The 10 Stars with the Brightest Future in WWE and AEW Today

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistDecember 7, 2019

The 10 Stars with the Brightest Future in WWE and AEW Today

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    Zelina Vega and Andrade.
    Zelina Vega and Andrade.Credit:

    Pro wrestling used to be dominated by male bodybuilders and giants, but those days have passed, and now, men and women of any size can find success in the squared circle.

    WWE still employs quite a few powerhouses, but many of the up-and-coming Superstars could pass for cruiserweights, and the same can be said for most of the All Elite Wrestling roster.

    This trend has led to wrestlers being more versatile than some of the performers who preceded them. When it comes to women in the industry, they have never had more opportunities or exposure.

    Both companies have a lot of great talent, but certain people stand out above the rest as having the brightest future. Let's take a look at some of the best rising stars from both companies.

    We are going to be focusing on potential top stars on this list, not people who have already achieved that status, so don't expect to see someone like Randy Orton or Chris Jericho included. This is not a ranked list, so pay no attention to the order. 

Mustafa Ali

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    Mustafa Ali's efforts have led to him being one of WWE's best young stars on the main roster.

    He came to WWE as part of the Cruiserweight Classic, and the funny part is he wasn't even supposed to be in the tournament. He replaced another wrestler from Brazil who had visa issues prior to the tournament.

    Ali impressed the WWE Universe with his high-flying style and his passion for the sport. He may have been eliminated in the first round, but he made a big impression in the process.

    His time on 205 Live saw him have several unforgettable matches against the likes of Buddy Murphy, Cedric Alexander and Drew Gulak, but he has yet to win a title in the company.

    With the right booking, Ali could be a future world champion. All WWE needs to do is continue letting him be himself and everything should work out fine.   

Britt Baker

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    Riho may have become the first AEW women's champion, but nobody from the women's division has been featured more in advertising than Britt Baker.

    The real-life dentist has only been in the wrestling business for a few years, but she has already built up a loyal following and proved she is talented enough to succeed in any company.

    Being a dentist and an accomplished pro wrestler proves you do not have to pursue just one dream in life. Baker is a great example of someone who used her time wisely to accomplish two goals with great success. 

    She has been used more than any other woman in the company. If you check out the rankings on AEW's website, Baker sits at a record of 6-3, which is more total matches than anyone else in the division.

    Unless something catastrophic happens, Baker will end up holding the AEW women's title within the year and will likely hold it several times during her run with the promotion. 

Rhea Ripley

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    Nobody had a better weekend during NXT TakeOver: WarGames and Survivor Series than Rhea Ripley. The Australian Superstar led her team to victory in the titular WarGames match and the next night at Survivor Series against Raw and SmackDown. 

    Ripley has moved over from NXT UK to compete in the main NXT brand, but with the way WWE has been booking her recently, it wouldn't be surprising to see her end up on Raw or SmackDown before WrestleMania 36.

    She came to WWE as part of the original Mae Young Classic in 2017. She lost to Dakota Kai in the second round, but in just under two-and-a-half years, Ripley has become one of the most dominant forces in the company.

    The former UK women's champion has a unique look, immense strength and the support of the WWE Universe. It would take a lot to screw up her rise to the top.

Sammy Guevara

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    Sammy Guevara was given a big opportunity when he was offered a spot in Chris Jericho's Inner Circle stable, and he has been making the most of the opportunity.

    The Spanish God has showcased his high-flying ability on multiple occasions, but the thing that makes him stand out is his understanding of heel psychology at such a young age.

    He is only 26 years old and already knows exactly how to get under people's skin to generate heat with the crowd. That is a skill some people never end up learning in this industry.

    AEW's main event scene is already somewhat crowded, but it wouldn't be surprising to see Guevara either win the tag titles with someone or end up in the hunt for the world title by the end of next year.

    Guevara has unlimited potential and the kind of cocky facial expressions that make you want to punch him. He is the perfect heel, and AEW is lucky to have him. 


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    If you asked people to make a list of the best technical wrestlers in WWE today, most fans would put Andrade at or near the top.

    El Idolo has not been given the kind of opportunities many would like to see him get on the main roster, but that has not stopped him from continuing to produce stellar performances. 

    Anyone who watched his run as NXT champion knows the kind of matches this guy can have. WWE could put him in the ring with literally anyone and he can make it exciting.

