Most Intriguing Storylines to Track on Road to WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 PPV

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 20, 2019

Most Intriguing Storylines to Track on Road to WWE Hell in a Cell 2019 PPV

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    Clash of Champions is barely in the past, yet the WWE machine never stops and it's already time to look ahead toward Hell in a Cell 2019 at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento on October 6.

    However, the build toward the pay-per-view is set to be hectic, with the company having a lot on its plate in the coming weeks.

    NXT is now on USA, SmackDown will be making the move to Fox on October 4 and WWE will be preparing for a new draft to split the rosters and end the Wild Card Rule.

    Thankfully, Hell in a Cell is not getting lost in the shuffle, and some interesting storylines are already playing out to make the road to the PPV a fun and bumpy one to travel down.

The Bludgeon Brothers vs. Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan

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    The attack on Roman Reigns could have easily fizzled out into the obvious storyline of Daniel Bryan ordering Erick Rowan to assault The Big Dog, leading to Reigns vs. Bryan at Hell in a Cell.

    Thankfully, Rowan's betrayal of The Planet's Champion and the return of Luke Harper have taken this story down a different path.

    While nothing was made official in terms of an alliance with Bryan, Reigns did come out to fight on Tuesday's SmackDown. Did he do that to help out of a sense of honor, or was he merely out for revenge and would have gone after Rowan and Harper regardless of Bryan's involvement?

    No matter their differences, Bryan and Reigns have a common enemy and clearly can't handle The Bludgeon Brothers on their own. Logic dictates they should team up, most likely at Hell in a Cell.

    Bryan remains adamant he had nothing to do with the attacks on Reigns, but it's still hard to trust that he's on his way to a babyface turn.

    Even if he isn't, it will still be interesting to see how a heel Bryan would work alongside the former universal champion to fend off The Bludgeon Brothers.

    Whether this all leads to a brutal brawl inside the cage or not, the story keeps getting better every week.

Brock Lesnar's Upcoming WWE Championship Match

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    Kofi Kingston just overcame his biggest obstacle by beating Randy Orton at Clash of Champions to prove he deserves his spot in the main event.

    However, there was no time for celebration, because his time as champion is about to end.

    Now that Brock Lesnar has officially been named the No. 1 contender and will face Kingston for the WWE Championship on October 4, there is no way The Dreadlocked Dynamo is walking out of SmackDown's debut on Fox with the title still around his waist.

    As beloved as the New Day member is with fans across the globe, he's still not the big-name draw Fox and WWE want as the focal point of the blue brand in the new era.

    Over the years, no matter how much fans have vented their frustration over The Beast Incarnate holding the title, the WWE hierarchy clearly think he's the best bet as champion.

    How will the company help build Kingston over the next two weeks so he doesn't walk into their match as the obvious underdog? Is that even a priority for the company?

    Will steps be made to make it a fair contest, with the New Day man actually putting up a fight? Or will WWE take the low road and book The Beast to dominate and humiliate the champion just to reestablish Lesnar in a league far above everyone else?

    What is WWE's plan to counteract the backlash if fans are upset about this and decide to protest by tuning out of SmackDown?

    Furthermore, how will a WWE Championship match be advertised for Hell in a Cell without spoiling the outcome? Will they rush it the day before the event or will the title not be defended at all on the show?

    If Lesnar misses his first pay-per-view as champion following SmackDown's debut on Fox, it will prove yet again WWE has not learned the lessons of putting him on top, and these next few weeks could be leading to certain doom for all parties involved, rather than a ratings boom.

Bray Wyatt's Mind Games with Seth Rollins

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    Bray Wyatt already staked his claim to the Universal Championship before he attacked Seth Rollins at Clash of Champions. With the match now official, the mind games have truly begun.

    Much of Monday's episode of Raw was dedicated to the mental torture Wyatt exacted on The Architect, either out of fun or to get inside the champion's head.

    Two more weeks of this will surely take its toll and throw Rollins off-kilter even before he steps inside the cage at Hell in a Cell. But as he's the main hero of the flagship show, WWE may actually be telling the story of his triumph over adversity.

    Instead of Rollins spiraling down into the abyss from The Fiend's intimidation before dropping the title, this could just be another test the universal champion overcomes with heart and determination.

    With Survivor Series following Hell in a Cell, and if Brock Lesnar wins the WWE title from Kofi Kingston and champion vs. champion matches are booked again, that could point toward the title staying where it is.

    After all, while The Fiend would provide a fresher match for Lesnar since we've seen him face Rollins three times this year alone, it's hard to imagine WWE booking those two heels against each other. Wyatt isn't the easiest character to write as defending his brand's honor against one of the most villainous Superstars ever.

    The next couple weeks heading into Hell in a Cell will be rough for Rollins, but he may find a way out of these dark times as a stronger champion.

The Four Horsewomen Continue to Clash

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    Bayley and Sasha Banks will be joined at the hip until the brand split forces them to stop jumping between Raw and SmackDown, so WWE is doubling down on the interaction between all of the Four Horsewomen in the meantime.

    Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair have been forced into an uneasy partnership, relying on each other to even the odds while they fight for the Raw and SmackDown women's titles.

    It seems as though every time any one of these women is involved in something, the other three won't be far behind.

    How WWE plans on managing the four Superstars ahead of the draft on October 11 and 14 will dictate what is to come.

    For instance, if Lynch is heading to SmackDown, she'll have to drop the Raw women's title at Hell in a Cell to Banks. Likewise, The Queen would then need to move to Monday nights to fill the void left by The Man, which would mean Flair can't dethrone Bayley in the meantime.

    The the two sides of the feud would then have to swap, with Flair vs. Banks and Lynch vs. Bayley becoming the focal points going forward after Hell in a Cell, and the rest of the rosters will have to move around to accommodate The Four Horsewomen.

Will King of the Ring Serve Any Purpose?

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    It's not looking good for the title reign of Baron Corbin after his King of the Ring coronation resulted in his robe, scepter, throne and crown all being destroyed by Chad Gable.

    That was revenge for gloating and making jokes about the former Olympian's height, but where does WWE go from here?

    Corbin has nothing to prove after beating able fair and square, but he might want to punish his rival for destroying his regalia. Repeating the tournament final would be a weak thing to build to, though.

    Gable couldn't win that rematch, either. The only benefit would be to prove he could beat bigger guys, but he still wouldn't be King of the Ring, so it wouldn't make him a star.

    After being humiliated and then losing to Gable, Corbin would also look like a weak king, defeating the purpose of the tournament and repeating the same mistakes WWE made with his Money in the Bank run in 2017.

    Not every story leading up to Hell in a Cell is necessarily a good one. This is an instance where it seems WWE may have already ruined both Superstars and is going down a path that neither of them can come out of in better shape than they were before wrestling for the crown.

    Here's hoping WWE has a plan to avoid burying Gable and diminishing Corbin's victory come the time of Hell in a Cell.


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