Twitter Reacts to Seth Rollins, Becky Lynch, More WWE Stomping Ground Results

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJune 24, 2019

Credit: WWE.com

WWE Stomping Grounds had almost no hype heading into the night, and it more or less delivered on expectations. While the show started strong, the final three contests got a mixed response that turned the night sour.

A few key talking points came out of Sunday's show in which the champions tried their best to make the most of a tough situation.

WWE also struggled to present a main event. Instead, they decided to fully commit to a relationship that most have known about for months.


Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins are the Power Couple of WWE

Baron Corbin's special guest referee was revealed as Lacey Evans, who played the match in as lopsided a manner as possible. She ignored multiple finishes before getting physical, hitting repeated slaps and a low blow on The Beastslayer.

Evans' rival and Rollins' girlfriend, Becky Lynch, ran to the ring to right the wrong by laying out The Lady. She took her out, which allowed substitute referee John Cone into the contest to catch Corbin taking a superkick into The Stomp and counting the pinfall.

It was a flat end that had the crowd and fans completely dead for the supposed main event. The reaction was not great for any of it:

R.Dream @WWERDream

Chants that happened throughout the Universal Title match, Rollins v Corbin w/ special guest ref Lacey. “This is stupid” “AEW” “Daniel Bryan” “Cm Punk” “Boring” “Let’s go Cena, Cena sucks” “NXT!” “Becky, Becky, Becky” #WWEStompingGrounds https://t.co/kbMmlfrJ0h

Zack @TheZackLethal

Never put Corbin singles match in a ppv main event again

It ultimately felt like the point of the entire night was to fully commit to Rollins and Lynch together. The two are certainly an important power couple for WWE, setting up interesting stories down the line. However, fans were not sure how to react to the moment:

Angie @the_red_alpha3

Beck Lynch and Seth Rollins are THAT power couple and nobody can change my mind👏👏👏 #WWEStompingGrounds

Kelsey @iAmKelsey91

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch’s relationship constantly getting shoved down our throats by WWE. #WWEStompingGounds https://t.co/EsjQFiNSt5

This show had bright spots early in the night, but this ending appeared to be the company scrambling to make people care about the whole event.


Kofi Kingston Pulls Off Impressive Leap to Save WWE Championship

Dolph Ziggler was ready to prove his words true by defeating Kofi Kingston and gaining the title he believed was rightfully his. He tried to escape at every turn before finding the opportunity to wear down the knee of the WWE champion.

It was not enough in the end, though, as the titleholder managed to dive right over The Showoff to escape the cage first.

The finish had everyone talking:

Mr. Exxtra @MrExxtra

That was one of the most creative endings I have ever seen! Kofi #andstill the #WWEChampion #wwe #WWEStompingGrounds https://t.co/jwxfMuaN3w

Rhys @RhysTeddy

Kofi hits the DJ Jazzy Jeff special to retain #WWEStompingGrounds https://t.co/CRtYhSwagG

The actual bout was largely ignored, though. In fact, most were ready to call it a bad match beyond the ending, which luckily will still be remembered more than the contest itself:

Max @topropemark

Hate to say it, but the ending of the steel cage match was the only part I really enjoyed. Ziggler’s just too stale. #WWEStompingGrounds https://t.co/13uyUt4Q8t

Mishima Piranha Plant @FreindTrey

Ziggler vs Kofi just ended for me. I thought that match was extremely meh but holy shit that finish was well worth it #WWEStompingGrounds

Kingston is still a solid champion for SmackDown Live, but he needs a stronger challenger next.


Lynch Carries Evans to Another Solid Match

Evans got her second chance at Lynch, but she was taken down once again. The Man made her tap out to solidify her title reign and send The Sassy Southern Belle to the back of the line.

This match hardly had anyone talking going in, but it had some potential. In particular, Evans had a chance to show everyone she deserved to be a top championship contender.

