WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results: Grades Reaction and Highlights from Nov. 20

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 21, 2018

The teams competing on this week's Mixed Match Challenge.
The teams competing on this week's Mixed Match Challenge.Credit: WWE.com

The final episode of WWE Mixed Match Challenge before the playoffs aired this week, with four winless teams vying for the final two open spots in the quarterfinal round.

Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox took on Natalya and Bobby Roode on the Raw side, while R-Truth and Carmella battled Rusev and Lana for SmackDown.

Let's take a look at everything that happened on this week's episode of WWE MMC.


Mahalicia vs. Team Pawz


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Neither of these teams has picked up a win in the Mixed Match Challenge tournament yet, so whoever won this match would earn a spot in the playoffs.

Roode and Mahal began for their teams with some basic exchanges, but once The Maharaja almost fell victim to the Glorious DDT, he tagged in Fox.

One of the hallmarks of this tournament has been its more comedic nature than the rest of WWE's programs, but this match did not follow the trend.

It was a basic mixed tag bout you would expect to see on Main Event or as filler on an episode of Raw. It wasn't bad, but it didn't give us anything to remember.

Somewhat surprisingly, it was Mahal and Fox who scored the victory and moved on in the tournament, while Nattie and Roode were eliminated completely. 


Grade: C


Notes and Highlights

  • One of the Singhs had an arm brace on and the other had a neck brace. The attack from Brock Lesnar a couple of weeks ago is still affecting them, apparently. 
  • What was going on with Fox's hair?
  • WWE may have too many heels right now, but Roode is suffering as a babyface. He is so much better when he gets to play the villain. 
  • Fox calling Sunil and Samir the Singh Sisters in a post-match interview was only funny due to her delivery of the line. 


Ravishing Rusev Day vs. Fabulous Truth


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Both teams tried to compete for the crowd's affection before the bell by getting their own chants going. It was unclear if anyone had more support or if the entire crowd was just chanting everything it heard.

Rusev and Lana waited for Truth and Carmella to start a dance break before attacking them from behind to get an early advantage. 

The Ravishing Russian and The Bulgarian Brute controlled most of the match from that point forward, but a distraction at ringside allowed Carmella to hit a sloppy superkick to steal the win.

The quality of wrestling in this match was nothing special, but the crowd appeared to be enjoying everything happening in the ring, so it did its job of entertaining the WWE Universe.


But-but-but... the #DanceBreak?!?! 😢 #WWEMMC @CarmellaWWE @RonKillings @LanaWWE @RusevBUL https://t.co/u4LU1nl5T5


Grade: C


Notes and Highlights

  • Renee Young is clearly getting more comfortable on commentary. She started making fun of Michael Cole during this match. 
  • Mella's superkick at the end came nowhere close to hitting its mark. At least Lana didn't hold her face to act like that's where she got hit when it was closer to her stomach.

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