Cesaro, Andrade and Most Underrated WWE and AEW Superstars Right Now

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistNovember 8, 2019

Cesaro, Andrade and Most Underrated WWE and AEW Superstars Right Now

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    The battle between NXT and All Elite Wrestling on Wednesday nights has resulted in some of the best wrestling shows this year, but there are several marquee talents in both companies who are being underrated and underutilized.

    While AEW is in its embryonic stages and working out how to get all of its talent on television each week, WWE has been in the wrestling business for a long time and has no excuse for ignoring some of the most gifted performers in the world.

    From Cesaro, Andrade and EC3 on WWE's main roster to Allie and Hybrid2 in AEW, there are too many talented wrestlers waiting for their chances to prove they deserve more airtime.

    Here are the most underrated WWE and AEW superstars.



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    Cesaro is one of the most underrated wrestlers in the history of the business. As one of the best in-ring workers to ever grace a ring and one of the most popular Superstars on the roster, it's stunning to think he hasn't reached a higher level on WWE's main roster.

    Instead of fighting the top performers for world championships, Cesaro has been relegated to putting over Superstars like Mansoor because of his ability to carry matches and make anyone he fights look like bona fide top stars.

    There were moments throughout Cesaro's career when he looked destined to break through the glass ceiling and become an upper-level talent, but those pushes have stalled or been abandoned altogether. At some point, the reality of not being considered a top star has to become obvious.

    Maybe Cesaro should consider jumping to AEW when his contract expires.


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    Despite a highly successful run in NXT and short bursts of success on the main roster, Andrade remains one of the most underrated Superstars in the world. Add in Zelina Vega by his side, and the duo is money being left on the table by WWE.

    In addition to Andrade's success in CMLL and New Japan Pro-Wrestling before signing with WWE, he proved his worth in the ring and as a character when he won the NXT Championship and had one of the best matches of 2018 against Johnny Gargano.

    Jumping to the main roster should have been a blessing for the Mexican star, but his handling has been a mess, to say the least. Instead of becoming a top heel on Raw or SmackDown, he has mostly been an afterthought used only to guarantee a great match on television when needed.

    The hope is that the brand split opens up more opportunities for underrated stars like Andrade and that he can finally shine in WWE the way he did everywhere else he has worked.


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    As the women’s division continues to take shape in AEW, one of the most underrated stars on the roster is Allie, who deserves to be booked as one of the most prominent talents on the roster.

    As a two-time Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion and a tag team champion in both Shimmer and Shine, Allie has the perfect combination of personality and in-ring skills to make her one of the most valuable talents in the women’s decision.

    Allie proved during her time with Impact that not only can she put on show-stealing matches with almost anyone, but she can also be part of marquee storylines by using her acting abilities and mic skills, as fans saw in the battles with and against Rosemary.

    AEW has plenty of time to start utilizing Allie and the rest of the women’s division better as the company finds its rhythm, but Allie is one of the best all-around wrestlers in the world and deserves to be featured heavily on weekly programming.


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    There are many talented performers on WWE's main roster not getting the pushes they deserve, but few talents are as underutilized and underrated as EC3. The former Impact Wrestling champion has gotten the raw end of the deal.

    Despite a promising debut in NXT and the support of the WWE Universe, EC3 has been used only as a jobber to the stars and hasn't been seen in a meaningful main-roster segment for months.

    At one point, EC3 was one of the hottest commodities in wrestling, but jumping to the main roster has killed his momentum and stifled his ability to entertain the fans. While he was never considered the best in-ring technician, he is as good as other midcard talents such as The Miz and offers some of the best promo skills in the business.

    Instead of fans embracing the former world champion, most don't even know he's still with WWE because he's so underutilized.


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    While Jack Evans and Angelico have been featured on AEW Dynamite in recent weeks, they have been largely used as enhancement talent. Instead of being jobbers, TheHybrid2 should be one of the top tag teams in the company.

    From an in-ring perspective, Evans and Angelico are two of the most exciting daredevils in the business. Whether it's a technical masterpiece enhanced by Evans' unparalleled selling or Angelico's jaw-dropping athleticism, few tag teams can do what TheHybrid2 does every night.

    As three-time AAA tag team champions, Evans and Angelico have the experience at the top of the card to help carry a division. With AEW's focus on the tag team wrestling, it should only be a matter of time before they are wearing gold.

    With more of a focus, Evans and Angelico could once again do the outrageous spots that helped to make them two of the most beloved stars from Lucha Underground and AAA.