Warriors Update: November 7, 2009: New Rules Revisited

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New Rules – Revisited

There is no good way to spin it. 

Down by 30 points after three quarters at home to a bottom five team who is missing their No. 1 overall draft pick.  Lost by 28.  We have to ask, timidly, what happens when they play good teams?

No sir.  Any way you look at it, it’s not good.

So did the Warriors follow yesterday’s New Rules?  Lets review:

NEW RULE:  Corey Maggette is no longer allowed to shoot from the outside.  New limit: four feet from the rim.

Maggette was 2-7, with both made baskets at the rim.  He was 0-4 from the outside.  Is there good news?  Well, two of the outside shots were in rhythm; they didn’t go in, but they didn’t look awful.

NEW RULE: When Monte misses six jumpers in a row, someone has to tell him to drive to the hoop.

This no longer seems relevant.  There are so many other, bigger issues.  Oddly enough, Ellis launched a rare trey and hit it.  He had an angry look on his face after yelling loudly at Randolph for being in the wrong place on the play and seeing HIS team down by 18 at home.  Really, Monta isn’t the problem, or even a problem.  Please find him some help... 

NEW RULE: We do not care what position he plays; Randolph must play more than seven minutes a game.

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Nellie played him 29 minutes.  And we have a theory about it: Starting center Mikey Moore had 0 points, 3 TO, and 4 fouls.  And Kaman was eating him up.  Nellie figured it couldn’t be worse.  Nellie also knew it had potential to be a fabulous disaster, and wanted to let everyone know why Randolph doesn’t start (at center; tell me again why he doesn’t start at the 3 or 4?) Kaman did eat him up; Randolph did make some rookie mistakes. It happens like that, but again, not the team’s worst problem...

NEW RULE: When an opposing player scores several times in row down the court, it's time to consider changing the defensive scheme.


Shucks, some things never change...Can Nellie figure out that if they score every time down, even good offense won’t score enough?

NEW RULES: For everyone excited about Stephan Curry, and deservedly so as Curry shows promise, pay attention to the guy the Warriors passed on, Brandon Jennings.  The Bucks point guard is currently leading most rookie of the year polls.  And apparently, one year in Italy did for him what five years could not do for Marco Belinelli…


Yup, we hope last night was Curry’s throw away night.  At one point, Curry had 0 points, 1 assist, 3 turnovers, 4 fouls.  He ended up fouling out with 5 points in 21 minutes.  Ouch.

NEW RULE: Nellie promised to play the young guns this year.  Well, play them.


Well, at one point, before the game was put away, Nellie had 4 guys under 25 on the court at the same time.  They did well, then they did terribly.  But Curry fouled his way out of playing time and there was no crunch time, as the game was over early.

NEW RULE: When the W's decide to double team, it has to be understood that it is part of a full, five-man strategy; part two is called sliding to cover the next pass.  Team defense.  Yeah, let’s do a little of that.


Ditto, some things never change...They didn’t double Kaman, and it cost them dearly.  When they did double, no one slid. 

NEW RULE:  Someone has to wake up Andres Biedrins.  Not only is he not contributing, he is a liability.  Is he Dampier-esque?  After signing the big contract, performance drops off a cliff, and injuries sideline him.  The unconsummated Amare trade is looking better and better…


In street clothes; so we ask was that a net positive or negative?

And finally, NEW RULE:  Play Randolph.  He is the future. And in the words of a legendary Redskins coach, the future is now.


Yup, he played.  But be patient.  It won’t happen overnight, but he will be Bosh, maybe even KG, maybe better...


So New Rules were, on the whole, ignored.  But it hardly matters at the moment. This team does not have enough firepower and talent to pull off the necessary on-court development of the young players, and still win games.  Rowell’s concoction, starting three years ago by sending Baron packing, doesn’t appear to add up to 30 wins a season in this league. 

Stay tuned, we are sure there will be some exciting moments, but be prepared for a long, long season....

As always, Go Ws...

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