Will Brock Lesnar Actually Cash-in at Super ShowDown and More WWE Raw Fallout

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistJune 4, 2019

Will Brock Lesnar Actually Cash-in at Super ShowDown and More WWE Raw Fallout

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    Credit: WWE.com

    On paper, Friday's WWE Super ShowDown will be host to several major wrestling matches. The Undertaker will battle Goldberg for the first time, while Triple H and Randy Orton will fight once again with pride and status on the line.

    However, the age of these competitors was showing in how little they appeared on WWE programming up until this week. Raw attempted to rectify this by putting the veterans in the final hour of the show, but none of them managed to stand out.

    The Viper and The Game threw generic barbs at each other without doing much to get people actually interested in seeing their latest contest in a long series of fine, over-long battles.

    The Deadman had to rush through a promo with barely enough time to get out his last line to Goldberg before the show ended. Moreover, there was no real reason stated for why the two have decided to fight.

    However, this did not make Monday's Raw a waste of an episode. Many stars got a chance to shine, just not many with a major spotlight at Super ShowDown.

    It was a night when young men and women were pushed forward to more relevance, with some clear stars rising to the occasion while others fell frustratingly short.

Brock Lesnar Brutalizes Seth Rollins Before Making Another MITB Promise

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    On Miz TV, Seth Rollins stated he was done waiting for Brock Lesnar to cash in on him, and he wanted this all over.

    However, The Beast Incarnate waited until later in the night when The Architect took the End of Days from Baron Corbin to come out and brutalize Rollins.

    After repeated steel-chair shots, Paul Heyman expected Lesnar to cash in. Instead, The Beast announced he was waiting until Friday as the WWE universal champion left in an ambulance.

    In any normal cash-in, this would have been the moment Mr. Money in the Bank won the world championship. However, nothing about Lesnar's time with the briefcase has been normal. He has been entertaining throughout this absurd and brief run.

    All the odds have been stacked against Rollins. He is going into a fight with Corbin and Lesnar back-to-back with his injuries sold as potentially being too severe to even defend his title on Friday. It now makes this a far more interesting situation.

    It would be disappointing if Lesnar does end up walking out as champion again, but it would not be all that unexpected. Rollins was built up as The Beast Slayer, and he succeeded. It is time to move past The Beast in the championship scene.

    Of course, this is all assuming he cashes in at all. There's no guarantee he will. Each week, WWE has teased that The Beast in the Bank would be making his decision, but he has always stopped just short.

    While this feels like the first legitimate moment for him to cash in, it might be best for everyone if Lesnar holds off.

Lucha House Party Deserve Better Than Getting Squashed by Lars Sullivan

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    Credit: WWE.com

    In preparation for their three-on-one handicap match against Lars Sullivan, Kalisto, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik stood tall in the ring to face down The Freak. He seemed too dominant at first, but their teamwork sent him out of the ring and retreating up the ramp.

    The only way this feud ends is with Sullivan defeating The Lucha House Party at WWE Super ShowDown, and it's a shame because the loss will destroy any chance the trio has at relevance on the main roster.

    While you could argue they have never been relevant outside of 205 Live, they are talented and could have taken the leap forward with the right booking. Once they get squashed by The Freak, they won't have any room to grow.

    No talented team deserves to lose a handicap match. It is an embarrassment that shows how ineffective each individual member is. Losing a three-on-one handicap match is a death nail, particularly for a team that never got a chance.

Lacey Evans Fails in Her Second Big Opportunity

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    Lacey Evans interrupted Becky Lynch to remind her of the plan she has to capture the Raw Women's Championship. But Charlotte Flair came out to deal with unfinished business from SmackDown Live, getting into a brawl with The Lady that turned into a match.

    As the match wore on and the crowd started turning on the warring heels, Lynch lost it and attacked both women to cause a disqualification before standing tall over Evans.

    This was a bad match, one of the worst of Flair's career. She and The Lady struggled throughout to get on the same page. This was meant to be the proving ground for Evans, following up a solid performance with Lynch at Money in the Bank.

    Instead of showing she could work with the best, she fell flat against The Queen, who has had quality performances with just about everyone else. While this contest was never going to win over the crowd, it should have at least been able to impress upon fans that the two are both stars.

    Instead, Evans dragged down The Queen and made the two both look lesser to the Raw women's champion. It was as if the purpose of the contest was to make it seem like neither woman was truly worthy of title contention.

Samoa Joe Regains the Title He Never Should Have Lost

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    Rey Mysterio came out in a sling to relinquish the United States Championship, but Samoa Joe ruined the moment by taunting The Master of the 619.

    After Mysterio gave the title back to The Samoan Submission Specialist, the new champion locked the injured veteran in the Coquina Clutch.

    This was a quality short segment that once more established how at home Joe can be as champion. He never really got a chance to show off his best work in his first reign, so this next one should be a big deal for him as he awaits the return of Mysterio.

    The Samoan Submission Specialist is at home when he's fighting for something. He puts over being U.S. champion in a way few other recent champions have. You would assume he was world champion with the way he talks about his championship.

    Until Mysterio returns, Joe has a potential bevvy of challengers. He just needs to stop losing matches to roll-ups and be allowed to dominate. That way, he will be perfectly positioned as the unstoppable force when The Master of the 619 returns.

Nikki Cross Could Be the Best Possible Influence on Alexa Bliss

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Alexa Bliss continued to feel insecure backstage as she felt no one liked her, although she still stood up for Nikki Cross against The IIconics.

    The Scot made clear, despite her recent team-up with The Man, that she still considered The Goddess her closest friend.

    During Cross' match with Peyton Royce, The IIconics made Bliss spill her coffee, with the distraction allowing The Twisted Sister to hit the hanging swinging neckbreaker for the win. Bliss lost it and attacked the Australian pair before Cross raised her hand in victory.

    The open opportunity for fresh talent in the women's division has paid off big time for The Twisted Sister, who has been great for several weeks now alongside Bliss and Lynch. In particular, her friendship with The Goddess has grown surprisingly fruitful for both women.

    While it seemed likely Bliss would turn on Cross at first, it now seems as though she might be influenced by her new friend. She may be turning babyface for the first time on the main roster with the right impetus to spur the change.

    While the women's tag team division has been poorly developed for over a month now, with the women's tag team champions never defending their titles, Bliss and Cross have been slowly positioned as the right team to dethrone The IIconics.