Mojo Rawley and 5 Underutilized Stars Who Deserve Push Right Now

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistApril 21, 2019

Mojo Rawley and 5 Underutilized Stars Who Deserve Push Right Now

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    Mojo Rawley about to slam Bobby Roode.
    Mojo Rawley about to slam Bobby Roode.Credit:

    The 2019 WWE Superstar Shake-up saw 30 wrestlers move between Raw, SmackDown, NXT and 205 Live to freshen up the shows and create some new storyline possibilities.

    Every division saw significant changes. Top stars like Roman Reigns and AJ Styles found themselves in new locker rooms with several people they have never been in the ring with. 

    We also saw a few teams broken up in the process. The Riott Squad lost Liv Morgan to SmackDown, and Sanity was disbanded once Eric Young moved to Raw without Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain. 

    While this is an opportunity to give the biggest names some new opponents, it's also a chance for WWE to push some people who may have been sitting on the sidelines in recent months.

    This article will look at underrated Superstars who deserve a push in 2019.

Nikki Cross

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    All of the free agents who were called up from NXT over the past few months have settled on either Raw or SmackDown, but not Nikki Cross.

    The former member of Sanity has yet to choose a home, and for the time being, that might be the best thing for her character.

    WWE needs someone like Cross to shake things up. She is different from every other woman in the division while still being talented enough to keep up with them in the ring.

    Her unhinged personality means she doesn't have to care about championships and other accolades. She could be the kind of character who just wants to watch the world tear itself apart.

    WWE should give her a storyline with a major star who isn't in the hunt for a title right now to test her. If the crowd gets behind her, Cross could be a breath of fresh air. 

    Her time in NXT allowed her to showcase her unique style, but it's time the rest of the WWE Universe got to know the woman who came closer than anyone to defeating Asuka in the developmental system when she still had her undefeated streak. 


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    When Derrick Bateman signed with TNA and became Ethan Carter III, everyone was shocked at how good he became in such a short amount of time.

    When he returned to WWE on the NXT brand, he continued to shine as one of the top stars in the developmental system. It seemed like everything would be smooth sailing for EC3.

    Then, for some unknown reason, WWE decided to randomly call up six Superstars in December without having any plans in place for their first storylines. EC3 ended up only appearing in backstage segments for several weeks before WWE started putting him in matches.

    He never had a chance to benefit from a debut push, but it's not too late to salvage his character and make him into someone WWE can market to the crowd.

    He has a good look, solid mic skills and a style he can adapt to fit any opponent. If WWE doesn't push him soon, he might as well go back to Impact Wrestling or see what All Elite Wrestling has to offer.

Zelina Vega

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    Zelina Vega's main role on SmackDown has been being the manager for Andrade, and that will continue on Raw since they were moved together.

    However, WWE should consider giving Vega a push in the women's division, as she is one of few who can perform a lot of the high-flying moves associated with Lucha Libre.

    She has been wrestling for a decade and began her training at the age of 17. This is the lifestyle she chose right away. It wasn't a late-in-life decision.

    She found success early when she joined the TNA roster in 2011 and even managed to capture the women's tag team championships with Sarita on one occasion.

    Her ability in the ring and on the mic is on par with some of the top stars in the women's division. She should be allowed to shine as more than a manager. All it would take is one standout performance to make the WWE Universe see what she is capable of.


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    Akam is sidelined with an injury, but that shouldn't mean Rezar has to wait for him to return in order to be used on television.

    Whenever someone in a tag team has to take time off because of an injury, WWE always keeps both people off television until both are healthy. It's a weird habit the company has had for years.

    Rezar is a mountain of a man who moves like someone half his size. There is no reason why WWE can't throw him a few matches here and there to remind people AOP exists.

    That way, once Akam is ready to come back, The Authors of Pain won't have been forgotten about by the WWE Universe. 

Mojo Rawley

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    Mojo Rawley hasn't had the greatest luck on the main roster outside of his Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal victory at WrestleMania 33.

    The former Green Bay Packer has given a few promos into a mirror over the past few months, but they have been inconsistent and have yet to lead to anything.

    The level of intensity displayed in these promos has been unmatched. Rawley has something special with his character right now, and WWE needs to let him explore it on television.

    He might not jump right into the hunt for the universal title, but Rawley could easily be a contender for a midcard championship because of his size and athleticism alone.

    Management needs to pull the trigger on a push soon, or it risks the WWE Universe forgetting he is on the roster in the first place.