Aleister Black Has Brightest Future of New NXT Call-Ups After WWE Raw Debut

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistFebruary 19, 2019

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Whether the WWE Universe likes the way Aleister Black was portrayed on Raw or not, he has the brightest main roster future when compared to the other NXT Superstars who arrived Monday.

The Dutch Destroyer is destined for a world heavyweight championship on Raw or SmackDown.

Black took quite a bit of punishment in his debut against Elias, but the fact he pulled off the victory with a convincing Black Mass kick to the face proves WWE officials have confidence in the performer and his character.

Some Superstars who jump from NXT to the main roster fail to make an instant impact, but the company has carried over the iconic entrance music and candle-lit ceremony that helped build the mystique of his character.

In a time when many WWE Superstars are left without any sort of character direction or development, Black walked out Monday with a clearly defined persona and purpose, despite Michael Cole calling him "moody."

Despite the current era of wrestling being heavily focused on reality and a lack of kayfabe, Black has a character that transcends the notion of what's real and still represents a legitimate contingent of people.

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The former NXT champion is a legitimate kickboxer who also happens to have an incredibly deep and interesting persona, just as The Undertaker did after returning from his ill-advised foray into the American Badass gimmick.

As if his look and the way he carries himself weren't enough, Black knows the role he is supposed to play and is good enough on the mic to battle opponents of all different styles. Whether it was Velveteen Dream, Johnny Gargano or Tommaso Ciampa, his promos played a significant role in the success of those storylines.

Add in the fact The Dutch Destroyer is one of the best pure strikers in WWE history, and his long-term upside as part of the main roster makes him one of the few NXT Superstars who can actually find success once they get the call-up.

While Ciampa will also be a star wherever he goes, it's easy to conceive that Gargano and Ricochet could end up on 205 Live if they don't immediately make a splash on Raw or SmackDown. Both deserve better, but 205 Live needs talent too and Vince McMahon has proved in the past that size matters to him.

Black's character is so valuable to WWE that the only place he is going is to the top of the card.

With the ability to match the vast majority of the top Superstars in the company on the mic and in the ring, the 33-year-old is the total package and would become one of the most popular wrestlers on the main roster if given the proper character development and storytelling.

In addition to his own talent, Black will be jumping to a main roster full of Superstars that could yield dream matchups and feuds. With big names such as Finn Balor, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan all being ideal opponents for The Dutch Destroyer, his future on Raw or SmackDown is bright.

As for WrestleMania, there is no better choice of Superstar to square off against Black in his debut at the biggest show of them all than The Undertaker. While The Deadman may not have a lot left in the tank, his younger opponent could carry the bulk of the workload, creating a true passing-of-the-torch moment.

Instead of Undertaker just taking the loss and coming back as he did against Roman Reigns, it should be Black who sends the legend into permanent retirement.

As a former NXT champion and one of the most talented prospects to get called up in years, the Dutchman will be a future world champion if WWE Creative gives him the storylines and segments to get his unique character over with the fans.

Of all the NXT call-ups from Monday, Black has the brightest future.


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