Fantasy Booking Roman Reigns' Mystery Attack Angle

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistAugust 21, 2019

Credit: WWE.com

WWE has tried its hardest to keep fans guessing when it comes to the identity of Roman Reigns' mystery attacker.

While it initially appeared to be a combination of Daniel Bryan and Rowan, there's now significant doubt in that regard given how the former WWE champion forced a confession out of Buddy Murphy last week stating he was lying when he told The Big Dog it was Rowan.

Of course, Murphy admitted he was lying while being intimidated could have been ultimately a swerve for WWE fans, but given how SummerSlam has been and gone and this angle is still running, there's the scope to build it up slowly and make it truly blockbuster.

The events this past Tuesday also make things more confusing in regards to Murphy's apparent "lie." With Bryan revealing Reigns' attacker wasn't Rowan but a guy who looked exactly like him instead, it creates a sense of both confusion and intrigue moving forward.

But with what's coming up on the horizon for SmackDown Live, WWE should try to make this angle both explosive and surprising, meaning this Bryan-Rowan suggestion should prove to be false, leading to a huge reveal further down the line.

With what happened at the conclusion of SmackDown this past week, have Reigns begin to go after Bryan, with him refusing to believe it wasn't the duo who were involved in the numerous attacks on him. This makes sense from a booking perspective, too, as The Planet's Champion was eliminated from the King of the Ring on Tuesday by Murphy.

But even though Reigns has Bryan in his sights for a number of weeks, something still doesn't add up. On Raw one week, Samoa Joe confronts The Big Dog and says that while he truly doesn't like Bryanpositioning him as a heel that even the other heels dislikehe's fairly sure it wasn't him.

When Reigns asks why, Joe refuses to say, keeping him positioned as a heel but adding another layer of intrigue. The Samoan Submission Specialist simply says the former universal champion should explore his own personal history to find someone with a good enough reason to attack him and look beyond the obvious.

Frustrated by this, Reigns attacks Rowan on an episode of SmackDown Live when Bryan isn't around, determined to find out what The Beard's motives were. Bryan is still adamant he didn't orchestrate the attacks, but The Big Dog isn't listening.

This eventually leads to a bout between Reigns and Bryan at Clash of Champions on September 15, with the stipulation set that if The Big Dog wins, the former WWE champion has to take a lie-detector test to determine once and for all whether he was behind the attacks.

Reigns does win, and the angle with the lie detector is set for the following episode of SmackDown Live, when it is finally confirmed Bryan was behind the attacks, but he was doing it for the benefit of someone else.

That leads us up to a momentous moment for WWE: the first episode of SmackDown on Fox, with the switch to Friday nights. This is clearly going to be a big show on October 4, and WWE needs one or two big angles to make the show unforgettable.

The long-awaited reveal of Reigns' mystery attacker is the finale of the entire show. The Big Dog is in a routine match against Shinsuke Nakamura, and in the closing stages, the lights drop.

This is it. The moment Reigns and his fans have been waiting for. The lights come up, and he is hoisted high above the head of his attacker, who is...Brock Lesnar.

It seems random in terms of booking direction at the moment, but there are several strands of logic attached to it. First of all, Lesnar to SmackDown in time for the move to Fox makes so much sense, not least because it will give the show huge star appeal moving forward.

It adds fresh direction to The Beast Incarnate's character, given how he hasn't been on the blue brand for yearsthe show where he originally made his name as a breakout superstar in WWE.

Plus, it allows Reigns and Lesnar to have a high-class feud without competing for a major title. The Beast's time with the Universal Championship is up, as Seth Rollins needs to be feuding with guys like Drew McIntyre on Raw.

Imagine how strong SmackDown would feel as a brand if Lesnar vs. Reigns was on there in addition to the WWE Championship rivalry ongoing, too.

The reasoning for The Beast attacking Reigns? He never truly got over the fact The Big Dog beat him at SummerSlam last year, and he and Paul Heyman used Bryan as a go-between to try to take his rival off TV once and for all.

When that failed, Lesnar decided to show up and have his revenge for what happened a year ago.

It may well be left-field, but it could make sense moving forward for WWE, SmackDown Live and Reigns' future booking.