WWE Stars from the Past and Present We Want to See on Stone Cold's New Podcast

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistDecember 4, 2019

WWE Stars from the Past and Present We Want to See on Stone Cold's New Podcast

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    "Stone Cold" Steve Austin's new show on WWE Network, Broken Skull Sessions, made its debut with a sit-down interview featuring The Undertaker on Nov. 24.

    It is very reminiscent of The Texas Rattlesnake's last podcast under WWE, but plenty of potential for that type of series was left untapped after only a few episodes were made.

    Thankfully, it will be continuing, as WWE announced Goldberg will be the next guest on the show. But there are still countless other names who could spark fantastic conversations during future episodes for WWE to consider bringing on board.

    Here are just a few WWE Superstars from the past and present who should make guest appearances on Broken Skull Sessions in the future.

CM Punk

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    Once CM Punk joined WWE Backstage, it opened the floodgates for many possible avenues to return to WWE to be buzzed about. This makes him the most obvious pick for a future guest for Broken Skull Sessions.

    He's done some interviews in the past five years, but with Austin at the helm, this could be structured in a different way. Instead of being bombarded with questions of whether he'll step back in the ring, this show focuses just as much on the past.

    Punk is not the same man he was when he left WWE in 2014. He may still have many of the same thoughts about his career, but he clearly felt some level of peace to return to the fold with Backstage, so maybe his perception has changed, too.

    They could talk about the attempts to set up a match between the two of them and why that failed to happen. The Voice of the Voiceless could elaborate on the parallels of their careers as rebels to the authority. They could even chat about walking away while they were still hot.

    The possibilities are endless. If Punk doesn't want to do it, that's one thing, but if WWE doesn't even try to make this happen, it would be beyond foolish.

The Rock

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    It doesn't get any bigger than The Rock, who has become one of the kings of Hollywood in recent years.

    He's a busy man, so it's rare for him to do anything with WWE, but he still pops his head in from time to time.

    Maybe he would make one of those exceptions to join a former rival and friend as close to him as Austin so they could relive their battles and reminisce similar to what The Undertaker was able to do.

    Having The Rock on Broken Skull Sessions would be a must-see episode since it appeals to modern fans and those who were more dedicated to the Attitude Era.

    This one is a no-brainer that should arguably be prioritized.

John Cena

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    Like The Rock, John Cena is busier in Hollywood these days than in WWE, but he knows what brought him to the dance.

    Despite all the time away from the ring, Cena has regularly stated he will never distance himself from WWE and wants to find more ways to be involved. This would be a great means to do that.

    Taking a few hours out of his schedule to meet up with Austin is a lot less demanding than training for and performing at a specific show.

    The content could be amazing, too. Austin and Cena were both the top guys in their eras and if they had fought each other, it would have been one of the rare icon vs. icon matches in WWE history.

    Discussing the pressures of holding the company on their shoulders would just be the tip of the iceberg as Austin could dive deeper with analysis of Cena's career from both the insider's perspective and as a fan.

Kevin Owens

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    Kevin Owens recently told a story on After the Bell with Corey Graves about asking Austin for permission to do the Stunner as a finisher. Surprisingly, nobody had bothered asking before.

    But there is clearly more to the tale than just a quick text or a minute-long phone call, and it would be interesting to hear KO and Austin elaborate on that.

    An entire segment of the episode could revolve around that one move and the thought process behind Owens wanting to make it his own and living up to its legend.

    There is a clear respect between them, as Austin has spoken fondly of Owens in the past, so while they might not have road stories from 20 years ago to rehash, Stone Cold's point of view on someone still in their prime would make for great television.

Santino Marella

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    Santino Marella isn't likely to be anyone's first choice for the next episode of Broken Skull Sessions, but he would be a totally different type of interview than the more serious Superstars.

    It's been a while since Marella was on WWE television, so it would be nice to see him again. He's also yet to do any in-depth retrospectives of his career, which will be refreshing content for the WWE Network.

    Marella and Austin even have some history with each other from 2007 when the former perpetually ripped on Stone Cold's film The Condemned. While it's far from the Montreal Screwjob, a little insight into that moment in history would be fun.

The Godfather

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Several times during The Undertaker's episode, mention of The Godfather was brought up.

    Prior to their time together in the Attitude Era, they had crossed paths here and there before joining the WWF roster.

    Who knows what wacky stories they might have to chat about—some of which might need to be censored on WWE Network.

    Broken Skull Sessions is about wrestlers who have achieved success in this business and while The Godfather is not on the same level as The Undertaker or others on this list, he's a multi-time champion, has several beloved characters to his name and a WWE Hall of Fame ring.

Kurt Angle

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    Since retiring and becoming a Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle has stayed mostly behind the scenes with WWE, but he should step in front of the cameras again for a talk with Austin.

    Working with Stone Cold was one of the ways Angle broke out as a top star in WWE as he was able to show more of a comedic side to his character while still involved in some serious storylines such as the WWF Invasion.

    Like anyone else from that era, there are backstage stories to talk about. The two can compare notes on Austin's beer truck and Angle's milk-truck spots and talk about how arduous neck injuries have been to their careers.

Bret Hart

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    If you comb through the decades of interviews, podcasts and retrospectives, Austin and Bret Hart might have already said everything they have to say about each other.

    But it doesn't hurt to give it another go to see if there is anything else left to uncover.

    Their feud was epic, and the respect they have for each other carried into Hart having Austin as the one who inducted him into the Hall of Fame.

    Everything about their relationships with Brian Pillman, Owen Hart and Vince McMahon could make up whole episodes.

Jake the Snake Roberts

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    A big influence on Stone Cold's career was Jake Roberts, who was talked about briefly on The Undertaker's episode as a mentor for future generations.

    Austin and Roberts had a feud of their own in 1996, which was the impetus for the Austin 3:16 promo that catapulted Stone Cold to stardom.

    Going back over that time, even if they did nothing else, would make an episode dedicated to Roberts worthwhile.

    There is probably a deep well of mutual friends, stories from back in the day and career analysis between the two that would be great to hear on Broken Skull Sessions.


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    Credit: WWE.com

    Last, but certainly not least, is the other Brother of Destruction, Kane.

    Glenn Jacobs had a wild ride in WWE and any time he's able to talk about it, it's an interesting story.

    He won his first WWF Championship from Austin, a reign which lasted only 24 hours. That tale alone is worth discussing to get Stone Cold's perspective on dropping the belt only to win it back the next night.

    Maybe there are stories of Fake Diesel and Isaac Yankem that Austin can tease Kane about, or they could talk about his evolution over the years to things like Team Hell No and now the mayor of Knox County.


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