Braun Strowman and 7 WWE Stars Who Need Big Push Leading Up to WWE SummerSlam

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJune 14, 2019

Braun Strowman and 7 WWE Stars Who Need Big Push Leading Up to WWE SummerSlam

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    Braun Strowman.
    Braun Strowman.AMER HILABI/Getty Images

    WWE SummerSlam is kind of like WrestleMania's little brother. It's the second-biggest show of the year, and the company usually puts together a card it thinks will please fans.

    The roster is filled with dozens of fan-favorite Superstars, but only a few people are guaranteed to be included in the pay-per-view festivities.

    Kofi Kingston and The New Day, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch, AJ Styles and Charlotte Flair can all count on being involved. The rest of the roster needs to put in work to earn their spot.

    Most of the current champions will likely still have their titles on August 11, but a lot of other competitors need a boost.

    Let's take a look at which Superstars need a major push leading into SummerSlam 2019. 

Braun Strowman

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    Braun Strowman was once the fastest-rising star on the entire roster. WWE was putting a lot of money into segments where The Monster Among Men would cause destruction in 2018.

    He flipped an ambulance, tore apart a Ford Mustang and destroyed many parts of different sets and stages the company has used for PPVs and television tapings.

    His push has stalled a bit in 2019, and he finds himself in a strange spot. WWE obviously wants him to be viewed as an unstoppable monster, but management isn't willing to fully commit to him as a top champion.

    Strowman needs to face someone new at SummerSlam to give him something interesting to do. A returning Bray Wyatt might be a perfect opponent since The Monster Among Men once served as one of his minions.

    We can't watch him face Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre or Baron Corbin again. WWE has plenty of options for opponents, so it shouldn't be difficult to find someone.

The Revival

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    The Revival was one of the most promising tag teams in NXT before being called up to the main roster. Once Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder arrived on Raw, everything went downhill.

    They have managed to win the Raw tag titles twice, but most of their time on the red brand has either been spent sitting on the sidelines or serving as punchlines for other teams such as The Usos.

    Why was the sight of two men helping each other shave their backs supposed to be hilarious? This was the kind of humor you would expect from a bad teen comedy in the 1990s.

    Wilder and Dawson have never let an opportunity to impress with their technical ability slip through their fingers, but WWE has found a way to keep them from reaching their full potential.

    They deserve better and SummerSlam is WWE's chance to showcase them in a barnburner against a couple of other teams. Give them 20 minutes and they will make magic. 

Bobby Lashley

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    Like Strowman, Lashley is a powerhouse who never quite comes off as being as dominant as WWE would like him to appear.

    The All Mighty has had a relatively decent run since returning to the company in April 2018. He has won the Intercontinental Championship and picked up some big wins along the way.

    However, WWE's 50-50 booking means Lashley has also lost a lot of matches. He was paired with Lio Rush in a combination that never felt right and was told to flex at the crowd in order to draw heat.

    He needs to be in the hunt for the Universal Championship, and SummerSlam would be a great place to start. Management should put him in a match at Stomping Grounds with someone who can complement his strengths.

    Once he racks up a few wins in a row, Lashley will have a case for why he deserves a title shot. It sounds easy, but nothing with WWE is ever as simple as it should be.

R-Truth, Carmella, Andrade and Zelina Vega

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    We are going to cover four people at once because the answer is to put them all together for a mixed tag match with a bit of a twist.

    Andrade is already known as one of the best technical workers and high-flyers on the roster, and anyone who has been paying attention knows Zelina Vega is just as good without having had as many chances to showcase her talents.

    R-Truth's time with the 24/7 Championship has been a breath of fresh air recently. All of the videos featuring him losing and regaining the title have been doing big numbers on YouTube and it has given him more TV time than he has had in years. Carmella has helped keep these segments going as his loyal companion. 

    WWE should not only continue featuring all four of these Superstars regularly leading up to SummerSlam, but it should also put them into a feud that leads to a mixed tag match with the 24/7 title on the line.

    Management could add a stipulation that says if one of the women pins the other, they win the 24/7 Championship. Nobody said the title was just for the guys. 

    If Mella wins, Truth could become her lookout and help her keep the belt for as long as possible. It would make for some funny television and keep the pair in the spotlight where they belong.

    Or WWE could give the belt to Vega or Andrade for a little while. Either way, all four would benefit from a storyline like this.