However, she immediately fell short. Evans was missing spots from the start and fans noticed, particularly given Lynch's noticeable frustration:

Golden Maharaja ™ @KingNj90

Becky was visibly annoyed when Lacey Evans wasn’t in the right position for that corner kick 😂 #WWEStompingGrounds #WWE

Offended Podcast🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 @OffendedPod

Becky seemed legit annoyed with Lacey in the beginning of the match. Late on a few spots. IMO, Lacey is not ready for this. #WWEStompingGrounds https://t.co/3ENgBeGsMs

The two did manage to come back together and deliver another solid overall match. Most gave credit to The Irish Lass Kicker for pushing Evans past her early struggles and putting on a good opener:

Cageside Seats @cagesideseats

God bless Becky Lynch. She won that match and retained the RAW women’s championship without blowing out her knee while carrying an entire person on her back. #WWEStompingGrounds

Sean Ross Sapp Of Fightful.com @SeanRossSapp

A light "you can't wrestle" chant for Lacey Evans. Haven't heard one of those in a while

Now, the Raw women's champion can move on to better competition as she continues to put on some of the best solo performances of her career.


Roman Reigns Overcomes Both Drew McIntyre and Shane McMahon to Win

Roman Reigns finally got his chance at retribution against Drew McIntyre, and he made good on it.

Despite Shane McMahon's frequent interference, The Big Dog managed to kick out of the Coast to Coast and hit a Spear to defeat The Scottish Psychopath.

It was a fine match that likely didn't put an end to this feud. Most of the talk following the match was not on the results or the quality but the sheer hope this would end the story:

WrestleNewz.com @wrestlenewz

We’re happy that Roman Reigns won this match. Mostly because we hoping it means his program with Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre is over #WWEStompingGrounds https://t.co/5WhYF2zaEK

Authors of Wrestling @authofwrestling

Ok now that Reigns won this match please for the love of God lets put an end to this feud. No one wants to see Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon vs Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules. 🤞🏻 #wwestompinggrounds

The Half Right Podcast @halfright_pod

Roman won, can the end the feud now? I don’t need another PPV with McIntyre vs Reigns. I legit tune out every time. NEXT! #WWEStompingGrounds https://t.co/sbQm1BwCp5

There's still too many ways WWE can go with this feud for it to end here, unfortunately, so those fans will be disappointed. McMahon didn't even wait until Raw to announce he and McIntyre would fight Reigns in a handicap match.


Ricochet Pulls Off the Upset of the Night

Samoa Joe came in confident, even cocky, for his United States Championship match with Ricochet, and he looked like he was right early on. However, The One and Only refused to stay down, rallying through a brutal beating.

Using his athleticism fully, he kept Joe on his toes and finally managed to catch him with a 630 splash to win the United States Championship.

It was an excellent match that delivered on its potential and gave fans a shocking result. No one truly expected The One and Only to walk out as champion, but everyone was ready to congratulate him on the win:

Isla Dawn @IslaDawn

Yes! Oh man, I’m so happy for @KingRicochet 🙌🏻👑 Deserves this 100% #WWEStompingGrounds

Stoned Cold 💨 @legionofdabs

It’s moments like this that make me proud to be a pro wrestling fan. Been a fan of @KingRicochet since he’s been in bingo halls with 300 cap rooms packed wall to wall. Its your time Trevor. It’s an honor to be able to see you grow and get what you deserve. #WWEStompingGrounds https://t.co/SRDrkXLA7b

David Bixenspan @davidbix


While the match was not heavily hyped, this was the most impactful moment of the night and the main reason to tune into Stomping Grounds.

It was later emphasized how big a win this was, when AJ Styles challenged the new champion to a match on Monday's Raw that had everyone talking:

Ryan Satin @ryansatin

AJ Styles hanging out with The Club and teasing a feud with Ricochet? https://t.co/YX0JxnbStH

Daily DDT @FanSidedDDT