Breaking News: Major Update On Jeff Hardy Drug Trafficking Issue

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIOctober 30, 2009

As I reported here on Bleacherreport.com yesterday, Breaking Rumor: Jeff Hardy Could Be Found Innocent of Drug Trafficking Charges, there was a rumor floating around about Jeff Hardy's drug trafficking charges being bogus. Some people were a bit confused on what I reported regarding drug trafficking and wanted more confirmation.

People should first off keep in mind that Matt Hardy and Hurricane Helms tweeted my last article out, meaning they see some truth into what was said in the article.

If you are caught drug trafficking, you are sent to jail, you do not pass go and do not collect 200 dollars. However, you can get bailed out like Hardy was a few hours after you are taken to jail. Then you will have a trail date set, and if convicted, the minimum is 3 years for first time offenders.

He was not caught selling anything though, he randomly picked up a package and took it inside. That is not selling anything, thats taking your mail in. Because of that fact, the police could not really arrest him at the time for drug trafficking as far as selling drugs, only drug "possession". Because they would have to add their pills to his.

You can arrest a person on drug possession and then set bail for them a few hours after they are behind bars. Which is what happened. Hardy was really only arrested for drug possession, because it looks like the police couldn't confirm the trafficking issue selling wise, only by the weight he had in the drugs. Which is technically trafficking, but it is more so possession.

As we all know, you can be arrested for drug possession without having the amount of pills Hardy had. You could have a small amount of pot on you, and that is good enough to warrant a trip to the big house.

As I mentioned in the last article regarding Hardy, trafficking is judged by the weight of the drugs you have in your possession. So while he may have had a large quantity of drugs with him, it was only the box of drugs(which are believed to not be his) that put things over the top.

Of course I would love more confirmation just like all of you too, which is why I have been digging more and more to see what I could find. Now, I have been able to confirm one thing. There was a package delivered to Jeff Hardy's home, and the contents inside of the package were some of the drugs that Hardy was charged for.

Hardy did have some of the drugs at his home. And those drugs were said to have a prescription, but that has not yet been confirmed.

After speaking with Jason Powell of prowrestling.net, he claimed that the talk going around the WWE locker room was that there was a man who came in contact with Hardy. He was said to have wanted to do "business" with him. Now, this man is said to be a drug dealer.

Hardy was said to have denied the "business" option. Yet, the package was still delivered to his home. Many believe that the man who wanted to basically sell Hardy the drugs was a police officer posing as a drug dealer.

The anonymous "tip" given out to them was months before Hardy left the WWE, and the man (supposedly a disguised policeman) finally got in touch with Hardy right after he left with the company. Which was why he was not arrested until after he left the WWE.

What many find puzzling is that Hardy was arrested on something he didn't have to do, which was why it was hard for people to wrap their mind around him selling drugs. And I am sure he knew that as much as I do. See, trafficking is usually done to get more money flowing into your home.

Hardy still has money from the WWE, and a bunch at that. On top of this, his merchandise is still being sold in the WWE, which he gets a percentage of. And to pile on top of that, he was said to have a reality show coming out on MTV (before all the news came out about the drug charges).

Then to give even more to Hardy's income, the WWE is still going to release a Jeff Hardy DVD in December. Do you really think he needs to sell drugs? I don't think so.

If anything, he would be using. Which would make far more sense. However, I personally don't think he was using all of those drugs at once. Nor would he need to have so many at one time, especially now that he is not an active wrestler.

As a pro-wrestler, you are in pain a lot. And, doctors will give you prescriptions for pain killers to, well, he kill the pain. So, why would Hardy need so many pills at one time, when he could easily get more drugs by prescriptions.

Another thing Hardy was "said" to have was steroids. And how appropriate for a pro-wrestler to have steroids, right? Because that must all be on them. I just don't think Hardy used 'roids to get bigger or anything like that.

But, they were said to be anabolic. And those steroids are used for faster recovery. They are usually given out in a small dosage and under doctors care. Hardy was in a TLC, Steel Cage match and other matches that could take a tole on ones body, before he left the WWE.

So, he could use the steroids to help to heal better and faster. They can help diminish pain, which is good for a guy like Hardy who put his body on the line a lot. However, the amount he had was a bit puzzling. Which meant that Hardy probably wouldn't have a prescription for such a large amount at one time(if we count what was in the box). No legit doctor would give out so much at one time.

And, even after the doctor writes the prescription a pharmacist must know if something is too much. He would have to confirm everything. Which is why something of such a large quantity could not be given out at a pharmacy like Walgreens or Rite Aide.

It would have to be ordered online or from a shady character. This was where the man who wanted to do business with Hardy came in. He knew Hardy needed drugs to heal after all the matches he was in. And he was contacted at a time when he was leaving the WWE and resting off all the hurt. So what better time to offer his "services"?

But when Hardy denied, that didn't work out for what the police needed to happen. Because they needed to get into his home and take him in for questioning, they had to take the package to Hardy's home. They had to get in, and this seemed to be the only way in their opinion.

In conclusion, the police most likely tried to get Hardy by trying to sell drugs to him, which would give them plenty of right to invade his home and arrest him for questioning. He decided against working with this "businessman", and because the needed to get in to know more, they delivered the package of drugs anyway, and watched as he took it inside.

They watched because they wanted to make sure "he" was home, so that they could arrest him if they found what they needed or what the anonymous tip said he had. They were said to not have found anything though, so of course they took him in for questioning to see what he knew.

It looks as if the drug trafficking charge will not hold ground when Hardy goes to court Nov. 4 because of the lack of evidence. Because the drugs delivered to Hardy's home are said to have no paper trail leading back to him.

Hardy most likely will have a prescription for the drugs he already had(other than the cocaine), and the police will have to come clean and tell the court that they had to bait Hardy to see what he would reveal.

The problem is that he revealed nothing, simply because he probably had nothing to reveal.

From the way things look, or are rumored right now, Hardy will be found innocent on the drug trafficking charges. There will be more coming out up until and after his trial next week. Make sure to stay tuned to bleacherreport.com for more details.