the one thing that has been haunting him for so long.

Right now Danny Ferry and the rest of the Cavs management needs to ignore the false things they here about Iverson and need to realize one thing.

If Iverson could never do it alone than neither can LeBron. Put the two together and the "Answer" would be a Championship.