5 Possible Opponents for Undertaker's Next Match After WWE Super ShowDown

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistJune 9, 2019

5 Possible Opponents for Undertaker's Next Match After WWE Super ShowDown

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    When it comes to The Undertaker, it's more about "who" than "if" at this point.

    Granted, the idea of another match coming out of Friday's poor showing at WWE Super ShowDown in Saudi Arabia is polarizing, at best. He won, and Goldberg says he "knocked himself out," which might explain the sloppy, forgetful showing.

    But for many, that might be the result of WWE throwing two 50-plus part-time Superstars into the ring together. The reality is the full-time roster offers plenty of Superstars who could go up against Undertaker and put on good matches.

    Even better, some of the possibilities would tell incredible stories too. If Undertaker is coming back for another bout in 2019, these are the guys who can offer the best mixture of in-ring performance and sheer storytelling fans wouldn't want to miss.

AJ Styles

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    Want to make anyone look good? Book them against AJ Styles.

    Styles is arguably the best in the world, and he's spinning his wheels a bit, floating in the tweener area. The orientation of his character at the time doesn't matter; The Phenomenal One against The Phenom writes itself.

    Unless he's jumping right into a title scene again, Styles could tackle a lesser role with a part-timer like Taker and make it work beautifully. And in the ring, the styles match up well too, especially once Styles gets to utilizing the ropes for moves.

    A decade ago, this one didn't seem too possible. Now it might be a nice sendoff and a way to keep one of WWE's hottest commodities in a major program.

Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton and Undertaker aren't exactly strangers.

    Those feuds from the mid-2000s were a ton of fun though, especially with Orton running around in his Legend Killer gimmick and making silly mistakes against a savvy veteran.

    Now? They are both veterans, and Orton's carefree, violent style would make for another undoubtedly good, emphatic encounter. The build isn't terribly hard to figure out: Orton wants to resume stalking legends and targets an old nemesis.

    Speculation that Orton was meant to beat the Streak never came to fruition. But if they extend this sort of feud out long enough, Undertaker eating the pin at his final WrestleMania after skipping last year could make for a special, fitting moment.

Finn Balor

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    The inaugural universal champ, current intercontinental champ and owner of the most interesting character alteration in WWE today would make a brilliant foil for Undertaker's next match.

    Finn Balor is a top name around the world even without a belt, though the one he's holding doesn't hurt. Yet The Demon character has gone to waste a bit in the past, sporadically appearing for a bout with say, Baron Corbin, yet not coming out for one against Brock Lesnar.

    The Demon would undoubtedly have to come out against the Undertaker, especially if this one goes down on a stage like WrestleMania. And given the fact that WWE is still tied to the idea The Demon has never lost, it would be interesting to see which way this one would swing.

    Balor's Demon will remain strong without ever encountering Taker. But it would make for some must-see buildup between the characters before the Irishman works his magic in the ring.

Bray Wyatt

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    Yes, this one has been tried before.

    But how things have changed.

    Last time Bray Wyatt and Undertaker did the dance, Wyatt was all over the place. He's had some title runs, sure, but he also had the mystique of his character ruined by some inexplicable losses. On one hand, Wyatt beating Undertaker at WrestleMania 31 would have made plenty of sense as character rehab. On the other, he didn't have the momentum to justify an upset.

    But Wyatt is yet again one of the most interesting aspects of WWE programming thanks to his Firefly Fun House. He hasn't made noise in a ring yet, but a feud with The Deadman upon his return sure wouldn't hurt.

    Given how Wyatt and the landscape have changed, he would still get a massive boost if one of his first feats is putting down the Undertaker.

Aleister Black

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    To stick with the theme of propping up talent as Undertaker fades to black, Aleister Black is a big one to consider.

    Black's arrival on the main roster has been rather protected, if not odd. He had the strange tag team pairing with Ricochet instead of a singles run, and after apparently going to SmackDown, he's been missing in action outside of some superb video promo work.

    But Black's persona and everything else that comes with it screams dream feud with Undertaker. His getting to prove Taker is simply another man would be a fun story to watch unfold, as would their striking-heavy styles in the ring.

    It would seem almost fitting for Black to send Undertaker away with a finisher called Black Mass after a mystique-filled build.