Biggest Missed Opportunities with WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Booking

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJuly 15, 2019

Biggest Missed Opportunities with WWE Extreme Rules 2019 Booking

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    With a successful cash-in, surprise title changes and much more, WWE Extreme Rules 2019 was a show full of talking points.

    Yet while most of what WWE did on Sunday came off pretty well, there were still one or two mistakes in the booking of the show.

    Extreme Rules turned out to be a show that will have a huge impact on the company's landscape across the rest of the summer, but some things could definitely have been done better.

    Here's a look at the show's biggest missed booking opportunities. 

Not Solidifying Ricochet's Position as a Top Star

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    Looking back, WWE booked itself into an unwinnable position at Extreme Rules.

    Someone was always going to end up on the wrong side of the result between Ricochet and AJ Styles. If Styles had lost, The Club's reunion would have been watered down and felt less of a big deal, perhaps.

    But Ricochet dropping the United States Championship so soon after winning it feels like a huge error from the company.

    He's got the potential to be a huge star in WWE, and at least one victory over Styles would have cemented his status as a big-time player on Raw.

    He may well get that at a later date, but right now, his stock took a huge hit that it really didn't need to on Sunday night.

Shinsuke and Finn Not Getting a Spot on the Main Card

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    This could have easily been the match of the night at Extreme Rules.

    But for whatever reason, WWE deemed the Intercontinental Championship showdown between Shinsuke Nakamura and Finn Balor to be only worthy of a spot on the pre-show.

    That's a huge mistake, looking back.

    These two guys have the potential to tear it up each and every time they step in the ring, but the company held back two of its brightest stars last night.

    If their feud for the title continues, it deserves much more mainstream exposure than it received at Extreme Rules. It's a rivalry fans will immediately get invested in.

Not Having Alexa Bliss Turn on Nikki Cross

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    The Alexa Bliss-Nikki Cross dynamic is interesting to say the least.

    But in reality, their faux friendship has probably run its course now, and it's high time WWE did the inevitable and have Bliss turn on Cross.

    Whether the company is waiting for one of them to capture the SmackDown Women's Championship to ramp up the interest in the feud even further is unclear.

    But it would have made sense for Bliss to turn after Bayley emerged victorious last night.

    Hopefully WWE realizes its mistake sooner, rather than later.

The Era of Joe Not Getting Underway

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    It's great that The New Day gets to call themselves the undisputed top faction on SmackDown, given how they hold all the gold.

    But in reality, Samoa Joe should have been walking out of Extreme Rules last night with the WWE Championship.

    Joe is well overdue his first run with a major title, and it's ludicrous WWE hasn't booked him as a top star on either brand before now.

    Last night was a great opportunity to right those wrongs and have Joe win the world title at the expense of Kingston. Kofi's reign with the title hasn't been bad, but in pro wrestling, golden opportunities like these don't come round too often.

    If WWE isn't careful, Joe is simply going to look like a guy who always folds at the crucial moment, rather than the major star he could easily be with a world title over his shoulder.


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