AEW Full Gear 2019 Results: MJF Is the Best Heel in the Company, More Takes

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 10, 2019

AEW Full Gear 2019 Results: MJF Is the Best Heel in the Company, More Takes

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    Riho and Emi Sakura
    Riho and Emi SakuraCredit: All Elite Wrestling

    AEW held its first pay-per-view since Dynamite launched on October 2. The event Saturday was called Full Gear, and it featured the biggest stars in All Elite Wrestling having some of the wildest matches we have seen in the promotion.

    Jon Moxley and Kenny Omega tested the limits of what a major promotion could get away with in a hardcore-style match, MJF finally turned on Cody Rhodes after costing him the AEW World Championship, SoCal Uncensored retained the tag belts and Riho defeated Emi Sakura to retain the women's title.

    The undercard matches featured Britt Baker defeating Bea Priestley, Proud and Powerful put down The Young Bucks, Shawn Spears beat Joey Janela with some help from Tully Blanchard, and Adam Page got a measure of revenge when he pinned Pac.

    The action was great, but most fans were talking about some of the bloodier moments throughout the night, especially during Omega and Moxley's Lights Out match.

    Let's look at a few takes, a couple potentially hot, beyond the finish of every match.

Jim Ross Is Out of Practice

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    Jim Ross is a legend in the world of pro wrestling commentary. His voice is the soundtrack to some of the greatest moments from the past 30 years.

    However, even the best need time to readjust after taking some time off, and that is exactly what is happening with Good Ol' JR.

    Throughout Full Gear, Ross sounded out of place. He was having trouble keeping track of who was legal during the tag team matches and seemed confused about some of the rules in AEW.

    Ross took a few years off between gigs in WWE and AEW. He called a few events here and there, but he hasn't been working as an announcer on a weekly basis until recently.

    He is still learning who many of the talents are and how they work. Once he gets the hang of things, JR should be back to calling every big match a slobberknocker and screaming at the top of his lungs.

The Women's Division Needs Some Work

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    Full Gear had two good matches from the AEW women's division. Baker and Priestley worked well together, and Riho and Sakura put on a clinic.

    However, the buildup to both of these matches was lacking. The student-mentor relationship between Riho and Sakura was not talked about enough in recent weeks, so many fans did not know their history going into the show.

    If AEW wants its women's division to be taken seriously, its top champion and her greatest rival should have gotten more attention prior to the PPV.

    As for Baker and Priestley, you could be forgiven for forgetting they even had a rivalry until Saturday night. Again, AEW should have done more to hype this bout ahead of time so it didn't feel like a random addition.

    All four women put on good performances at the event, and Awesome Kong appearing with Brandi Rhodes created a lot of intrigue. It's up to AEW to keep the momentum going in the coming weeks by giving the women more than one segment on Dynamite and AEW Dark every week.

MJF Is the Company's Best Heel

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    Cody and Jericho have been the main focal point of AEW programming in recent weeks, and their feud came to a head at Full Gear in a fantastic title match.

    As Le Champion was adding more pressure to Cody's back while holding him in the Liontamer, MJF threw in the towel on Cody's behalf, costing him the match and any future chance at winning the world title.

    The face of AEW looked ready to forgive his friend when MJF delivered a sudden but expected kick below the belt to the man who has been mentoring him for the past several months.

    MJF was already a heel, but this cemented him as the greatest villain in the company. Even with only a few matches under his belt, Maxwell Jacob Friedman has built a reputation as the easiest person to hate in the entire promotion.

    This is going to kick-start what could be the defining feud in AEW for the next several months. With Cody as the betrayed hero and MJF as the dastardly villain, this should be a lot of fun to watch.

WWE Missed the Boat on Cody

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    Speaking of Cody, ever since he left WWE, he has been proving that he is better than the way he was being booked for his entire career.

    The younger Rhodes brother has been killing it with promos, and his match against Jericho had some of the best storytelling and psychology we have seen in an AEW ring to date.

    This is a man everyone had pegged as a good hand and nothing more. He has shown the world what he is capable of, and now there is no stopping him.

    We will see how long the stipulation lasts that says he can never challenge for the AEW title since he lost to Jericho, but at this point, he doesn't need a shiny belt to be a big deal.

    Cody is the leader AEW needs, and he is the perfect person to help carry the promotion until it builds more recognizable stars. Until then, expect Cody and MJF to be the biggest storyline next to the world title picture.

The Lucha Bros Are AEW's Best Tag Team

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    The Young Bucks have been called the best tag team in the world by a lot of people in the wrestling community, but that is no longer the case.

    While Matt and Nick Jackson's talent cannot be denied, Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. have stepped up to claim the top spot from them since AEW launched.

    The Lucha Bros are two of the most gifted wrestlers on the planet. Combine that with their creativity, and it's hard to imagine anyone else coming close.

    Their bout at Full Gear against SCU and Private Party allowed them to showcase their unique style against four other competitors who know a thing or two about having chaotic matches.

    The finish with Christopher Daniels posing as a fake Pentagon gives hope we will see SCU and The Lucha Bros serve as the anchors of the tag team division until teams like The Dark Order and Private Party can build a larger following.

    All in all, Full Gear was a good show. Moxley vs. Omega might have been too wild for some fans, but it struck a chord with people who enjoy hardcore wrestling.


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