6 AEW Performers Who Have the Potential to Become a Breakout Star

Erik Beaston@@ErikBeastonFeatured ColumnistJuly 19, 2019

6 AEW Performers Who Have the Potential to Become a Breakout Star

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    Credit: Thomas Tischio/AEW

    All Elite Wrestling may have signed the likes of Cody and Dustin Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley to head up its roster, but alongside them is a roster brimming with young talent.

    Many have the potential to become enormous stars as the promotion enters a TV deal with TNT and prepares for its All Out pay-per-view August 31.

    From a Boy and His Dinosaur and Smiley Kylie to Superbad and The Best Ever, the roster is chock full of unique young characters and talented in-ring performers.

    Who are these wrestlers and what makes them breakout candidates?

    Take a look for yourself.

Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus

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    Credit: Thomas Tischio/AEW

    Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus may not be the most traditional act in all of AEW, but they complement each other extremely well between the ropes and could sell a ton of merchandise for the promotion.

    As we witnessed at Fight for the Fallen when they battled Jack Evans and Angelico and The Dark Order in a Triple Threat tag team match, Jungle Boy is a tenacious, resilient underdog whose athleticism is undeniable, while Luchasaurus is a speedy, agile big man whose power-based offense perfectly complements his partner's aerial assaults.

    Together, they make up a dynamic similar to that of Kane and X-Pac during the Attitude Era.

    While it appears as though AEW is heading in a different direction with its prospective tag team champions, do not be surprised if Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus emerge from the talented tag roster as the breakout stars and the team that dominates for the next couple of years.


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    Credit: Thomas Tischio/AEW

    Everyone knows that arrogant, loudmouthed asshat you want to punch square in the face.

    In the world of AEW, that asshat is Maxwell Jacob Friedman.

    MJF has made a name for himself in AEW and Major League Wrestling. A brash, cocky heel who has a knack for reminding the audience he is better than them, he is that entitled rich boy who never had some humility knocked into him.

    And it works to perfection.

    One of the best talkers in the industry with a ring game to back it up, he has been a revelation early in AEW. That he has been given the microphone as frequently as he has been and was booked in a relatively high-profile segment at Double or Nothing with Bret Hart is all the evidence you need of the company's faith in him.

    A classic villain who people will pay to see silenced, not unlike The Honky Tonk Man or Ted DiBiase in the 1980s, MJF will rise to the top of the AEW roster. Throw in an above-average in-ring game that is as loud and animated as the man himself, and you have a star destined to accomplish greatness.

Joey Janela

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    Credit: Thomas Tischio/AEW

    Joey Janela is never going to wow you with an arsenal of mat wrestling, reversals and submissions. He doesn't know 45 variations of a suplex to wow Dave Meltzer and he won't be on Jim Cornette's Christmas card list for upholding the sanctity of professional wrestling.

    And that is what makes him so appealing.

    The Bad Boy is a throwback to the days of ECW. Like Tommy Dreamer before him, Janela has the innate ability and creativity to utilize weaponry, to take tremendous bumps for his opponents and, when the time comes, do some traditional wrestling.

    His personality is enormous, his selling is extraordinary and his ability to get people to care through both is invaluable.

    A larger-than-life character in a day of white-bread wrestlers, he stands out because he is not the prototype. Fans eat up his dedication to hardcore, his ability to wrestle a 30-minute, non-gimmicky match if necessary and his different persona.

    He is also a hell of a promo, which we saw leading into his Fyter Fest match with Jon Moxley.

    Put that all together and you have a guy who, like MJF, could main-event a major AEW show tomorrow and send fans home happy. 

Kip Sabian

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    Kip Sabian is a confident young competitor whose charisma is as undeniable as his talent.

    The Brit made AEW history by winning the company's first singles match at Double or Nothing, then went nearly 20 minutes with the top contender to the AEW Championship, Hangman Page, at Fight for the Fallen.

    In both matches, he showcased in-ring creativity and a skill set that will only get better. Those two opportunities put him on a grand stage and let fans know that AEW believes in him and sees big things for "Superbad." 

    Even more impressive than his in-ring ability is his promo work. Confident, engaging, funny and a little cocky, Sabian has the ability to build any match he competes in as long as he has two minutes and a mic. That is a rare talent for someone so young but one that will help Sabian as he continues to grow and evolve both between the ropes and as a character.

Sammy Guevara

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    Credit: Ricky Havlik/AEW

    When all is said and done, Sammy Guevara may be the most successful young AEW breakout star.

    The self-proclaimed "Best Ever" may not have a singles win to his name yet, but he has the personality and in-ring ability to be the young star around whom AEW builds its future. He can talk, he can work and he can soar through the air with ease.

    A former AAA cruiserweight champion, he has traveled the world and developed his style from a mix of different cultures. He has already showcased his aerial abilities, both at Double or Nothing and Fight for the Fallen, and his natural charisma is on display in his ongoing vlog.

    He is less ready for greatness right at this very moment than someone like Hangman Page, MJF or Janela, but when the story of AEW is written, Guevara may well prove to be the diamond in the rough.

Kylie Rae

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    Credit: James Musselwhite/AEW

    There is a wealth of female talent in AEW, but none have as much potential to hit big as Kylie Rae.

    "Smiley Kylie" is likeable, and there is no talent that can make up for that. Fans are already behind her because they want to see her succeed. We saw as much at Double or Nothing, when she was the breakout star of a Fatal 4-Way that included a future Hall of Fame candidate in Awesome Kong, AEW's gem in Dr. Britt Baker and the talented Nyla Rose.

    She already has a connection with the audience that cannot be manufactured or manipulated by the creative team, and that puts her at an early advantage. Her in-ring work and the character traits she demonstrates between the ropes enhance that advantage and make her a competitor ready to break out immediately.

    It is not yet known why she has been absent from AEW events Fyter Fest and Fight for the Fallen, but hopefully she will return in time for Chicago's All Out and begin her path to greatness, because she is as skilled as any woman who has appeared on the PPVs to this point.


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