    His heel persona is great, but it would be easy for him to transition to a babyface role since Zelina Vega does most of the talking for him.

    A solid run with the U.S. or Intercontinental Championship would do wonders for his career, and with the way WWE has been booking him lately, he should be pursuing a title sooner rather than later. 

Darby Allin

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    The world of pro wrestling has seen a lot of risk-takers come and go, but few have created a persona as unique as Darby Allin.

    The up-and-coming AEW star has put on great matches in his handful of appearances so far. His fight with Jon Moxley was awesome, and his match against Cody Rhodes put him on the map.

    A lot of people will draw comparisons between Allin and Jeff Hardy due to their willingness to take risks and their use of face paint, but that is where the similarities end.

    Allin's gimmick is much darker than Hardy's. He regularly refers to death in his promo videos and even brought a body bag with him when he faced Moxley. 

    Being so unique is what will help Allin stand out from the rest of the roster. He might be too unconventional for some fans, but he has already built an impressive following among AEW loyalists. If he can stay healthy, there is no telling how far he will go in this industry. 

Zelina Vega

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    Some people might be surprised to see Vega listed separately from Andrade, but there is a good reason. It's because she's WWE's best-kept secret.

    Most WWE fans know her as a manager who is more than willing to get her hands dirty, but anyone who has followed her career knows how good she is between the ropes. 

    Vega is one of the only legitimate high-flyers in the women's division. Many Superstars are willing to jump off the top rope, but Vega embodies the spirit of Lucha Libre and the risky style that comes with it.

    She is an excellent representative for El Idolo because she is bilingual. However, WWE would be wise to consider giving her a push of her own to capitalize on her exciting style of offense.

    The former TNA Knockouts tag team champion has a bright future if WWE gives her the chance to shine. All she needs is a few matches to win over the crowd and people will demand to see more of her on Raw. 


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    Of all the people who passed through WWE's old developmental system without being called up, Luchasaurus might be the one with the greatest chance of success. 

    Back in 2012, he signed with WWE and appeared in FCW as Judas Devlin. He spent two years there before going down with a hip injury that led to his release.

    Flash forward five years later and he is one of AEW's most popular stars. The Luchasaurus gimmick is a complete departure from anything else All Elite Wrestling has, and that is why he stands out so much.

    He is also one of the only certified powerhouses working for the fledgling promotion, and that gives him an edge over most of the roster.

    His alliance with Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy has been a lot of fun to watch, and his recent return from an injury received the loudest pop of the night. 

    It is going to take time to establish him as more than a dinosaur gimmick, but if he capitalizes on the right opportunities, Luchasaurus could be a huge star for AEW. 


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    Every decade a performer comes along who makes everything they do look easy and seems to have the ability to defy gravity. That Superstar is Ricochet.

    Whether he is hitting a standing shooting star press or climbing to the top rope for a 630 senton, Ricochet seems to always land squarely on his opponent.

    He is the kind of athlete who could excel in any sport because he is naturally gifted, but he has also worked hard for 16 years to make sure he is not just another generic high-flyer.

    The former Prince Puma has won titles in over a dozen promotions, including Dragon Gate, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Lucha Underground and PWG. It's just a matter of time before he is contending for the WWE or Universal Championship.

    The only hurdle he might have to overcome is being too popular to turn heel, but that is a bridge he will have to cross if WWE ever decides to test him out as a villain. 

Yuka Sakazaki

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    Yuka Sakazaki has only appeared in AEW a few times, but she has quickly won over the audience with her upbeat personality and underdog persona.

    The Japanese wrestler has a similar quality to Kylie Rae and Bayley when she was a babyface. For some reason, people just like cheering for her.

    When she faced Riho and Nyla Rose at Fyter Fest, you could tell the crowd wanted her to win. When Riho shoved her after the match to indicate their friendship was over, the look on Sakazaki's face was heartbreaking.

    Her small stature will always make her an underdog, but that has never stopped people from succeeding in professional wrestling. If anything, it gives her an advantage when it comes to gaining support from the crowd.

    All 10 of the men and women on this list have bright futures in the wrestling industry as long as they continue to perform at a high level and avoid any serious injuries.

    Who do you think has the brightest future in AEW and WWE?