Which Promotion Should Jon Moxley Join Following WWE Exit as Dean Ambrose?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2019

Dean Ambrose on WWE Raw.
Dean Ambrose on WWE Raw.Credit: WWE.com

Dean Ambrose's decision not to renew his WWE contract confused a lot of people at first. He was likely making good money and was part of one of the most popular stables in the promotion's recent history.

Once he was departed the company, Ambrose began using his original name from the indies, Jon Moxley.

With the level of popularity and fame he reached while part of WWE, Moxley has given himself the ability to write his own ticket with just about any wrestling promotion in the world.

Shortly after he finished up with WWE, Moxley released a video showing himself escaping from what appeared to be a prison and working out in preparation for his return.

Jon Moxley @JonMoxley


An image of some dice in the video has many fans speculating he will end up with All Elite Wrestling since that promotion has been using dice as part of its Double or Nothing logo.

Moxley will be a valuable commodity to whatever company he decides to work for. Let's take a look at some of the better post-WWE options and which one might be the best fit for the former Lunatic Fringe.


Ring of Honor

Moxley worked for Ring of Honor for a short time, doing dark matches, but he never became a major character with the promotion like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan did years ago.

If Moxley doesn't care about the money, which we know he doesn't since he gave up a lucrative WWE contract, he might choose to help out a smaller company in his post-WWE career.

ROH would get a huge boost in exposure with Moxley on the roster. His schedule would be lighter, and he would have more control over his character.

The past couple of years have been good for ROH, especially with the G1 Supercard event at Madison Square Garden selling out on April 6.

Even if he doesn't sign an exclusive deal, Moxley could make a few appearances to establish his character before moving on to another company.

ROH would be a decent choice but it would put a ceiling on his potential. A Superstar can only be as big as the promotion they work for, and ROH still has a lot of growing to do.


New Japan Pro-Wrestling

One option that comes up a lot whenever someone departs WWE is New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

The Japanese promotion has slowed down in recent years without having the original members of The Bullet Club to draw attention from international fans. The stable still exists, but it is on its third or fourth version, making it more like the NWO Wolfpac than the original version.

The only problem with Moxley joining a company like NJPW is the location. He would either have to move to Japan or commute via plane every time he has an appearance to make.

Either option would put a strain on his personal life since his wife, Renee Young, still works for WWE. Outside of a short program like the one Chris Jericho worked with Kenny Omega, we aren't likely to see Moxley show up in NJPW.


Impact Wrestling

PWStream @PWStream

Jon Moxley Reportedly May Sign Deal With Impact Wrestling https://t.co/YNgNAJCKrh

TNA and Impact Wrestling have a bad reputation with a lot of wrestling fans, but the company has been slowly rebuilding itself under new management for the past couple of years.

It might not be the same promotion it was when it was the scrappy underdog trying to fight WWE for prime-time viewers, but it can still be a good place to work.

Being located in Florida would be convenient for Ambrose because he wouldn't have to travel much and would be able to see some of his friends who work for WWE, as many Superstars live in the state because the Performance Center is located there.

Impact would be a better choice than ROH or New Japan, but it still doesn't feel like the right fit for Moxley since it adheres mostly to PG programming rules.

Moxley is the kind of character who needs the freedom to say and do whatever he wants, and he won't get it with Impact unless the company censors some of his promos. 


All Elite Wrestling

Ryan Satin @ryansatin

For what it’s worth, Ambrose is seen walking by a dice graphic on the wall in his Jon Moxley return hype video. The numbers shown on the dice are 2 and 5. The date of Double or Nothing is May 25. https://t.co/fdQWDviU8y

For a company that doesn't have a TV deal, All Elite Wrestling has been making a lot of headlines leading up to Double or Nothing on May 25.

Many people think Ambrose will end up with AEW because that is the hottest name in pro wrestling. Tony Khan's backing it means AEW has the money to afford someone of Moxley's caliber.

Going to AEW makes sense. It is going to give Moxley a big stage to make his comeback and allow him to be who he wants to be since the promotion is trying to appeal to adults.

Being around some former WWE Superstars and some of the most popular indy wrestlers might help Moxley regain his passion for the business.

If he does sign with AEW, the best way to introduce him would be as a surprise at Double or Nothing. No announcement ahead of time. No promos hyping his debut. He should just show up and beat someone senseless without any explanation.

He doesn't seem to care about fame or money, but he does care about wrestling. AEW would allow him to be his own character and have some great matches with the likes of Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and many more.

AEW has the interest of the fans, coverage by media outlets and the budget to bring in some big names. It would be the best fit for Moxley at this point in his career.


Where do you think Moxley will end up after he makes his decision?