Brock Lesnar and 13 Stars Who Must Switch Brands in 2019 WWE Draft

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2019

Brock Lesnar and 13 Stars Who Must Switch Brands in 2019 WWE Draft

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    The Superstar Shake-up was such a mess in April that the WWE draft is set to return to help fix the rosters for SmackDown's upcoming move to Fox.

    On October 11 and 14, several Superstars will find a new home as the Wild Card Rule that has allowed wrestlers to travel between the brands is disbanded.

    Now more than ever, WWE must learn from the mistakes of the Superstar Shake-up and approach these trades with care to ensure both brands have a versatile group to work with leading up to WrestleMania 36.

    There's no telling what the company has in store for the future of these shows, but some names stand out for consideration in the upcoming draft.

    Here are 13 Superstars who should be traded to the opposing brand in the WWE draft.

Brock Lesnar to SmackDown

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    There's virtually no way Brock Lesnar will fail to win the WWE Championship from Kofi Kingston on October 4.

    It's highly likely Fox will want a big draw like The Beast Incarnate as the top guy, and Kingston has had a long enough reign that dropping the title now won't hurt his legacy.

    Lesnar is still a member of the Raw roster, though, and his appearance on SmackDown to set up this title opportunity was just part of the Wild Card Rule. When he wins the WWE Championship, he'll have to move to the blue brand to keep a world title on the show.

    Technically, the company could keep Lesnar on Raw as WWE champion and switch the Universal Championship holder to the blue brand. But that would be a headache that still doesn't end with Lesnar on SmackDown, which is what Fox will want.

    It's much easier to let The Beast win the title and take charge at the top of the food chain on Fridays, even if it means his advocate, Paul Heyman, has to work two nights per week.

Bobby Lashley to SmackDown

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    Bobby Lashley has said many times he wants a match against Brock Lesnar, but he will need to be on the same brand as the former universal champion for that to happen.

    Going to SmackDown would make that a possibility and coincide with Fox's more sports-oriented environment, too. Lashley's MMA experience can be highlighted more without cheerleader Lio Rush by his side.

    A face turn to set up this feud with Lesnar could also do Lashley wonders after he grew stagnant as a heel before his injury. Plus, he's already feuded with everyone on Raw, so it's time for a switch.

    Lashley hasn't had much success in this current run, and a move to SmackDown could save his career with a new direction on a hot brand willing to push him.

Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder to SmackDown

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    Without the Wild Card Rule, there's no justification for a Raw Superstar to hold a SmackDown championship or vice versa. All of that has to be cleared up after the draft, either with trades or by crowning new champions.

    In this case, The Revival are still part of the Raw roster and the current SmackDown tag team champions. If they don't drop the belts in the coming weeks, their move is a necessity.

    SmackDown could use another tag team, too, as Heavy Machinery and The New Day can't just beat The B-Team every week.

    This could have been planned weeks ago when Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder won the titles. Perhaps they'll be granted more of a leadership role in the tag team division on the blue brand.

    However, it's more likely WWE gave them the belts to further the Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston feud and didn't think of the repercussions. There may be no long-term plans for The Revival at all, let alone specifically on SmackDown.

    But no matter what got the titles to this point, whoever is holding them must be on the SmackDown roster.

Dolph Ziggler to Raw

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    Similar to the situation with The Revival, one of the Raw tag team champions is still considered a SmackDown star, with Dolph Ziggler's profile still not indicating if he's on Monday nights moving forward.

    Even if he's not announced as a draft pick, though, this is an absolute must.

    Like any title situation, WWE does have a way out of this one by having Ziggler and Robert Roode lose the championship before the cutoff point.

    In the event a team such as The Viking Raiders win the Raw Tag Team Championship on the next three episodes or at Hell in a Cell, The Showoff will have no need to move and may remain on SmackDown.

    If not and the belt is still in his possession, he's a guaranteed trade.

Sami Zayn to SmackDown or Shinsuke Nakamura to Raw

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    The partnership of Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura works so well that WWE shouldn't drop it, but the two men are on separate brands. To keep it going, one will have to move.

    What complicates this, though, is The Artist's Intercontinental Championship.

    If he were to move to Raw and was still the IC titleholder, the United States champion would have to move to SmackDown so that the blue brand could have a midcard belt.

    U.S. champion AJ Styles and The O.C. seem to have a lock on dominating the Raw roster right now, so it's hard to imagine they will all move to Friday nights just for Nakamura to bring his belt with him, or that Styles will lose his title to someone else in the meantime.

    Given those circumstances, a far easier move is to trade Zayn to SmackDown. 

