WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results: Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Nov. 6

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistNovember 7, 2018

The teams on this week's Mixed Match Challenge
The teams on this week's Mixed Match ChallengeCredit: WWE.com

We are in Week 8 of WWE's Mixed Match Challenge, which means we have almost seen every team face every other team from their respective brands.

This week's show featured Team B'N'B taking on Country Dominance and The Fabulous Truth going up against Day One Glow.

Let's take a look at everything that happened on Tuesday's show.


Country Dominance vs. Team B'N'B


A beautiful serenade from the @WWEUniverse in the 🇬🇧 for @itsBayleyWWE... #WWEMMC https://t.co/60Hq68iw3z

Mickie James and Bayley began for their teams as the crowd chanted for The Hugger for the first couple of minutes. Finn Balor encouraged everyone to chant louder while Bobby Lashley looked unamused.

They kept things technical as they traded counters and near-falls. The Dominator wasn't impressed and tagged himself in. He tried to mock Balor's size by challenging him to a pose-off. When he finally relented and flexed in the corner, Lashley attacked him from behind.

Lashley used his power advantage to control his smaller opponent, but Balor's quickness kept him in the fight. The only real moment of comedy we saw in this match was when Balor chased Lio Rush around the ring a few times before The Man of the Hour knocked himself silly against a turnbuckle.

Bayley hit her finisher on Rush, but the momentary distraction allowed James to hit the MickDT for the pin and the win. This was a decent match but nothing to write home about.


RUN, LIO, RUN! #WWEMMC @FinnBalor @ItsLioRush https://t.co/qL6i1OUTBo


Grade: B-


Notes and Highlights

  • We heard some Bayley chants we haven't heard too often since she was called up from NXT. The Manchester, England, crowd loved her.
  • We didn't get to see it on camera, but it looked like Bayley may have slipped when posing on the turnbuckle before the match. Balor almost ran over to catch her before he saw she was fine.
  • Lio Rush not having a microphone was one of the best parts of this match.
  • Bayley hitting Rush with the Bayley-to-Belly was a fun moment.


The Fabulous Truth vs. Day One Glow


Here comes #DayOneGlow @NaomiWWE & Jimmy @WWEUsos...and that means a RAP BATTLE is on the way! #WWEMMC https://t.co/23kLdGb7ZH

Unlike the first match, Jimmy Uso, Naomi, R-Truth and Carmella decided to rely on a lot of comedy for their matchup, especially since all four of them are known for their dancing.

Uso and Truth barely had time to lock up before Carmella tagged herself in. Instead of continuing to wrestle, everyone decided to compete in a rap battle. After all of them took turns on the mic, Truth and Uso called for a dance break.

Mella broke up the fun with a kick to Naomi's ribs for a two-count. The brightly colored Superstar made short work of Carmella with a springboard kick for the pin and the win.

We know these four competitors are capable of putting on a good match, so it was disappointing to see this end so abruptly. It provided some laughs, but it was probably more fun for the live crowd than those of us who watched from home.


#MellaIsMoney...even on the 🎤 #WWEMMC @CarmellaWWE https://t.co/DFFq5cEEL2


Grade: C-


Notes and Highlights

  • Uso and Naomi both appeared on SmackDown in completely different attires.
  • Naomi giving her husband a piggyback ride was unexpected.
  • Did capri pants become fashionable for men, or is this just something R-Truth is trying to get to catch on?
  • Is Mella a babyface now? She was getting along with Naomi on SmackDown and has been playing to the crowd instead of insulting it.
  • Carmella's rap was basically just her catchphrase said in a lyrical way.
  • Mella hitting a headscissors takedown with several spins was impressive because Naomi kept her balance the entire time.