Jericho vs. Moxley Mega Feud Is Coming, MJF Takes Another Step, More AEW Fallout

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistNovember 28, 2019

Jericho vs. Moxley Mega Feud Is Coming, MJF Takes Another Step, More AEW Fallout

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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    A Thanksgiving episode of Dynamite always seemed destined to be a hit for All Elite Wrestling

    And by and large, it was, with Chris Jericho getting some mic time and a main event. Sandwiched between those bookends were plenty of fun developments, including notables in action, a debut, a big step forward for MJF and an ending that foreshadowed something everyone wants...Jon Moxley vs. Jericho. 

    All in good time, of course. The November 27 broadcast had its ups and downs, but as far as fun holiday shows that also progress important long-term items go, this was done quite well in the historic Sears Centre Arena in Chicago. 

Thanksgiving Thank You Celebration

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    Go figure Chris Jericho can make something called a "Thanksgiving Thank You Celebration" must-see television. 

    Jericho hit the ring for the show opener flanked by a ton of presents and silly items like clowns. He received a few gifts, including a hilarious cutout of he and Sammy Guevara, as well as a goat, named Chris Jerigoat. His father, Ted Irvine (the man blasted by Cody in a recent promo), even made an appearance. 

    And it all just worked. To close out the funny segment, Jericho called Justin Roberts into the ring and after a brief back-and-forth, beat him down. SCU intervened. 

    This was mostly funny, though it did feel like it ran a little too long. Perhaps the only problem AEW could have with Jericho moving forward is convincing fans to dislike him. Even beating down Roberts isn't going to cut it.

    But Jericho with a mic in his hands is still money, provided it isn't always this over the top. 

Cody Gets Back in the Ring

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    AEW fans hadn't seen much of Cody lately after the devastating loss to Chris Jericho at Full Gear on Nov. 9—when MJF ran interference via his betrayal—which decreed he won't be allowed to challenge for the promotion's top title again.

    Cody's opponent, Matt Knicks, never stood much of a chance. But that was clearly the point going in: It always felt like something else was amiss. 

    And it was, as The Blade and The Butcher came out from under the ring and attacked Cody. It sounds exciting but it fell flat. A fair portion of fans might know who they were, and ditto for Allie, who emerged later, but it was clear the crowd had no idea or interest in who they might be and the commentary call didn't help. 

    The good news? Like the muted debut of The Dark Order, AEW can eventually save it via character development. But The Blade and The Butcher might be at a serious disadvantage here because fans just want to see Cody get his hands on MJF. 

Dynamite Diamond Ring Showdown

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    MJF secured the Dynamite Diamond Ring in one of the more predictable moments of the night. 

    That isn't to say the match against Hangman Page was bad, but it seemed blatant going into the affair that AEW wanted to get one of their most prized assets a mid-card title of sorts. They accomplished this by having him heel it up via help from Wardlow to secure the win. 

    Predictable results can still entertain, though, and this did. What didn't, unfortunately, was MJF's lack of mic time when confronted by Diamond Dallas Page after being presented the ring. Fans have been blessed with MJF on the mic recently and this felt like another good opportunity for headway in this area. 

    Instead, the brief confrontation died down almost as if things were rushed due to time constraints. Also a bit concerning is where Page goes from here; while he seems like one of the top guys, he sure doesn't have much going his way. 

Chris Jericho Wins...but Draws Some Dangerous Attention

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    Scorpio Sky of SCU has clear main event talent and will undoubtedly hold a top title someday. But Wednesday just wasn't going to be that day.

    Even so, Sky got a ton of good offense in on the top company's top name in this showcase of sorts. It stinks a little he had to tap out, but the backing from the crowd isn't something fans or AEW will forget. 

    More important here was the post-match details. Jericho stuck around to attack Sky some more before Jon Moxley's music hit. He stared down Jericho from the stands with fans roaring around him, suggesting a feud between the two could be imminent. 

    And the mind wanders, right? This is the feud everybody wants. It probably won't happen so soon, because why put the title on Moxley so fast? But the idea of him viciously picking apart Jericho's Inner Circle one by one and leaving the champ exposed is just too good.

    The seeds have officially been planted.