The Perfect Brock Lesnar Opponent Before WWE WrestleMania 36 Season Begins

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistDecember 18, 2019


Now feels like a good time for Brock Lesnar to pop up and have one of those interesting one-off feuds before things really get swinging into WrestleMania 36 season. 

A handful of worthy short-term challengers come to mind, but only one name really raises the eyebrow because of the way he can make a match look great and gain some serious steam in the process: Aleister Black. 

For WWE fans who have been paying attention lately, The Dutch Destroyer feels like a big deal. Regardless of brand, the company has gone out of its way to keep him at the forefront of the programming with his promos, at a minimum. 

And when he's in the ring, he's putting on some of the best-looking matches of anyone. 

Take, for example, his TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs win over Buddy Murphy: 

Now take that brutal offense, largely via strikes, and put it in a ring with Lesnar.

Instant classic? Maybe not. But when The Beast Incarnate has been in the ring with some full-time workers of smaller stature over the last few years, he's helped make them look amazing. His bouts with Finn Balor, Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles, to name a few, are memorable for a slew of reasons. 

And Black could join that shortlist rather quickly while benefiting from the Lesnar bump. Because let's be honest—a match with The Beast is a great way to grant a Superstar as much exposure as possible to a broad audience. WWE can then turn the awareness and goodwill from that into something much bigger, perhaps in the main event scene. 

Because that certainly feels like where Black is headed sooner rather than later. WWE doesn't have anything like him this side of Bray Wyatt's The Fiend, nor does it have many guys who can talk the way he does, nor put on the type of strike-heavy offenses he does. 

And the Raw main event scene could use the help, especially when Lesnar inevitably disappears for a stretch again down the road. Seth Rollins doesn't need a title attached to his feuds, and guys like Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton—at least for now—aren't breathing a ton of new life into it at the very top of the Raw roster. 

It's fun to envision future feuds for Black because he's so refreshing from a character standpoint. The skill on the mic is especially important, but the unique offense sure doesn't hurt. 

Starting with Lesnar, it could be as simple as Black asking for another fight and Paul Heyman or even The Beast himself stepping up. This doesn't need to have some amazing build—the groundwork laid by Lesnar throughout his illustrious career and the recent work of Black does all the heavy lifting. 

Rest assured Black would fare much better in a fight resembling a real thing instead of the clunker Lesnar recently put on with Cain Velasquez. He does this on the regular with talents who don’t typically engage in those sorts of matches, so it wouldn’t be hard for him to pull off something memorable with a fighter of Lesnar’s prowess. 

While other candidates for a match with Lesnar exist, the combination of styles and the surefire upward trajectory of Black's spot on the roster make it the right fit. And unlike some of the other potential candidates, knowing going into the affair that Black won't win wouldn't diminish the entertainment value. Think, Lesnar's incredible, all-too-short feud with Samoa Joe, which was a barnburner on the mic and in the ring. 

Black and Lesnar could create something similar while slingshotting Black to new heights in the process. Everybody wins, including The Beast if he comes out looking like he survived a war (he could use a bump after getting kicked around by Rey Mysterio's kid). 

Black is always looking for a fight, so why not have the always-game Lesnar invite one fans won't forget?