WWE Superstar Shake-Up 2019: Mock Draft for Top Raw, SmackDown Picks

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistApril 15, 2019

WWE Superstar Shake-Up 2019: Mock Draft for Top Raw, SmackDown Picks

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    It's almost time for a shake-up.

    The Superstar Shake-Up takes place this week, and after a busy WrestleMania period draws to a close, don't be surprised to see WWE try to keep its momentum going by making some huge draft trades between Raw and SmackDown.

    Nobody is exempt from a switch of brands, even the major champions currently in possession of titles. And that includes the biggest, most popular talent on the roster.

    Here's a look at a mock draft that could shake the booking direction of WWE over the next few months, paying close attention to the top picks for each brand.

The Usos to Raw

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    It's telling that The Usos dropped the SmackDown tag titles immediately after WrestleMania 35 and with the Superstar Shake-Up just days away.

    Jimmy and Jey have been great for SmackDown's tag division, and they're arguably WWE's most valuable tag team in terms of their popularity and in-ring track record—and that's why they're perfect for a switch to Raw.

    The tag scene on Monday nights is desperately weak. No offence to Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, but they don't feel like the guys who are going to revive the Raw tag division.

    Jimmy and Jey, however, are more than capable of doing so. Get them traded to Raw, turn them heel and put them straight into a feud for the belts.

    They are the best chance for Raw's tag division to get some credibility.

The Revival to SmackDown

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    The Revival have been mistreated for way too long on Monday nights.

    Their WWE careers are in need of a refresh, despite recently holding the Raw tag titles. What Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder require is a switch to SmackDown Live, where the tag division appears to be given proper prominence and respect.

    They would fit in among tag teams like The Bar, The Hardy Boyz and more. In fact, they'll add to what is the stronger of WWE's two tag divisions.

    One of the most popular teams in NXT history haven't been given the opportunity to show their worth on Raw. It's time for a change. 

Samoa Joe to Raw

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    Nobody is off limits in the Superstar Shake-Up.

    Even the guys holding the titles have to be in the mix for a trade of brands, and WWE has shown in the past it isn't afraid to switch around its midcard champions.

    And of all the guys on SmackDown who deserve the exposure Raw provides, it's Samoa Joe.

    He is on a real streak at the moment after dismantling Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania and looking like one of the most formidable champions in years.

    It would be incredible to see him on Monday nights once again, given how he's now a fixture for WWE at the top end of any card.

    The opportunities for him on Raw with the United States Championship are endless, too. Of course, if that means Joe is going to the red brand, it needs someone to go the other way...

Finn Balor to SmackDown

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    The Intercontinental Championship, rather than Finn Balor, is in dire need of a trade.

    The Irishman and Bobby Lashley have been involved in a pretty uninspiring feud which finally ended at WrestleMania 35, but WWE needs to put some focus and attention on the belt moving forward.

    A switch to SmackDown for Balor and the title is one such way of achieving that.

    Suddenly, a number of exciting feuds and rivalries open up for The Extraordinary Man should he go to Tuesday nights. Balor vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, Balor vs. Rusev, Balor vs. Randy Orton, Balor vs. Andrade. 

    It's not hard to be excited by the prospect of the Irishman trading brands with his title. It could be the best thing that's happened to the belt itself in years.

AJ Styles to Raw

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    SmackDown is the house that AJ Styles built, but it's getting near to the time where he has to consider moving out for the good of his own career.

    The Phenomenal One has become synonymous with the blue brand over the last few years, and he is arguably the cornerstone of SmackDown's prolonged success over Raw.

    However, he's limited in his booking opportunities moving forward, especially with a babyface in Kofi Kingston holding the WWE Championship.

    Styles has feuded with most of the top heels on Tuesday nights, too, so a switch to Raw would be great for him.

    He may have to bide his time for a title shot, with Seth Rollins holding the Universal Championship, but there are plenty of rivalries to keep him going in the meantime.

Roman Reigns to SmackDown

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    If there's one thing WWE has to get away from in the light of Dean Ambrose's departure, it's the notion of The Shield ever teaming up again any time soon.

    Of course, that wouldn't involve The Lunatic Fringe anyway, but Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins buddying up on Raw will just feel like cheap, lazy booking. It wouldn't be good for the two wrestlers, either. Both need to start crafting their own paths once again.

    Rollins will do that with the Universal Championship, but for Reigns to do the same, it's time for him to be traded to SmackDown.

    With the blue brand going to Fox later this year, it's expected that some huge names will end up wrestling on Tuesday nights.

    Reigns is one of the biggest names the company has, and it seems the timing is right for him to be traded. He could then start to establish himself as a star of the brand, while Rollins does the same on Raw.

    It's a win-win move.