Bray Wyatt and 7 WWE Superstars Overdue for New Entrance Theme Songs

Anthony Mango@@ToeKneeManGoFeatured ColumnistJuly 24, 2019

Bray Wyatt and 7 WWE Superstars Overdue for New Entrance Theme Songs

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    First impressions are important in everything, particularly in WWE where fans get their initial taste of a Superstar based on their entrance music.

    Entrance themes are valuable tools in informing audiences of each performer's gimmick, attitude, style and overall aesthetic.

    A good theme such as the ones belonging to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and Bret Hart can make a crowd pop from the opening note. All it takes is one gong to sound for The Undertaker and an audience will go wild.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum, the wrong fit for a theme tune can leave fans deflated and harshly judging the Superstar before they even hit the ring.

    There are some great themes in WWE today, such as those for The New Day or The Undisputed Era, but some Superstars are in need of a change.

    Let's take a look at some wrestlers who would benefit from a new entrance tune.

Bray Wyatt

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    After a lengthy absence, Bray Wyatt's reintroduction to the WWE Universe through the "Firefly Fun House" segments was amazing, as it showed some actual changes to his character.

    However, we've already seen he's not only still a heel, but he's also playing the same mind games, has the same finisher and even attacked one of the last people he feuded with before teaming with Matt Hardy.

    If Wyatt steps back into the ring with the same entrance theme as before, though, it will signify WWE couldn't think of anything new for him or refused to adjust his character.

    At that point, he might as well team up with Harper and Rowan again, because a mask alone is not enough of a change in character.

    Wyatt's entrance theme is crucial in determining whether there has been any progression with his storyline, or if he just spent 12 months getting a creepy mask and is just going to repeat the last seven years.

Aiden English

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    There's a good chance you've never heard Aiden English's theme, because he doesn't appear in the ring on a regular basis.

    For the most part, he came out to The Vaudevillains theme or emerged alongside Rusev to The Bulgarian Brute's entrance tune.

    When he does appear, though, the 205 Live commentator's brutally annoying operatic theme is by far the most ear-grating music for any wrestler on all five rosters.

    If English never wrestles again, it will at least mean an audience is saved from hearing that theme again. Anything, including complete silence, would be an improvement for his entrances.

Eric Young

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    This sure doesn't look like the guy from Sanity anymore, does it?

    During the Superstar Shake-up in April, Sanity went their separate ways, with Eric Young going to Raw and having no association with former teammate Nikki Cross.

    Cross still uses her custom variation of Sanity's theme for her entrances, as it fits her eccentric persona, but the same can't be said for Young.

    Since breaking from the stable, he has shaved his beard, ditched his tattered rags and done little more than chase R-Truth and Co. around for the 24/7 Championship.

    If he were ever to be accompanied by his old Sanity theme tune, it would be jarring because there's no need for him to have a twisted and dark entrance if he's just a punching bag for someone.


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    It's been some time since we've seen Fandango, as he's been recovering from a shoulder injury since last year. Before then, he was still half of the tag team Breezango, along with Tyler Breeze.

    For as long as those two were together, WWE just spliced their themes together, rather than create something new.

    A spoiler warning for those who don't wish to know what happened at the previous NXT tapings—we now know Fandango makes his return on an upcoming episode to help Breeze fend off The Forgotten Sons.

    But The Fashion Police gimmick has outlived its usefulness, especially if those two are going to remain in NXT, where they won't have as much time to goof around.

    As great as Fandango's theme was in the past during his initial push, it's not the hit it once was. And if there are going to be tweaks to his character to make him more serious, now is the time to introduce a new theme to help illustrate that point.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher

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    Gentleman Jack Gallagher has always been portrayed as a talented technical wrestler who is able to get the job done in the ring. But when he started his WWE career, he was a much more colorful character.

    To reflect his humorous exterior of having William the umbrella by his side and all, his theme was "Les Toreadors," a bubbly, energetic and fun tune that perfectly matched him.

    Once he turned heel, WWE gave him a more dour theme to help drive home the point he was to be taken seriously.

    Gallagher turned babyface upon breaking off from Drew Gulak and working alongside Humberto Carrillo, but he still comes out with this menacing villain music that doesn't suit him anymore.

    WWE could simply go back to Les Toreadors, but it would be better to give him something new to reflect his current character that isn't quite as over the top as he used to be.

Sarah Logan

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    The Riott Squad split in the Superstar Shake-up in April, and when former member Sarah Logan went up against Bayley in the recent Beat the Clock Challenge match, she was dressed as though ready to embrace a new gimmickbut with her former team's music.

    Clearly, she's heading in the direction of having more a viking-inspired appearance in line with husband Erik of The Viking Raiders, so why has WWE not put them together with her coming out to the team's theme?

    The company doesn't seem to consider her high enough in the wrestling hierarchy to fix this. But that's a shame, because Logan has more to offer than being an afterthought with a disjointed character presentation.

Liv Morgan

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    Liv Morgan is in a similar boat to Logan, albeit one with no viking designs.

    She also came out to The Riott Squad's theme on this week's SmackDown for her match against Charlotte Flair.

    At least in this scenario, Morgan grabbed a headset after the match and spoke about how she was going to take some time to get herself together and "come back real," which signals a change to come.

    We can assume this means some new ring gear, ditching the pink hair and blue tongue, and getting some new entrance music.

    Whether she reverts back to her NXT theme or something new, the most important thing is to ditch The Riott Squad as part of her presentation.


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