Elias to Raw

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    Elias was touted as the biggest acquisition in SmackDown history just to give Roman Reigns someone to feud with for a while. It hasn't worked out all that well for The Sinister Songsmith, though.

    The past few months have mostly been spent acting as one of the many subordinates to Shane McMahon, who may not even be an on-screen character anymore if he loses to Kevin Owens in their ladder match.

    When it comes to sports entertainment, Elias has a gimmick more fitting on the entertainment side, which won't fit in as well if Fox wants SmackDown to have more of a sports atmosphere.

    The two hour time frame hasn't been kind to him, either. That extra hour on Raw allows for more of a window to have Elias do his musical performances, whereas SmackDown is too tight of a show for such downtime on a regular basis.

Charlotte Flair to Raw If Becky Lynch Goes to SmackDown

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    Becky Lynch has been prominently featured on virtually all promotional material for SmackDown's move to Fox, which may indicate The Man is heading to Friday nights in the draft.

    If Sasha Banks wins the Raw Women's Championship at Hell in a Cell, there would be nothing tying Lynch to Raw other than her relationship with Seth Rollins, who could also drop the Universal Championship to Bray Wyatt on the same night to free him up for a move.

    In that scenario, Raw would be missing its top star in the women's division and would be in desperate need of a replacement, which is where Charlotte Flair would step in.

    Lynch and Flair being on the same brand creates a power struggle. They are both too big to coincide without feuding nonstop and that has been done to death, so Flair would have to move to Raw to become the top babyface and feud with The Boss going forward.

    Of course, Flair is also on these advertisements, so this may be all about nothing. Fox could just be using Lynch's likeness because of her popularity and there may be no plans to move her to SmackDown whatsoever.

    But if Banks wins the title, it will probably guarantee Lynch and Flair swap shows and several other moves will happen to go along with their new homes.

Andrade, Zelina Vega and Aleister Black to Raw If Flair Moves

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    These three have been locked in together going back all the way to their time in NXT.
    These three have been locked in together going back all the way to their time in NXT.Credit:

    Assuming Lynch moves to SmackDown and Flair goes to Raw, some other changes will most likely take place to keep everyone happy behind the scenes.

    WWE tries to keep couples together whenever possible, so once one move happens, there is a domino effect.

    Flair and Andrade are partners, which means he would likely switch to Monday nights to join her.

    Since he's also a package deal with Zelina Vega on-screen, her move to Raw would coincide and bring Aleister Black with her, as they're married.

    Essentially, if Fox wants The Man on Friday nights, WWE will probably have to move Flair, Andrade, Vega and Black just to compensate without even addressing the Rollins situation!

Rey Mysterio to SmackDown

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    If SmackDown were to lose both Andrade and Black as previously mentioned, the roster would be down an upper-midcard act and a Hispanic star.

    To compensate for both, Rey Mysterio should be sent away from Raw to balance things out.

    For the most part, SmackDown has always been Mysterio's home. He's been part of the Raw roster, but most of his success has been on the blue brand, similar to Edge, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle and others who took the so-called B-show to a new level.

    Mysterio has also been featured on the photo shoot Fox recently did, so the promotional material may point toward this being a lock trade.

An Upper-Midcard Heel to SmackDown

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    That blue shirt looks mighty good on Cesaro and he might benefit from a switch to SmackDown, too.
    That blue shirt looks mighty good on Cesaro and he might benefit from a switch to SmackDown, too.Credit:

    Andrade and Elias going to Raw would create a need for an upper-midcard heel to be moved over to SmackDown. Thankfully, Raw is overpacked.

    Samoa Joe, Styles, Wyatt and tons more cannot all share an equal amount of the spotlight with Andrade and Elias, so at least one heel needs to go.

    The three options which make the most sense are Cesaro, Drew McIntyre and King Baron Corbin.

    Cesaro frequently wrestles on Main Event, which is a waste. He would flourish more on SmackDown as a big fish in a small pond and someone the sports crowd would connect to.

    McIntyre has already feuded with Rollins, Strowman and others on Raw, but he hasn't had a program with Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan and some of the SmackDown folk. If not just for something different, that could be a good move.

    King Corbin is in a similar situation to McIntyre in that he's out of options on Raw. He and Rollins have already had far too many matches and it wouldn't make sense for him to feud with The Fiend or The O.C. which leaves him without much to do.

    However, Corbin vs. Reigns, Bryan, Ali and even a babyface Lashley could be enough to carry him until WrestleMania and allow his feud with SmackDown's Chad Gable to continue, too.

    Any of those three could find a better home on SmackDown and picking between them is mostly up to WWE's plans for the potential feuds down the pipeline.

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