4 Possible Ideas for Where WWE Takes Bray Wyatt's Firefly Fun House Gimmick

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJune 14, 2019

4 Possible Ideas for Where WWE Takes Bray Wyatt's Firefly Fun House Gimmick

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Bray Wyatt has taken WWE by storm with his genius work in the Firefly Fun House. Each week, he has been one of the most entertaining aspects of Raw, repeating the segments to similar effect on SmackDown Live.

    He has molded together the typical young children's entertainment formula with a dark foreboding threat that makes even his friendliest smile seem sinister.

    What started as a bizarre, fresh look at Wyatt has turned into required viewing each week. It is the most creative story WWE has going, and it feels like nothing else the company has done before.

    At this point, though, particularly given the expected limited attention span of the WWE Universe, something needs to change. The Eater of Worlds cannot just sit back with this scheduled segment for the next year.

    This leaves the question of when will Wyatt take the next step. He could get back in the ring tomorrow, but that would be fairly jarring. He could also add more variety and character to his act.

    Whatever he does, some amount of evolution is needed. WWE knows it, and Wyatt knows it. How will the two sides come together to keep people invested in the Firefly Fun House?

    There are four clear avenues for the immediate future.

Wyatt Finds New Followers to Join His Fun House

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    The Firefly Fun House has a host of characters that will never translate to live action. Other wrestlers can take on those roles. It would not be the first time Wyatt has been accompanied by followers.

    It would not make sense to go back to Harper and Rowan, so the opportunity is wide open to any star who is struggling for time on TV or about to move up to the main roster.

    Much like Braun Strowman, this could be a jumping-off point. Working with The Eater of Worlds is an easy transition to the main roster. He gives a consistent spotlight with little expected of the wrestler.

    Of course, it would limit certain stars from venturing out on their own. The Wyatt Family's main trio have remained linked years after splitting, and it is hard to not think of Wyatt when seeing Harper or Rowan perform.

    He is always looking to bring in people to his cause. While his main focus now is the WWE Universe, the wrestlers are listening as well. He would gladly accept support from others on his return to the top as a heel.

The Fiend Returns to a WWE Ring, but Wyatt Takes No Responsibility

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    The Fiend is more naturally suited to competing in a WWE ring than the face that Wyatt puts on most weeks. While he can continue to be the eccentric kind-hearted soul in the Firefly Fun House, it will likely be his dark side that ventures back to WWE first.

    In fact, it would be particularly interesting if The Eater of Worlds chose to continue speaking to fans oblivious to the machinations of The Fiend. While fans know he and The Fiend are one and the same, he can feign ignorance as he often has.

    It would make for an interesting dynamic, creating a mystery about how each face he presents to fans is working in harmony to convince them to let him in. He could even make false promises that he means to stop The Fiend before his true intentions are revealed.

    This would allow Wyatt to get back to in-ring action without breaking up the best part of what he is doing. It is about time he returned to the fundamentals of professional wrestling.

Wyatt Develops a Split Personality Working as a Babyface Until The Fiend Arrives

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    Wyatt has already teased the idea that he is pulled constantly in two directions. He has talked about flipping a coin in many situations, and his gloves promise two contrary actions: hurt and heal. Playing off that dynamic, he could be both a babyface and heel at the same time.

    While there is a falseness behind his actions, he has presented a friendly face on Firefly Fun House. He's a goofy guy who just wants to have fun for the kids. He has constantly stated he has changed his ways, never again becoming the evil man he once was.

    However, The Fiend presents an even darker aspect to The Eater of Worlds' personality. He is a complete monster and will likely be more vicious and unruly in the ring when he returns. These sides are two aspects of a (potentially feigned) conflicted man.

    It would be fascinating for a wrestler to break the confines of face and heel by being both at once. He could even split between brands at first. He could be The Fiend on Raw while competing as Wyatt on SmackDown Live.

    Much like with the previous idea, it could even lead to a promised "match" where the face Wyatt promises to vanquish The Fiend. He might overcome that side of himself or reveal he was always a truly wicked man.

Wyatt Continues to Avoid the Ring but Brings WWE Stars into the Fun House

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    One aspect that seems to be overlooked with Wyatt's recent change is his frequent forays on social media. The clever manipulator has used his platform to ask for forgiveness and even invite others to join him at his home.

    It would make the Firefly Fun House more varied if others did make appearances. The Eater of Worlds extended his hand to R-Truth, which might have been an attempt to take the 24/7 Championship. If he did win that title, who would risk entering the Firefly Fun House to take it away?

    Other options with fresh talent involved would include Wyatt attempting to mend fences between rivals, bringing in Cesaro and Ricochet or Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans. It could become an alternative to generic talk-show segments.

    The segment has more legs on its own, but Wyatt can only smash Ramblin' Rabbit so many times before his puppets walk out on him. He will need new toys to play with, and direct interactions could eventually force him back to the ring.