Cody Ups the Stakes with MJF, Nyla Rose Goes Viral and More AEW Fallout

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistDecember 5, 2019

Cody Ups the Stakes with MJF, Nyla Rose Goes Viral and More AEW Fallout

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    With a cliffhanger the week prior suggesting Jon Moxley was going on the hunt for Chris Jericho and All Elite Wrestling's top title, Wednesday's Dynamite broadcast carried heavy expectations.

    Once live, AEW used the platform to do some really interesting things. A warning shot was sent to the entire women's division. More incredible promo work laid the seeds for incredible feuds. A main event featuring Moxley delivered.

    In all, it was a rebound from last week's Thanksgiving episode and threaded enough interesting detail throughout the promotion to steadily build hype toward several long-term payoffs.

Cody and Jericho Separately Put on Epic Promos

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    Cody continues to work as one of the best promos in the business.

    This time out, he had to brush off last week's attack by some newcomers while also begging MJF for a match in response to his best friend's betrayal at Full Gear. From the calling out of his friends to laughing off the pomp of his own entrance to pointing out he totally understands the sneak attack he suffered a week ago, this was about as good as it gets. Highlights included calling MJF an NWO version of Chris Jericho.

    In the process, Cody put up a ton of monetary value in an effort to woo MJF into a match. From shoes to a briefcase of cash, the good guy was trying to bait the perceived selfish guy who just won a diamond ring into a fight. 

    And while that promo didn't necessarily move things forward just yet without a response from MJF, Jericho himself later hit the ring and pulled out a list (not that one from WWE) and said he wouldn't fight most of the roster. Out came Jungle Boy, Marko Stunt and Luchasaurus, with Jungle Boy ultimately making it clear he wanted to be the next challenger for the title.

    There isn't much more to say, right? Jericho is as good as ever on the mic. While this was slightly disappointing because it veers away from a Jericho-Moxley fight, AEW is getting their money's worth with the legend. This promo served as a good way for those unfamiliar with the Jurassic Express to get acquainted, and so will their upcoming matches.

Tag Teams Make Single Moves

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    AEW has a superb tag-team division, but one of the better wrinkles so far has been watching some of the tag members split off and show what they can do as solo acts.

    That isn't to say Wednesday didn't have good tag action, as Dustin Rhodes and The Young Bucks took down Sammy Guevara and Santana and Ortiz (more Guevara solo matches now, please).

    But AEW is at its best when it lets superstars go solo to show off. Think, Skorpio Sky already getting a title shot. Or in this case, Rey Fenix showing off in a win over Trent, or Pentagon Jr. taking down Christopher Daniels.

    These were fun matches and reminders that all of these guys can go as solo acts. It's never a bad reminder to have and continually showcases the possibilities for long-term split-ups and surprising depth of the solo championship ladder. This roster isn't going to get stale, folks.

Nyla Rose Makes a Statement

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    Fans have seen glimpses of the plan for Nyla Rose. She's a seemingly unstoppable force who won't be denied on the quest for titles.

    And Wednesday night, she went viral.

    Rose laughed off a match with Leva Bates. The aftermath was more important. Rose aimed to keep going with the beatdown after the win, then eventually countered Shanna trying to save the day. The referee then interfered before Rose could put her adversary through a table.

    So Rose put the referee through the table.

    Then she powerbombed Shanna on top of him.

    Sheer chaos and another good example of what Rose can do. The rest of the women's division is on notice.

Moxley and Janela Dance Again

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    How great was it to hear the announcers say Jon Moxley has “rattlesnake tendencies” as he made his way to the ring for a match against Joey Janela?

    The closest thing fans have to a modern Stone Cold ripped through Joey Janela in a rematch that counted this time, as their first bout went down before records were established. Kudos go here, by the way, for an interesting pre-match promo by Janela.

    This wasn't a bad match by any means, but there wasn't much in the way of hardcore like fans might have expected, especially compared to their first bout. So it goes for a television match sometimes at the end of a show. 

    Either way, the post-match happening was just as interesting. Jericho's music hit, and he stood around watching Moxley from the stands flanked by his Inner Circle. It's a funny way for the champ to mock what Moxley did a week ago and serves as another reminder to fans that this feud is indeed on the way. In this instance, the slow burn is a smart way to go.