Reece James Talks Dream Chelsea Starting XI, LeBron, Lakers, More in B/R AMA

Gill Clark@@gillclarkyFeatured Columnist IIMarch 19, 2020

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 08: Reece James of Chelsea during the Premier League match between Chelsea FC and Everton FC at Stamford Bridge on March 8, 2020 in London, United Kingdom. (Photo by James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images)
James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images

Chelsea full-back Reece James spoke to Bleacher Report in an exclusive AMA, discussing his dream starting XI for the Blues as well as his admiration for L.A. Lakers star LeBron James.

The 20-year-old also revealed the toughest wingers he has come up against in the Premier League and named the one Chelsea player he would like to bring back to Stamford Bridge the most.

Here are the best parts of the chat.

@gingergoat8: Your chelsea dream team starting 11:


Azpilicueta, Terry, Luiz, Cole

Willian, Kante, Lampard, Hazard

Drogba, Costa


@ModricHazard: What's the hardest game you've played in? And what players, past or present, would you have in your all-time XI?

Toughest game was Bayern at home not too long ago. It was really difficult and we wanted to win but didn't get the result we wanted.


@oroz20: If you could bring one ex-Chelsea player back, who would it be?

Eden Hazard. I just loved the way he played. I still love him. He'll go down as one of Chelsea's best players ever.


@JShoots: Who was your biggest inspiration growing up playing football?

Growing up it was Drogba. I was a striker and he was scoring all the goals at Chelsea.


@JDizzle9: Who's been the toughest winger to defend this season?

Raheem Sterling or Zaha. Both are skilful and quick.


@Mturnington: De Bruyne or Salah - who would you rather have return to Chelsea?

I'd probably have De Bruyne. Both are great at their position. There's no major reason for De Bruyne over Salah. Just like his style of play.


@Romithehomie: Who is your favourite non-football athlete?

LeBron James...I've always liked him since I was young because we have the same surname.


@Imnotabandwagon3: What's your favourite NBA team?



@MarshawnsChicken: How are you spending your time right now?

I'm just chillin. Not much to do. Just trying to stay fit and playing Fortnite.


@Vedantapte: Where did you go, and what did you do on your very first date?

I can't really remember. Maybe out for some food.


@AJK: Hey Reece, excellent season so far. How does it feel to have a sibling doing it for a big rival like Man Utd?

It's obviously great seeing her do so well.


@Sgeo250: Do you have a crazy football superstition?

James: I don't have one. Things change from game to game.


@Alejo10289: Who is the funniest guy in the dressing room?

Zouma. He's a massive guy, big stature, but just a big kid, always playing around.


@99monkey: How does it feel to have a body like Hulk?

Hahaha. I don't really know how to answer that. He's obviously a very strong player.


@CoolKuba99: Messi or Ronaldo?

For me, I go Ronaldo. Growing up I've always liked the way he's done things.


@MeyersLegend: Who's next out of Chelsea's academy? Billy Gilmour's off the table!

Be on the look out for Tino Anjorin. He's debuted already but one who can break into the first team.


@JShoots: Who is your best friend in the Chelsea squad?

I don't have just one. We have a tight group. When we're not on the pitch, we're all together.


@Bomstein1114: Hey Reece! Thanks for your smooth transition and prolific work as a young part of our team this season. Do you see yourself staying at RB or could you see yourself playing in another position?

I don't know. I played half and half last season while on loan. RB is my main position, but if I'm needed somewhere else, I would do it.


@Jobo93: Would you play in MLS if given the opportunity at some point in your career?

I'll never say never. MLS is a great league and other players have gone later in their career.


@JerryCasasola: If you were ever to move to the US, what city are you picking and why?

I don't know. I've been to Florida and Boston, but I really want to check out NY.


@Alejo10289: Who's the best dribbler in the squad?

Willian or Christian or Callum….all very tough to get the ball off. But if I had to pick, it's Willian.


@Prezeent393: Are you friends with Pulisic?

Yeah, we're both still young and similar age. We get on really well and are good friends.


@Noah_Dudley: Why do you wear No. 24?

Last season Gary Cahill wore it, and of the options given to me, it was the best one.


@CR7GOAT7: What's it like being managed by a Chelsea legend?

The minute I found out I was very grateful...it's great to work under him.


@Max123456789: What was it like when Lampard came in? Did the mentality of the team change?

I think everyone that came in before didn't have experience at the club. He came through and changed how we felt right away.


@LFCpeters: How has Frank Lampard impacted your development?

He understands the game as well. If you're doing well he'll tell you, if you're not, he'll make sure you know it and he'll show you how to improve. I've improved a ton under him.


@Levitheg: What's your favourite pre-game meal and song/artist?

I always have salmon and pasta. I don't have a particular song...it changes game to game. I'm listening to a ton of Travis Scott right now.


@MADRIDISTA10: If you could play with one player who's not on your team, who would it be?

Ronaldo or Messi. They're both massive icons.


@Rileyvarisco: How did you defeat the nerves in your first game when you came on for Mount?

It was obviously tough. I never experienced playing in front of a huge crowd and it's nerve-wracking, but once you get into the flow, you're good.   


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