The Miz and 5 WWE Stars Making the Most of Poor Booking Decisions

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistJune 28, 2019

The Miz and 5 WWE Stars Making the Most of Poor Booking Decisions

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    To suggest WWE's product has gone stale in the weeks and months since WrestleMania 35 would be a massive understatement.

    The company's programming is struggling to make any sort of meaningful impact with fans heading into the summer due to a number of reasons.

    Most of those revolve around poor booking decisions. Whether it's the forced push of Shane McMahon, the confusion concerning the Wild Card Rule or the wrong guys being in the wrong spots on the card, there are plenty of WWE stars struggling at the moment.

    However, some have actually managed to make the most of the poor booking and offer hope for the summer months for the WWE Universe.

    Here's a look at those guys, including The Miz, who are doing exactly that.

Lacey Evans

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    There's a fair argument to suggest Lacey Evans' time in the Raw Women's Championship scene should have been and gone, at least for now anyway.

    However, she remains in a feud with Becky Lynch for the title, and to her credit, the recent NXT call-up is making the most of the opportunity.

    WWE should have perhaps taken her out of the firing line and moved her on to a more winnable feud to build her stock back up for the summer months.

    But the company has instead persisted with Evans in the main event slot, and she's slowly adapting to life on the main roster despite being clearly thrown in at the deep end.

    Hopefully she comes out of this feud with Lynch looking strong, even if it's probably already gone on for too long.

The Miz

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    He's not making huge waves at present, but The Miz has been quietly going about his business on both Raw and SmackDown in recent weeks.

    The A-Lister suffered a damaging loss to Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 35, but the consistent push of his opponent into a genuine main event competitor is at least making that defeat look less significant for The Miz.

    However, he's approaching a critical point in his character development.

    Miz has returned to calling out Shane-O-Mac on both brands recently, likely building to a bout between the two once again.

    There's no doubting who should win this time. If Miz emerges victorious at a major show like SummerSlam and becomes the man who ends McMahon's reign of terror, it could set him up for a major push at a world title—but only if the company avoids a repeat of WrestleMania.


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    WWE's failure to create a meaningful midcard in the aftermath of WrestleMania was always likely to hand a fresh face a chance to shine.

    Thankfully for those in charge on Raw, Ricochet has taken that opportunity with both hands.

    His call-up from NXT could easily have been mismanaged by the company, just like several other top stars from Full Sail University before him.

    However, the man who won the United States Championship on Sunday was quickly able to establish himself as one of the most must-see stars on Raw, given both his own in-ring displays and the fact almost everything else around him was fairly underwhelming.

    Both factors have enhanced his reputation in recent weeks, and it's great to see him hold the U.S. title.

    Ricochet has proved to everyone he belongs in a prominent position on the main roster.

Bray Wyatt

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    Such is the state of WWE at present, Bray Wyatt hasn't had to compete in a match for months to see his stock rise.

    Granted, the Firefly Fun House gimmick he is working with is interesting enough to create some organic hype, but he's also been helped by the fact Raw is a show in transition.

    Whether the gimmick successfully translates to live tapings of the red brand every week is unclear, and you suspect WWE will have to bring Wyatt back to live shows sooner, rather than later.

    However, he has benefitted from poor booking decisions elsewhere on the card without a direct impact on his own booking.

    All it's taken is for WWE to keep him away from any of the disastrous rivalries currently occurring on a weekly basis.

Baron Corbin

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    No WWE competitor has received more of a sustained push in the past year than Baron Corbin.

    From his often-entertaining role as Raw general manager, to his match with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 35 (let alone actually defeating him) to now competing for the Universal Championship at consecutive pay-per-views, The Lone Wolf has been a constant presence.

    While WWE misses opportunity after opportunity with many of the top wrestlers who are far more deserving of a spot in the main event, Corbin continues to sit in the top spot on Raw every week.

    That's not his fault, of course. To be fair to him, he is making a decent go out of his elevation to the main event, but it's clear there are other stars far more deserving of that particular spotlight.

    But as WWE pushes on with its pretty disastrous booking of late, Corbin is likely to continue making the most of the opportunities coming his way.


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