Tony Khan Is AEW's Secret Weapon in the Fight for Wrestling Supremacy vs. WWE

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistSeptember 3, 2019

Tony Khan backstage following AEW All Out.
Tony Khan backstage following AEW All Out.Credit: Chris Mueller

All Elite Wrestling is about to debut its weekly television show on October 2, and the hype surrounding the first episode is just as high as it has been for any of the young promotion's pay-per-views.

This new venture has already made stars out of several wrestlers like Orange Cassidy, Maxwell Jacob Friedman, Nyla Rose and many more.

With veteran wrestlers like Cody, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho having major roles backstage, the management team has decades of combined experience working for just about every promotion on the planet.

However, every good business startup needs capital, and that is where Tony Khan comes in. The co-owner of The Jacksonville Jaguars is a lifelong wrestling fan, and he jumped at the opportunity to work with AEW to create a product the fans will love.

As Khan answered questions in the media scrum I attended after All Out, two things became clear: This man is incredibly intelligent. And he is as passionate as anyone when it comes to AEW.

He made it clear he intends to be an integral part of the television show on a weekly basis. Some might say he will be the Vince McMahon of AEW. Let's take a look at how Mr. Khan is going to be AEW's secret weapon moving forward.


He Is Going to Be Collaborative, Not Controlling

McMahon employs a team of writers and producers to help with Raw and SmackDown, but at the end of the day, everything goes through him. If he doesn't think part of the script is working, he throws it out and starts over.

Khan does not appear to have the same outlook. He is working with the AEW staff on the product, leveraging their years in the business instead of just telling everyone what to do.

The Superstars will have more control over their characters and more input when it comes to storylines and matches. 

Khan seems to understand this is a team effort, and he wants to work with the wrestlers—not just have them work for him. 


He Has Experience with Sports and Television

Khan may not have a background in pro wrestling, but he does have experience in the worlds of television and sports.

As one of the owners of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham Football Club, Khan has the kind of experience Cody and company can't bring to the table when it comes to dealing with T.V. executives. 

Khan will still be actively involved with both teams throughout the year while he works with AEW behind the scenes every Wednesday. 

Putting all of their skill sets together is what will make All Elite Wrestling thrive in the months and years to come. If it were just a bunch of wrestlers running the show or just one guy with no wrestling experience, things wouldn't be going this smoothly.

Khan's degree is in finance, and he is going to make sure profitability comes as quickly as possible so the company can take care of its talent.


He Has Real Passion

Following All Out, the press was given the opportunity to speak with Adam Page, Britt Baker, The Young Bucks and Mr. Khan.

The wrestlers each took between five and 10 minutes. Khan spoke with everyone for well over half an hour and made sure to answer every question he was asked.

He was unable to share certain details, like the name of the upcoming weekly show on TNT, but he did offer insight into the company's future.

The way he spoke about AEW was not what you would typically expect from an executive. He wasn't going on about how much they made at the gate or what kind of ratings he was expecting in the first few weeks of the show.

He spoke about the Superstars and how hard they are working to make this dream a reality. Khan was as big a fan as any of of the people in the arena while remaining focused on what is best for everyone.

He came across as humble and thankful to the fans for the success AEW has had up to this point. His family already has money so this is not about profits for him. This appears to be his passion project, and that is why he is going to be one of the biggest assets All Elite Wrestling has moving forward. 

It will be interesting to see how big or small his on-screen role will be. He could end up as an authority figure if he gets the itch to be on camera. But, for now, he seems happy letting the wrestlers have the spotlight. 


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