AEW Dynamite Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from December 11

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistDecember 12, 2019

AEW Dynamite Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from December 11

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    Credit: AEW/Lee South

    The December 11 episode of AEW saw the continuation of storylines, first-time in-ring appearances by several new faces and a Texas Street Fight main event that brought a conclusion to this chapter of The Young Bucks' war with Santana and Ortiz.

    The action-packed episode also featured Kenny Omega and Hangman Page teaming up and a humiliating moment for Chris Jericho just one week from his battle with Jungle Boy.

    Dive deeper into Wednesday's show with this recap of the TNT broadcast.

Jon Moxley Brings Chaos, Chris Jericho to the Ring to Start the Show

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    Credit: AEW/Lee South

    Jon Moxley kicked off Wednesday's show, defeating Alex Reynolds in record time and dropping his victim's partner, John Silver, with the Paradigm Shift. He stood tall as AEW world champion Chris Jericho made his way to the ring, surrounded by The Inner Circle.

    Jericho recounted the history between himself and Moxley before inviting Moxley to join his faction. He told Moxley to take the holidays and think about his answer. The Inner Circle would be waiting for him after.

    The champion exited the ring, leaving Moxley with an Inner Circle T-shirt draped over his shoulder.



    Moxley defeated Reynolds






    It was nice to see AEW start the show with an angle featuring its two biggest stars, its heavyweight title and a bit of intrigue and suspense surrounding the answer to Jericho's proposal.

    The biggest issue with the promo and the only thing holding it back from an A grade is the lack of believability.

    Does anyone for a second, knowing what they know about Moxley, believe he would actually accept the offer to join The Inner Circle? It makes no sense within the context of his character, and Jericho even insinuating that he believes it is a possibility makes him look foolish.

    Hopefully, this is all a ploy or setup by Jericho and Co. to lure Moxley into a vicious beatdown. Otherwise, the champion deserves what he gets.

Cody and QT Marshall vs. The Butcher, Blade and Bunny

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Two weeks ago, The Butcher, Blade and Bunny debuted in shocking fashion, beating down Cody and leaving The American Nightmare in a heap. Seven days later, he challenged former friend MJF to pick his partner for his showdown with the mysterious newcomers.

    The entitled heel did just that, selecting QT Marshall as Cody's partner for Wednesday's first match.

    Cody struck the first blow, dropping The Blade with a snap powerslam for a near-fall. The Butcher entered the ring next, but Marshall demanded the tag. The former Ring of Honor competitor quickly found himself at the mercy of the bruiser heading into the break.

    The heels continued their dominance, looking to divide and conquer their opponents throughout the commercial timeout. Marshall finally delivered an enzuigiri to create separation but was unable to make the tag as The Butcher pulled Cody off the apron.

    Cody finally received the hot tag and exploded into the match to a thunderous ovation from the Dallas fans. He delivered a top-rope moonsault to The Blade for a two-count. The Blade booted his way out of a Figure-Four and set up The Bunny up to rake the eyes of The American Nightmare.

    Marshall tagged himself in and fired off a series of high-risk maneuvers that were effective but still unsuccessful in putting away the opposition. Marshall found himself alone in the ring with both opponents and ate a stunner/lariat combo en route to defeat.



    The Butcher and The Blade defeated Cody and Marshall






    The opportunity to star in a high-profile tag match meant something to Marshall, and it was fun to see him pull out the offense he did. He was motivated and fired-up—and it showed, adding gravity to the match.

    With that said, it is debatable as to whether a new act like Butcher and Blade should have sold as much as they did for Marshall. Yes, he has a Ring of Honor history and his story is one of the most compelling in all of AEW, but he has not been presented as much of a threat to anyone. The idea of him providing such a challenge to the newcomers makes them look weak by comparison.

    The team fared much better than The Dark Order did after its inauspicious debut, so there is that, but Butcher and Blade really need a few dominant performances to re-establish the idea that they are dominant members of the tag team division.

    Darby Allin coming out to extend his hand to Cody and establish a friendship makes sense given their history together in AEW. It also elevates Allin by proxy, another wise booking decision.

MJF Responds to Cody

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    MJF made his way to the ring with Wardlow and immediately made an innocent ring attendant kiss his ring because the attendant laughed at him a week ago.

    He turned his attention to Cody, laughing off the idea that his former friend referred to him as a Chris Jericho knockoff. He continued, calling Cody "fake" and accepting the EVP of AEW's challenge for a fight.

    But, he continued, he had a few stipulations for Cody first.

    Instead of telling the world what those stipulations were, he opted not to reveal them in Texas, getting some easy heat in the process. He announced he would reveal the stipulations in Jacksonville, Florida, on the first Dynamite episode of 2020.






    If you were buying stock in AEW stars, MJF would be the one performer you would want to throw all of the dollars behind. He is a compelling, passionate talker who is as believable as he is over-the-top. Like a spoiled rotten brat who believes his own hype and genuinely feels he has been wronged, he lashed out at Cody and set up a must-see angle for the new year.

    Getting people to kiss the ring is a nice touch and a gimmick that adds to the insufferable heel's act.

Big Swole vs. Emi Sakura

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Fresh off signing with AEW last week, Big Swole squared off with the veteran Emi Sakura in singles competition as each looked to build momentum and enter women's title contention.

    A heel kick by Swole earned her an early near-fall, but Sakura seized control of the match, tossing her opponent across the ring with a nasty hair whip. The legendary Japanese competitor applied a surfboard, looking for a submission from her opponent.

