Becky Lynch Must Lose Raw Women's Title to Lacey Evans to Save 'The Man' Persona

Chris Roling@@Chris_RolingFeatured ColumnistMay 12, 2019


Becky Lynch needs to drop a belt at Money in the Bank.

WWE's top overall performer and draw is pulling double duty at the post-WrestleMania pay-per-view because she holds the Raw and SmackDown Women's Championships. On paper, it creates the perfect scenario to boost another Superstar while keeping Lynch hot all the same.

Which means Lacey Evans, not Charlotte Flair, has to be the one to beat Lynch for a title.

Beat is a versatile term in this sense, though. Evans, a greenish rookie still trying to get over with the audience, doesn't have to get the win. That's the beauty of the Money in the Bank card; some foul play can occur to help nudge Evans toward the win.

Lynch's winning both belts at WrestleMania was borderline silly at the time. The main event to close 'Mania didn't need two belts, but let's give WWE the benefit of the doubt and pretend choosing to have both up for grabs was viewed as a long-term way to have versatility and build new stars.

And dropping a belt would help her in a big way too. As often seems to be the case with top stars right now, she's better off in chase mode, gunning for her big win while things hold her back. She's just fine as a champion, make no mistake—but a hero without something to strive for can quickly become tiresome.

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The Man persona is fun as champ, undoubtedly. But the underdog role seems to suit it better. The sooner Lynch is back on a hunt instead of being hunted, the more adversity and entertaining developments fans will probably get. Note this isn't necessarily Lynch's fault; guys like Seth Rollins seem to get stale once they have achieved their goals too.

In the grander scheme, Lynch's big win at WrestleMania has to help build up the rest of the division. Flair doesn't need any help in this regard. Ronda Rousey is gone for who knows how long. So is Sasha Banks. Bayley is on the road to recovery, but it's going to take some time before she's viewed as more than a hopeful again.

So Lynch as the vehicle for an Evans ascension makes sense. It doesn't have to be complicated, either. Lynch beats Flair early in the card, Flair gets mad and interferences in Lynch's bout with Evans. Or a briefcase winner gets mixed up in the match. Plans are always subject to change, so even a last-second Vince McMahon change of heart could still pull this off in some fashion.

One could argue a briefcase winner needs to be the one to beat Lynch, taking advantage of the situation and walking out with a belt. But WWE is in desperation mode because it hasn't seriously built major stars in recent years. Lynch is the exception to this right now. Having a retread or familiar face cash in and steal the title wouldn't be as effective toward this overall star-building goal as it would be if Evans gets a win.

This scenario would mean Lynch reverts to SmackDown, which in the bigger picture seems as obvious as it gets. WWE ratings are tanking ahead of the blue brand's switch to Fox, meaning it would be jaw-droppingly silly to not have one of the company's top stars featured on that program weekly.

Lynch with the blue brand for entertaining feuds, and preferably back on the chase again if she loses another title over the summer, makes for a must-see slate of fall action on Fox. Back on Raw, a triumphant Evans sparring with the other mainstays and up-and-comers like Nikki Cross, would keep the division over there lively and interesting.

Granted, having Lynch drop a title is never going to be a popular move. But WWE can feed into it in a creative manner while propping up another rising star, so it would be hard to complain too much if it happens.

Unless WWE wants to keep treading water, which is what has gotten the company in this ratings predicament, Lynch needs to take a loss to Evans so two programs can get more interesting and The Man can refocus on a singular goal.