Ranking the Biggest WTF Booking Decisions by WWE in 2019

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistDecember 5, 2019

Ranking the Biggest WTF Booking Decisions by WWE in 2019

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    It's safe to say it's been a mixed year for WWE.

    The company has enjoyed some real highs, including the emergence of NXT as a strong, standalone brand, Bray Wyatt's rise to winning the Universal Championship and the continued success of the women's division.

    But it's not all been good news.

    For some of the company's stars, there have been bizarre booking decisions which still seem to be mistakes even to this day.

    Whether 2020 can provide a change in fortunes for those stars remains to be seen, but for now, this is a look at the biggest WTF booking decisions WWE made in 2019.

5. Brock Lesnar Squashing Kofi Kingston

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    It's fair to say Brock Lesnar was the right winner in his showdown with Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship on October 4, but the manner in which it happened wasn't right.

    Thankfully, Kingston has the star power and popularity to recover from such a shocking booking decision, when he lost the title he had held since WrestleMania 35 in April in a matter of seconds.

    But it still doesn't make it any less infuriating that WWE would feed such a popular star to Lesnar in order for him to look credible, dominant or whatever the company was hoping to achieve with this decision.

    The Beast Incarnate has a proven track record of seeing off competitors in seconds, but Kingston genuinely didn't belong on that list. The first episode of SmackDown on Fox should have seen a world-class title match. Instead, it was a clash most fans will be keen to forget.

4. Persisting with the Lana-Rusev-Lashley Love Triangle

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    How has WWE not yet learned that love triangles involving Lana and Rusev are nothing more than hot garbage?

    Rusev looked set for a huge 2019 at the start of the year, but his momentum has slowly faded as the months have rolled on.

    And now, his year is culminating with an angle involving his wife and Bobby Lashley that is arguably the worst the company has put on TV in a long time.

    Granted, there have been brief moments of hope throughout it, but it's hard to care about an angle that the company has not only done much better in the past, but also executed so many times that there's not a shred of originality to it.

    The sooner it's confined to the trash can, the better for Rusev and his WWE career. He's much better than this, and the company needs to figure that out as quickly as possible.

3. The Awful Main Event at Hell in a Cell

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    Thankfully, WWE eventually reached the right outcome in having Bray Wyatt win the Universal Championship, move away from Seth Rollins and allow him to turn heel.

    But the fact fans had to sit through a terrible, poorly booked main event at Hell in a Cell on October 6 wasn't the ideal way to get to that point.

    The Fiend looked as though he was guaranteed to win the title from Rollins at the first time of asking. He was on a huge tear and had real momentum behind him.

    But WWE had other ideas.

    A bizarre non-finish, which saw Rollins appear to try to murder Bray inside the ring and get disqualified was a lazy way out, seemingly to try to protect The Architect.

    But he didn't need protecting. And Wyatt didn't need that loss. This was one decision WWE managed to avoid a real backlash from, but it doesn't make it any more right.

2. Letting Andrade's Early-Year Push Fade

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    It seems like such a long time ago now, but Andrade looked like a ready-made WWE champion at the start of 2019.

    The former NXT star began life on the main roster with a real bang. His feud with Rey Mysterio was arguably the standout moment of SmackDown each week, culminating in some stellar matches that left fans in awe of El Idolo's in-ring ability.

    But then WrestleMania 35 kinda happened and Andrade's star faded. And he hasn't really recovered.

    Given where he was at the start of the year, he should have at least held one singles title by this point of his main roster career.

    Yet he's floundering aimlessly in the midcard with little direction or momentum, after WWE pulled the plug on his early-year push.

    Hopefully he can find something to get his career going again in 2020, because right now, this looks like a huge booking mistake from WWE.

1. The Summer of Shane McMahon

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    This wasn't just one booking decision, it was a series of bad moves from WWE over months.

    Shane McMahon's run on WWE television was initially entertaining. His World Cup victory was confusing, but when he entered a rivalry with The Miz ahead of WrestleMania, it felt like a nice way to write him off TV.

    But then McMahon won at The Show of Shows, and things only got worse from there.

    He turned into an egomaniacal, power-mad authority figure, like a diet, calorie-free version of his dad from the 1990s and the height of the Attitude Era. 

    And it just didn't work at all. WWE kept forcing him on fans on a weekly basis, having him win matches, align with guys like Drew McIntyre who should have been pushed in their own right, and it caused chaos across the blue brand all summer.

    Thankfully, the "Best in the World" was eventually written off TV in October by Kevin Owens, who now looks as though he could become the biggest babyface in the company. But this summer will always be remembered for the way Shane-O-Mac was just too regular a presence on our screens.