4 AEW Dynamite Stars Who Need the Chris Jericho Bump

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistDecember 19, 2019

4 AEW Dynamite Stars Who Need the Chris Jericho Bump

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    Credit: Lee South / AEW

    Chris Jericho is helping All Elite Wrestling build the right way. 

    The veteran has used AEW's top title, not to mention his skills, to help build the AEW roster around him. Sure, he's going to fall into the must-see matches with guys like Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega, for starters. 

    But Jericho has also gone out of his way to have singles matches or noteworthy encounters with the likes of Darby Allin, Scorpio Sky and now Jungle Boy, not to mention rounding up a ton of talent for his faction, The Inner Circle.

    So who else can the 49-year-old help in the future? Whether it's lesser-known guys or simply superstars stuck in a rut, these guys should be next to get the Jericho bump. 


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    For now, Pac has been hopping around in some fun midcard feuds while showing off some of his personality and his obvious talent in the ring. 

    But it wouldn't hurt to see him get into a feud with Jericho in the main event scene, especially as a way to get him in front of the more casual side of the fanbase that hasn't really seen him since his WWE days. 

    Because we know Pac is much more than what he showcased with the bigger promotion. His current character is dastardly fun, he's better than one might expect when he gets on the mic and his ring work is nearly unrivaled. 

    Unlike a Kenny Omega, he isn't going to necessarily get himself over to the point of being a massive star. A reintroduction of sorts via encounters with Jericho wouldn't hurt. 

Sammy Guevara

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    Sammy Guevara is already getting something of a Jericho bump from his status within The Inner Circle. And yet, it's hard not to feel like it isn't enough. 

    Guevara is clearly incredible in the ring and his character (a guy with a punchable face who invites that very thing) is a big winner. But he's also going out and taking what feels like too many losses, even in singles action. 

    At some point, him turning on Jericho or vice versa has money written all over it. Maybe that's thinking far down the road, but a big showcase for the uber-talented rising star wouldn't do any harm. 

    As he's already shown with guys like Darby Allin, Jericho won't have many problems making Guevara look great. Even on limited exposure so far, the clear signs of him ending as one of AEW's most prized assets is clear, which is why the commentary team hints he reminds them of Eddie Guerrero.

Orange Cassidy

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    This might get some fans up in arms. Orange Cassidy is undoubtedly popular as he is. The gig is hilarious when done right, and technically speaking, he doesn't need Jericho to help him with crowds. 

    But this is bigger than crowds. 

    There's a certain segment of fans that doesn't understand or know of Cassidy. Now, not everything has to be for everyone, but attempting to get his shtick over to the fans out of the loop couldn't hurt. 

    And honestly, it'd be fun to see extended interaction between Jericho and Cassidy. The former is a legend at improv and getting things over like say, lists. The magic he'd be able to work with Cassidy is something almost any fan should want to see. 

'Hangman' Adam Page

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    Initially billed as one of the biggest things in AEW, "Hangman" Adam Page has had some problems staying over with crowds.

    While his character has done some interesting things like seeking out redemption for a string of losses, he mostly feels lost in the midcard after a bout for the diamond ring went the way of MJF. 

    Page will eventually work his way back to the top, but the lost momentum is tough to fix. Those new AEW fans don't know much about his background, and now that he's milling about seemingly rudderless, the damage could be hard to undo. 

    That is, unless he gets involved with Jericho. The in-ring offense from Page is superb given his size and the character is easily likable. Throwing him into a war of words with the AEW world champion, and eventually letting him show off, is a nice reintroduction angle after a bit of a flop.