Booking Decisions That Must Be Made at WWE Hell in a Cell 2019

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistOctober 5, 2019

Booking Decisions That Must Be Made at WWE Hell in a Cell 2019

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    Will Roman Reigns be able to eliminate the threat of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper at Hell in a Cell?
    Will Roman Reigns be able to eliminate the threat of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper at Hell in a Cell?Credit:

    Lost in all the excitement of WWE's heavily touted "premiere week" is Sunday's Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, which will emanate live from the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California.

    Unfortunately, the event has been a victim of poor timing, with only four matches advertised up until Friday night. Considering not much effort has been put into building up the card in recent weeks, it's painfully apparent this event is far from a priority for WWE.

    Despite that, the matches on tap for the show are sure to be stellar, especially those scheduled to take place inside Satan's Structure itself. One will see Seth Rollins and "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt wage war over the Universal Championship, while Sasha Banks will challenge Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship in the other.

    Elsewhere on the card, Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan will attempt to coexist as they team up against Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. With the WWE landscape being so wildly unpredictable and exciting, anything could go down.

    Whether WWE will listen to its fans and allow the proper people to reign supreme in their respective matchups, however, remains to be seen. Here are five Hell in a Cell booking decisions WWE must make to ensure that the event is as exceptional as it has the potential to be.

Sasha Banks Must Beat Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship

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    It's safe to say that Sasha Banks has been doing some of her best work on the main roster since returning from her hiatus immediately following SummerSlam in August.

    Although she's held the Raw Women's Championship four times and was one-half of the inaugural WWE women's tag team champions, she was never in her element as a babyface in the same way she is as a heel. It helps that she's had an exciting angle going with Becky Lynch, who is the only other woman who has as much momentum as her.

    Their previous one-on-one encounter at Clash of Champions ended in a disqualification win for Banks after Lynch inadvertently hit the referee with a chair. It's only appropriate that they blow off their rivalry inside Hell in a Cell given the bad blood between them.

    Regardless of where they wind up coming out of the impending WWE draft, Banks must emerge from this outing as the new Raw women's champion. Not only does she need to avenge her Hell in a Cell loss from three years ago, but capturing the championship would also allow her to maintain momentum and remain relevant.

    Lacey Evans became a background player following her feud with Lynch, and the same shouldn't happen to The Boss. Besides, no one else on the roster makes as much sense to dethrone The Man as the champ than Banks, not to mention it's high time she had singles gold around her waist again.

Daniel Bryan Must Turn on Roman Reigns

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    A majority of the WWE Universe expected Daniel Bryan to be revealed as Roman Reigns' mystery attacker from over the summer, or at least for it to come out that Bryan had put Erick Rowan up to it. Rowan, however, admitted that it was all his doing before severing ties with The Planet's Champion.

    At Clash of Champions, Rowan's stock skyrocketed when he defeated Roman Reigns one-on-one, albeit with help from Luke Harper. He went on to beat Bryan two days later on SmackDown Live, sending the message that Bryan and Reigns would have to put aside their differences in order to eliminate the threat of the reunited Bludgeon Brothers once and for all.

    Bryan looked pretty willing to coexist with Reigns on Friday's SmackDown—almost too willing. It's entirely possible babyface Bryan is back, but after weeks of Reigns accusing Bryan, it seems strange that Bryan would be quick to forgive that.

    Unfortunately, it's too late for Bryan to realign with Rowan and Harper (they have already beat up Bryan too many times for that to make sense), but there's nothing stopping the former WWE champion from turning on Reigns in their tag team affair on Sunday.

    SmackDown will need top heels following the forthcoming draft, and Bryan can fill that void perfectly, especially in a program with Reigns. It could come afterward as well, but either way, Bryan must return to his roots as a heel and kick off a feud with Reigns, starting at Hell in a Cell.

Bayley Must Take Additional Steps Toward Turning Heel

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    Bayley vs. Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women's Championship is a late addition to the Hell in a Cell card but a logical one coming off Flair's submission victory over Bayley on Friday Night SmackDown.

    Additionally, they have been at odds since August, and another matchup between the two only made sense. Bayley beat Flair by nefarious means to retain her title at Clash of Champions, but the bout left a lot to be desired from an in-ring standpoint.

    Bayley's championship reign has mostly been on ice since the moment she won it in May, and her recent character change hasn't helped matters. A true heel turn would be the best thing for her, but WWE must first have her ditch any and all aspects of her persona that made her a beloved babyface.

    Despite betraying Becky Lynch, Bayley has largely remained the same. At this point, it might be better if she loses the gold on Sunday. That way, she can get frustrated and cement her villainous status by annihilating Flair with a steel chair or something along those lines.

    Regardless of which Superstar leaves Hell in a Cell as the SmackDown women's champion, Bayley needs to start showing signs of a full-fledged heel turn. If not, she will continue to flounder in the shadow of Sasha Banks.

Bray Wyatt Must Win the Universal Championship

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    Within six months, Bray Wyatt has become one of the most popular acts in WWE.

    He's had only one televised match in that time, but that one outing just so happened to be the most talked-about contest at SummerSlam when he decisively defeated Finn Balor. It was also enough to earn him a shot at Seth Rollins' Universal Championship on Sunday.

    Wyatt has been dominant throughout the build for the event and has decimated everyone who has stood in his way. While that would usually mean that he's destined to lose, WWE would be foolish to not put the belt on him at Hell in a Cell.

    He may not wrestle as regularly as Rollins does, but that's the beauty of The Fiend. By not being overexposed on WWE programming, he feels more special than practically anyone else on either roster.

    With the match set to take place inside Hell in a Cell, there's no way for WWE to book a disqualification or count-out finish for The Fiend. And nor should it. Rollins wouldn't be harmed by the loss, and even if he does win, there aren't many compelling challengers left for him to face.

    Wyatt must emerge from the event with the gold in his grasp and remain undefeated for the foreseeable future.


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