Liv Morgan's Return and More Fallout from Lana, Lashley Wedding and WWE Raw

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistDecember 31, 2019

Liv Morgan's Return and More Fallout from Lana, Lashley Wedding and WWE Raw

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    Monday Night Raw ended the year off as expected. The January 30 edition of the red brand featured train-wrecks more than genuine top-to-bottom wrestling.

    No angle was more important to the night though than the Wedding Event of the Decade. Bobby Lashley and Lana forced everyone to watch their new wedding.

    While Rusev was once again stuck in the mix, Liv Morgan returning made it all so much more depressing. The refreshed act got a chance to prove herself only to be stuck in the worst angle.

    Andrade won the United States Championship over the weekend off-screen, and he was ready to forge a new path. However, his first title defense was against Ricochet, and The One and Only can beat anyone.

    The Street Profits challenged The OC to establish their importance, and The Best Tag Team in the World accepted. Both teams proved again that they are among the best in WWE.

    These moments highlighted a weird and wacky night of moments and wrestling that needed to be experienced to be believed.

Liv Morgan Returns to Be Immediately Inserted in a Terrible Angle

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    After months of questions and several weeks of hype, Liv Morgan returned to Monday Night Raw to interrupt the Wedding Event of the Decade. She announced that Lana was the love of her life only to have The Ravishing Russian slap her. The two fought, and Rusev joined in to destroy the wedding.

    Much was put behind the rebranding of Morgan. While it is great to see her embracing a new role, it is disappointing that she is stuck in a storyline with Lana. No one has benefited from being a part of this angle.

    It is an interesting twist for WWE to build a potential same-sex relationship between Lana and Morgan, but it is hard to see WWE delivering it with any tact. Morgan is already a scorned lover that seems to be having a tough time admitting she is better than Lana.

    In the coming weeks, Morgan will get a major spotlight. It will just be balanced out by having to work with a terrible script as well as The Ravishing Russian constantly uncomfortable with her role.

    If somehow Morgan makes it out the other side more relevant, she may just make it in WWE. However, that is an unlikely scenario given how this angle has held down everyone else.

Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley Need to Move On

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    This wedding was as chaotic as expected. The flood of characters and moments made for an entertaining segment, almost in spite of itself. The end result was a waste of time and talent.

    Rusev deserves so much better than all of this. He is one of WWE's best. He needs to be allowed to show that. The Bulgarian Brute laughing off everything has left him without much of a character to work with.

    He still has benefited more from the angle than Lana or Bobby Lashley. The Ravishing Russian has been embarrassed and never truly found her way on the mic since returning. The once great manager is a punchline.

    The All Mighty may have the manager he needs, but his credibility is mostly gone. Until he is fighting on his own against top stars, his presence is useless. He cannot talk. Charisma is a foreign concept to him. All he has is his impact offense in the ring. That has not been showcased for a while.

    Liv Morgan's addition only emphasizes the problem. The talent is there. The writing and focus is not. It is time to stop wasting talent on angles like this.

The Street Profits Need to Stay Relevant on Raw at All Times

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    The Street Profits interrupted The OC to remind Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson of their win over The Greatest Tag Team in the World. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins proved it was not a fluke with an emphatic victory ending in a frog splash.

    While The OC and The Viking Raiders have been at war for a long time, neither is all that interesting. It is far better to get The Street Profits involved. Ford and Dawkins are just more memorable.

    Their star power comes off whether they are rattling off generic hype for Monday Night Raw or competing against some of the best in the business.

    The coming triple threat between The Street Profits, Viking Raiders and OC will be huge for the tag team division. Everyone needs to step up to get people excited.

    Ford and Dawkins may be great entertainers, but they want to be more. The Raw tag team division needs them. They are the most relevant team on the red brand even if they can't match The Viking Raiders on much else.

Andrade's New Championship Needs to Lead to a Major Title Run

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    Andrade defeated Rey Mysterio in Madison Square Garden over the weekend to become the new United States champion. Ricochet challenged the champ, and El Idolo put him away with a hammerlock DDT.

    It has finally happened. Andrade is a WWE champion. The next few months will be crucial to his future as holding the US Championship has not guaranteed success. Even Samoa Joe struggled to keep the title relevant over time.

    El Idolo needs to keep competing at a high level against the best in the business. He can put on another great match with The Master of the 619 then he can move onto raising the bar with Humberto Carrillo.

    Aleister Black could step up to finally dethrone but not before the US champ has his time to shine. Andrade proved months ago that he was finally ready for this responsibility.

    Now everyone gets to see if he is true championship material as he becomes more featured with gold around his waist.