Tag Teams Continue to Thrive, Jericho Recruits Moxley and More AEW Fallout

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2019

Tag Teams Continue to Thrive, Jericho Recruits Moxley and More AEW Fallout

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The last Dynamite broadcast before All Elite Wrestling takes a break for the holidays laid some important groundwork for the future. 

    And it primarily did this through tag matches.

    The tag division is on fire lately in AEW. This time, storylines advanced, rematches were set and one faction massively growing in power took another step. Big things happened elsewhere, of course, ranging from Jon Moxley to the ever-growing women's division. 

    But this one was largely about tags and inching long-term storylines closer to conclusions, meaning it was quite the sendoff before a break. 

Hangman and Omega Fall Short

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    The Lucha Bros upending Kenny Omega and "Hangman" Adam Page just felt right.

    Like The Young Bucks, Pentagon Jr. and Fenix need some marquee wins after spending so much time helping build the division as a whole. This was it—and AEW played it off beautifully, noting they took down two single stars (albeit massive stars) who simply don't have as much time working together. 

    The match itself was solid, as should be expected from four of the better stars on the planet. But even better, this sowed some more seeds of doubt between Page and Omega. The former has been utterly lost for a while now, so splitting off, perhaps on a heel run, would make for a great turn of events. 

    This also managed to work Pac in behind the scenes. It's hard to see where it's fully going right now, but there are worse ways to keep some of the top stars in the company occupied outside the title scene. 

Tag Teams Carry the Proceedings

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    It started with Lucha Bros getting a win, though that merely turned out to be a tone-setter for Wednesday night.

    Later, Cody and Darby Allin took down The Butcher & The Blade in a brief tag match. After the botched debut of the latter, it's a little odd to see them taking a loss already. But better to get Cody away from it at this point, and even better, Allin now gets his rematch with Cody after their near-instant classic a little while ago. 

    Tag teams were far from done carrying the program, though. Later in the night, SCU defended the titles in the main event, getting the best The Young Bucks in a by-the-books bout between the well-established teams. 

    The only thing AEW risks now is overexposure for both teams. But when it needs to reach in the bag and put on a great match, it has these two teams—and then some—capable of putting on great tag matches. 

Jungle Boy Gets His Shine, and the Moxley Invitation Continues

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    Predictable done right is never a bad thing in wrestling. 

    So goes the case of Jungle Boy in the ring with top champ Chris Jericho on Wednesday night. AEW had made it clear the week prior Jungle Boy was probably going to survive the 10-minute challenge by getting the fake rollup win on the champ. 

    And that's how it went here. Jungle Boy got in some fun offense, the match managed to briefly work in the outside guys in memorable fashion and Jericho got more fuel for a temper tantrum while getting plenty of heat. 

    Granted, it seemed like Jungle Boy lasted way too long in the Walls of Jericho at the end. But he's now been firmly introduced to even casual fans as a big underdog worth backing. It's all just another case of Jericho helping to build star after star, and impressively enough, he still managed to loop in his ongoing storyline with Jon Moxley at the end. 

    Understandably, AEW will keep fans waiting when it comes to whether Moxley will accept the invitation into Jericho's The Inner Circle. The fact Jericho could still loop that in after taking it upon himself to get Jungle Boy over registers as nothing short of impressive. 

The Dark Order Makes a Statement

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    Here's something fans probably didn't think they'd read in 2019—The Dark Order closed a Dynamite broadcast. 

    The year-end broadcast, no less. The team of Evil Uno and Stu Grayson, alongside a ton of creepers, attacked SCU and The Young Bucks after their main event match then mopped up any stragglers who came out from the locker room to assist, doing some dastardly things and getting mic time in the process. 

    Was it good? Debatable. Fans are likely to remain split on The Dark Order for some time. But AEW is insistent on keeping them in a prominent position as an important faction. And to be honest, it was almost shocking to see just how many creepers they rolled to the ring with this time. If that number can keep increasing, watch out. 

    Maybe Evil Uno and Stu Grayson aren't the most intriguing thing right now. But where things go from here certainly is. Will the ever-increasing in number The Dark Order feud with The Young Bucks? Go after the tag titles? Engage with all of BTE? And where was Adam Page, which commentary made sure to point out. 

    Leaving all these questions up for grabs over a holiday break is a smooth play from AEW, which could have yet another hit faction in its hands.