Chris Jericho-Jon Moxley Feud Heats Up, MJF Shoots at Cody and More AEW Fallout

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistDecember 12, 2019

Chris Jericho-Jon Moxley Feud Heats Up, MJF Shoots at Cody and More AEW Fallout

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    All Elite Wrestling promised fans quite a bit heading into Wednesday's edition of Dynamite.

    Once again, it largely delivered. The slow burn for the inevitable encounters between Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho and MJF and Cody saw some big developments. Other notables, such as an excellent Brandi Rhodes promo, furthered some of the top storylines.

    In the ring itself, one notable David vs. Goliath sort of match and a barn-burner of a main event kept that rabid Dallas crowd pleased while working in multiple story angles.

    In all, it was a good example of must-see programming seeded with important long-term implications to keep things moving at a crisp pace.

Moxley and Jericho Have a Confrontation

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    A week ago, the close to Dynamite hinted at a big all-out brawl between Chris Jericho's The Inner Circle and Jon Moxley.

    Wednesday flipped that idea on its head, as those five confronted Moxley after his show-opening match but only to talk nicely to him while trying to woo them to their side.

    And how great was it? Jericho, his masterclass promo skills in hand, tossed aside his cocky heel ways and tried the emotional approach, bringing up his mentor-like ways to Moxley 10 years ago before helping him get to AEW. Finally, the pitch: Join The Inner Circle.

    We didn't get Moxley's response to this. And while this was meant to drum up some suspense for some extended time, most fans know that won't be happening. But it was still fun to see this twist on things, as a more reserved Jericho almost pleaded with someone he's clearly afraid of getting in the ring with. The sooner Moxley starts tearing through Jericho's group one superstar at a time, the better.

MJF Teases the Big Match

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    It was always going to be fun to hear what MJF had to say in response to Cody.

    Arguably the biggest villain in wrestling hit the ring after Cody took a loss in tag action (big shout to the fun interaction with Darby Allin after, though). MJF got off on the wrong foot with the crowdβ€”in a good wayβ€”by making an AEW employee kiss his ring.

    Then he got down to waxing the good stuff. MJF was petty, jabbed at real-life items like Cody's lisp and then really cut to the heart of the matter: Cody could fire him...but won't. He's right about being in control of the situation and even though everybody had to know it was coming, it was still funny to hear the crowd seeth with anger when he revealed he won't detail his stipulations for a match with Cody until a later date.

    While it was easy to see coming that this promo was only going to slightly push things off, MJF is so good at what he does it still became one of the top segments of the night.

Luchasaurus and Sammy Guevara Throw Down

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    Here's a matchup that looks odd on paper.

    The giant Luchasaurus doesn't figure to have many problems with a smaller guy like Sammy Guevara, yet things are never that simple in the wrestling world.

    With Chris Jericho and the hilariously mute Jake Hager on commentary, Guevara put up an extended fight against Luchasaurus before taking the loss. Some of the offense within the match was as fun as it gets thanks to the different styles and the ending sequence is one that should be the subject of replays for a long time.

    Understandably, things eventually broke down after Jericho and Hager stormed the ring to avenge Guevara, only to get the fight taken to them by Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt, featuring the former mock-pinning Jericho for a three count.

    It's a little weird to see Guevara keep taking losses because it's clear he's one of the best outright things in the company right now, but if AEW plays off his youth and arrogance as the reason he's getting caught, it'll all work out. Jericho getting pinned is silly, but it's just silly enough his character will feast on it.

The Texas Street Fight

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    A matchup between The Young Bucks and Santana and Ortiz doesn't need any special stipulations to be a good time.

    But they sure don't hurt either.

    This Texas Street Fight got off to a rowdy start as Santana and Ortiz ambushed Matt and Nick Jackson during their entrance. It boiled over from there with both parties getting in some creative offense featured, but certainly not limited to tables and a Dallas Cowboys helmet.

    The Young Bucks eventually picked up a win, which seems fitting enough if these two teams are really done with each other. That's a little concerning though because it would seem to leave the losers without a defined direction for the time being. Clearly, The Young Bucks could be on their way to a title shot against SCU sooner rather than later.