Feuds Most Deserving of Traditional TLC Match at WWE TLC 2019

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistDecember 1, 2019

Feuds Most Deserving of Traditional TLC Match at WWE TLC 2019

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    The upcoming TLC: Tables, Ladders & Chairs pay-per-view on December 15 is one of the most violent each year, but only a specific few feuds will be able to settle their differences during the 2019 edition of the WWE event.

    The hardcore stipulations typically found at the TLC PPV shouldn't be used on just any matchup. Instead, they should be saved and utilized for only the biggest and most important rivalries.

    With The Fiend still chasing after Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins turning heel against Kevin Owens and Rusev fighting Bobby Lashley after his wife Lana left him for The All Mighty, there are many worthy options for the December showcase.

    Here are the feuds most deserving of the Tables, Ladders & Chairs stipulation at the upcoming PPV.

Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend

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    The battle between Bryan and Bray Wyatt at Survivor Series was genuinely entertaining, and both Superstars left the fans wanting more. As a result of the interaction between them on Friday's SmackDown, it's clear the two men aren't done with each other.

    With The Fiend fully embracing his new Universal Championship and Bryan turning to the WWE Universe to spark the Yes! Movement to help him get through his battles against his supernatural foe, the stage is set for at least one more chapter in this story.

    Not only would a TLC match add a hardcore stipulation that helps The Fiend truly shine as a performer, but the dynamic of the match would also be different since Bryan will be entering the bout as a full-blown face this time.

    Wyatt may be dancing the line as a face thanks to his incredible persona and breathtaking mask, but people will want to cheer Bryan now that he is once again the good guy. As a result, this feud deserves the TLC stipulation more than any other program on WWE television.

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

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    After blaming the Raw locker room for the brand's downfall at Survivor Series, Seth Rollins was confronted by Kevin Owens. After a clear heel turn for Rollins and a triumphant face reaction for Owens, it's time for two of the company's top stars to tear it down.

    Owens and Rollins have squared off in the past, but the dynamic was different when the heel and face roles were reversed. Now with Rollins trying to establish himself as one of the top villains on Raw and Owens making his way as one of the brand's top good guys, the feud feels fresh and interesting.

    Add in the fact that Rollins could eventually work with the Authors of Pain (AOP) to form a dynamic heel trio bent on taking over Raw, and a TLC match against Owens could be the beginning of a long run as a top heel.

    Owens and Rollins could easily have the stipulation of Loser Leaves Raw, which would send Owens back to NXT since he was also removed from the SmackDown roster in the past and has shown allegiance to the black-and-yellow brand.

Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley

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    At times, the storyline between Bobby Lashley, Lana and Rusev has been absolutely atrocious. With that said, when Rusev finally got his hands on Lashley last week, the WWE Universe reacted with overwhelming positivity toward The Bulgarian Brute.

    Maybe there is more to this storyline than meets the eye.

    In addition to racking up staggering numbers on YouTube each week when the videos from their segments post, Lashley, Lana and Rusev have the WWE Universe talking, whether it be about how much fun the story is or how bad it has turned out.

    After more segments than almost any other program in WWE this year, few feuds deserve a blow-off stipulation like TLC more than Rusev vs. Lashley. With the need for something to hang from the ceiling, Lana and Rusev's divorce papers could dangle in the balance during the match.

    Judging from how this angle has played out thus far, it wouldn't be surprising to see Lana help Rusev win and turn her back on Lashley. Let the wild keep getting wilder.


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