Becky Lynch on Seth Rollins, Jerry Lawler Rumor, Drew McIntyre in WWE Roundup

Mike Chiari@mikechiariFeatured ColumnistJune 26, 2019

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Lynch Talks Storyline with Rollins

WWE recently turned the real-life relationship between Raw Women's champion Becky Lynch and Universal champion Seth Rollins into a storyline.

With Lacey Evans breaking the rules as the special guest referee for Rollins' match against Baron Corbin at Stomping Grounds, Lynch interfered and helped Rollins retain the Universal title.

That led to the announcement of an Extreme Rules match on Raw, as Rollins and Lynch will face Corbin and Evans in a winner-take-all match for both titles at next month's pay-per-view.

When asked about her romance with Rollins being used on WWE programming by Joey Hayden of GuideLive.com, The Man seemed understanding of WWE's decision: "That's something that came about recently. I think seeing the potential to have two top stars fighting side by side as champions is something that we couldn't really ignore, so here we are."

WWE has a unique situation on its hands with two of its top stars dating, and in the interest of making the product feel more realistic, putting Becky and Rollins together makes plenty of sense.

Also, with one pay-per-view between now and SummerSlam, making Rollins and Lynch a package deal allows WWE to do some creative storytelling before allowing them to branch back off into their own separate feuds.


McIntyre on WWE's Scripted Promos

The scripted nature of WWE's promos has been a hot-button issue as of late, but Drew McIntyre believes it is incumbent on the performers to make the most of it.

In an interview with Sam Roberts on the Notsam Wrestling Podcast (h/t Felix Upton of Ringside News), McIntyre noted that he finds ways to put his own spin on his promos:

"Everything I'm given, I assure you, that comes on the screen, especially promos etc., is not exactly what was on the script. So it's up to me to figure out how I put Drew Galloway in that, how am I gonna make this real to me? Even if it's something that is obviously completely a story. I gotta find something real. Something I can latch onto. Because if I don't latch onto it and I don't believe it, the audience don't believe it. I think everyone's gotta start thinking that way."

New AEW star and former WWE Superstar Jon Moxley spoke out about WWE's creative process in a recent interview with Chris Jericho on the Talk Is Jericho podcast. Moxley took issue with the fact that everything is scripted and must be vetted by Vince McMahon.

In an interview Monday with Jimmy Traina on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast, Rollins defended the creative process and said he was comfortable with the amount of input he has:

"Absolutely I'm satisfied with it because I make a point to be satisfied with it. I make a point to contribute my ideas and my thoughts, and if I feel strongly about something the way it should be or the way it should be portrayed, then I will make my voice heard.

"And look, not everybody gets that leeway. And also, not everybody should get that leeway. That's not how it works. You have to build equity with your audience, with your boss, with your co-workers. You have to build equity over time and then you can get the leeway to have that kind of say in your story if that's your complaint. Or you can just stand up for yourself and do it instead of going on somewhere else and b---hing about it.

"I'm very satisfied with the amount of input I have. Do I do things that I don't always want to do? Yes, but you know what, sometimes that stuff works because I can't see things perfectly every single time. I don't have the perspective that other people around me have. Vince McMahon has been doing this 20 years longer than I've been alive. So he's got some ideas and he knows things that I just don't know that I have to learn."

McIntyre seems to share Rollins' perspective, as he has taken it upon himself to ensure that everything he says and does is in sync with his character.

That has paid dividends for The Scottish Psychopath, as he is among the best talkers in WWE and is one of the company's top heels as well.

McIntyre will have a chance to put his theory to the test leading up to Extreme Rules, as he is scheduled to team with Shane McMahon against The Undertaker and Roman Reigns.


Fox Reported Interested in Lawler for FS1 Show

When a weekly WWE studio show begins airing on FS1 in October, WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler may have a significant role.

According to WrestleVotes, Fox wants Lawler to be a "main part" of the show since his voice and image are familiar to wrestling fans of all ages.

Triple H announced prior to WrestleMania 35 that a weekly studio show would begin airing on FS1 in conjunction with the debut of SmackDown on Fox in October.

Lawler is considered one of the best and most accomplished announcers in wrestling history, as he and AEW's Jim Ross were the voices of the Attitude Era.

While The King's role has diminished in recent years, he is still under contract with WWE and makes some guest appearances as an announcer and as part of the pre-show panel for some pay-per-views.

Lawler could thrive in the setting FS1 would provide, and he would lend instant credibility to the show due to the equity he has built up with wrestling fans over the years.

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