WWE Mixed Match Challenge Results: Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Oct. 23

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 24, 2018

The teams for this week's episode of Mixed Match Challenge
The teams for this week's episode of Mixed Match ChallengeCredit: WWE.com

While the exact rules of WWE's Mixed Match Challenge round-robin tournament are vague, the matches we have seen each week have been worth watching.

Each combination has its upside, with some of them obviously being superior because they have worked together for a long time or are a couple in real life.

This week's show featured Finn Balor and Bayley vs. Natalya and Bobby Roode, along with Naomi and Jimmy Uso vs. The Miz and Asuka.

Let's take a look at what happened on this week's episode of Mixed Match Challenge.


Team Pawz vs. Team B'N'B


Does the robe make the man or does the man make the robe... GLORIOUS? #WWEMMC @FinnBalor @RealBobbyRoode https://t.co/xUonYfuNFd

The crowd didn't quite know who to cheer for at first with four babyfaces in the same ring, but Bayley ended up being the only person to get her own chant.

Roode and Balor traded jackets and mocked each other's hand gestures a bit before they engaged. Balor almost stole the match with Roode's own finisher when he couldn't get the jacket off.

He quickly tagged out to Natalya so the women could take center stage. Roode got a little heat when he tagged himself in to prevent a suicide dive by Natalya. The Hugger and The Cat Lady took each other out at ringside while Balor and Roode traded near-falls in the ring.

This was a fun match, but it won't be remembered after the tournament is over. Balor scored the win with the Coup de Grace on Roode.


.@itsBayleyWWE is really STEPPIN' UP on #WWEMMC tonight! @FinnBalor @RealBobbyRoode https://t.co/dyhmjhaB5m


Grade: C+


Notes and Highlights

  • Balor and Roode switched jackets before the match for some reason. Seeing Roode barely fit into Balor's leather jacket was funny.
  • Natalya insisting to Roode that she could do a suicide dive was funnier than it should have been for some reason.
  • Balor's old 1916 finisher is barely even a signature move these days.


Team Awe-ska vs. Day One Glow


WE love the sportsmanship between @WWEAsuka & @NaomiWWE, @mikethemiz, not so much... #WWEMMC https://t.co/b3lNts9Nqn

All of these Superstars pulled double-duty this week after also wrestling on SmackDown, but it was most awkward for Naomi and Asuka since they were partners on the blue brand and opponents on this show. They showed no hesitation when locking up, though.

The Miz became angry when Asuka and Naomi kept things too friendly. Uso told him everyone hugs and hugged Asuka as proof. Everyone offered The Miz a hug, and he ended up running to escape them.

The A-Lister took control and tried to prove there was no hugging in pro wrestling, but he ended up on the receiving end of a superkick.

The Miz ended up sacrificing Asuka to a dive from Naomi so he could run into the ring and hit the Skull-Crushing Finale on Uso for the pin and the win.

This was utter nonsense, but it was also the epitome of what WWE should be. It was fun and over the top, and everyone in attendance seemed to enjoy what was happening in the ring.


Ready for your close up, @mikethemiz? #WWEMMC @WWEUsos https://t.co/RWB4dc3wZk


Grade: B


Notes and Highlights

  • Michael Cole implied Ranjin Singh is the grandfather to Sunil and Samir Singh. It was hilarious because it was so random.
  • Asuka should turn heel. She works better as a cocky Superstar, and her partnership with The Miz is proof.
  • Cole sounded so disingenuous when he said Mixed Match Challenge is like having WrestleMania every Tuesday.
  • Leave it to Renee Young to defend Bryan Adams.
  • The only reason all the hugging nonsense worked is that The Miz sells everything he does like a pro.