    Swole fought back following the break, dropping Sakura with a wheelbarrow flatliner. Sakura recovered and applied a mic stand-assisted abdominal stretch. Swole recovered and delivered a wicked clothesline. Sakura recovered and tried for a moonsault, but Swole rolled out of the way.

    The fight went back and forth, culminating in Dirty Dancing from the babyface for the win.



    Swole defeated Sakura






    The break hurt the flow of this one, but so did the last few minutes, where the competitors just exchanged holds and moves with no real structure.

    Swole looked great and showcased the charisma that will make her a valuable asset to the women's division, but the chemistry was not terribly strong, and the match was just kind of there. Given the impressive legacy of Sakura and her work thus far, it is somewhat disappointing that she was not able to have a better match with the newcomer.

Hangman Page and Kenny Omega vs. Kip Sabian and Shawn Spears

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    The commentary team put over the idea that Tully Blanchard had his eyes on "Superbad" Kip Sabian, thus explaining his partnership with "The Chairman" Shawn Spears as they battled The Elite's "Hangman" Adam Page and Kenny Omega.

    Omega and Page dominated Sabian early, showing no mercy as they unloaded a double chop to the chest of the unabashed Harry Potter fan.

    The heels managed to earn control of the match, isolating Page and working him over during the break. A hot tag to Omega sparked a babyface comeback. The Cleaner unloaded on the heels, taking them down at one time and then attempting a tope that an interfering Penelope Ford cut off.

    A backstabber by Spears and a springboard kick from Sabian earned the heels a two-count.

    Outside the ring, Ford delivered a hurricanrana to Page. Sabian delivered a neckbreaker for another near-fall. A big, much-needed V-Trigger allowed Omega to slow the momentum of the opposition and create a little separation.

    Before Sabian could tag Spears, the lights dimmed. When they came back up, Joey Janela had Blanchard tied up in a chair at the top of the ramp. The Chairman attacked The Bad Boy, leaving Sabian to fend for himself. The result? A V-Trigger from Omega and the Buckshot Lariat by Page for the babyface win.



    Page and Omega defeated Sabian and Spears






    This was a fun, energetic tag match that nicely spotlighted Sabian and Ford, one of the most underutilized acts in AEW, while continuing the ongoing rivalry between Spears and Janela. It also hinted that Page's desperation for a big win may be getting the best of him.

    The commentary team mentioned Hangman's attitude and the manner in which he tagged himself in so he could earn the win for his team. That they made such a big deal out of it in the closing moments of the segment suggest fans should not forget about Hangman's story.

    And with good reason.

    The young star figures to be the face of AEW's bright future. If that comes as a heel, fed up with the professional frustrations he has faced thus far, so be it.

Luchasaurus vs. Sammy Guevara

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    AEW world champion Chris Jericho and Jake Hager joined the commentary team as Luchasaurus, accompanied by Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt, battled The Inner Circle's "Spanish God" Sammy Guevara.

    The massive masked man overwhelmed Guevara heading into yet another commercial break.

    The heel created separation, downing Luchasaurus. The big man responded with a big roundhouse kick that stunned Guevara. He followed up with a tombstone flapjack for the pinfall victory.

    After the match, Jericho and Hager hit the ring and attacked Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy made the save and downed the AEW champion with a headscissors into a roll-up. Stunt slid in, counted to three and proved the young Jack Perry is able to defeat Le Champion when they clash in seven days.



    Luchasaurus defeated Guevara






    This worked because it showcased breakout star Luchasaurus and wrapped up with a red-hot angle that put the emphasis on Jungle Boy's ability to defeat Jericho when it counts next Wednesday night.

    The issue with the entire ordeal is one that has reared its head many times before: the treatment of young Guevara.

    The Spanish God has been hyped as one of the stars of AEW's future and the handpicked right-hand man of Jericho. Why, then, is he repeatedly beaten down and jobbed out? It hurts his credibility and threatens his ability to ever get truly over with audiences.

    That is a trend that needs to change quickly.

    Legitimacy by association will only last so long.

Texas Street Fight: The Young Bucks vs. Santana and Ortiz

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    Before the Texas Street Fight between The Young Bucks and Santana and Ortiz could officially begin, The Inner Circle attacked, beating down Matt and Nick Jackson. The Bucks recovered, with a little assistance from Brandon Cutler, and put Ortiz through a table with a drive from the entrance tunnel.

    The fight spilled into the ring, where the heels stuck a trash can over Nick and fired off a series of shots with kendo sticks. Matt entered the ring with a Dallas Cowboys helmet and fired off an offensive onslaught that culminated with a big table spot ahead of the break.

    Back from the commercial, Ortiz and Santana withstood a double-team onslaught from the Bucks and set Nick up for a double-team spot of their own. Nick delivered a bulldog to Ortiz onto two chairs and then uncorked a double superkick.

    Nick delivered a superkick that drove a chair into Ortiz's face, and the Meltzer Driver onto a steel chair earned the babyfaces the win.



    The Young Bucks defeated Ortiz and Santana






    This was a wild, chaotic brawl that served as an appropriate conclusion to the feud between these two teams. But if their bouts thus far in AEW are any indication, the chemistry between the Bucks, Santana and Ortiz is not at all what you would expect given the wealth of talent involved.

    This was a good, not great feud-closer that probably would have been better served with more time so that spots could breathe. The match was not afforded that time, and the result was a spotfest more than a quality story.

    The post-match staredown between the Bucks and SCU hinted at a high-profile tag bout somewhere in the near future. Where that leaves Santana and Ortiz going forward, outside of Jericho's lackeys, remains to be seen.