WWE Rumors Roundup for Week of Sept. 21 Ahead of Super Show-Down

Kevin Wong@@kevinjameswongFeatured ColumnistSeptember 21, 2018

WWE Rumors Roundup for Week of Sept. 21 Ahead of Super Show-Down

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    Credit: WWE.com

    On October 8, WWE will hold a massive pay-per-view overseas in Australia—the second of its type in 2018.

    The first was the Greatest Royal Rumble, held in Saudi Arabia. Though it was hyped as one of the biggest events in WWE history—the superlative was baked into the name—it ended up being a glorified house show.

    There were no title changes and no major repercussions; Braun Strowman received a trophy for winning the actual Greatest Rumble, but it wasn't long before WWE stopped showing his hard-earned prize on Raw.

    This time around, WWE is promoting at least one must-see event at WWE Super Show-Down: The Undertaker vs. Triple H for the "Last Time Ever."

    It won't be included in the highlight reel of either man's career, but there's enough name recognition, especially with Shawn Michaels in Triple H's corner and Kane in Undertaker's, to sell some WWE Network subscriptions.

    Time will tell if the rest of the card lives up to the hype; the matches look great on paper, but the way they're booked will make the difference.

    Here are the latest WWE rumors for the week of September 21 as the company moves closer to Super Show-Down.  

Alexa Bliss' Arm Is Numb?

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Alexa Bliss has had a rough couple of months. She walked into SummerSlam as the Raw Women's Champion, but she was then demolished in a one-sided title squash against Ronda Rousey.

    Recently, she was removed from the Mixed Match Challenge on September 18 due to injury—she was replaced as Braun Strowman's partner by Ember Moon. Now it seems Bliss might be out of commission for a little while longer.

    According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Marc Middleton of Lords of Pain), Bliss has been experiencing numbness in her left arm. 

    Although WWE is saying that the injury occurred during her Hell in a Cell match against Ronda Rousey, the Observer reported that is a work. Bliss will miss this upcoming weekend's live events, and she's only cleared for "minimal exertion"—certainly not enough to work a full, grueling match.

    Bliss has remained relatively healthy for most of her WWE career. Hopefully this setback won't require surgery, which has resulted in weeks or months of rehabilitation for other WWE superstars.

    Whether she can reclaim her spot in the Mixed Match Challenge, or participate in the upcoming all-women's Evolution PPV, remains to be seen.

Jason Jordan's Injury Is Severe?

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Bliss may be temporarily shelved due to her arm, but Jason Jordan, who received a massive push in 2017 as Kurt Angle's son, has a more severe, career-threatening issue with his neck. 

    Jordan received surgery on an injured disc in his neck in order to decompress a nerve back in February. At the time, the surgery was described as "minimally invasive" and "successful." But according to Randall Ortman of Cageside Seats, a source stated that his neck was "a lot worse than they thought it was gonna be," leading Ortman to speculate that Jordan's career might be over.

    The days of professional wrestlers working slow, methodical styles well into their 60's are behind us; today's physical, high-impact trend has made that an impossibility.

    But even so, it's a little heartbreaking to see WWE performers retire so young. Edge was 38 years old. Paige was 25. If Jordan is truly done, he will have wrestled his last match at 29.

    There needs to be some sort of middle ground, where either the performers aren't working a year-round schedule or WWE rolls back its most dangerous moves, such as the suicide dive, which is now performed on every single weekly show. There's no need for that.

    Yes, wrestlers need to be marketable and make a name for themselves. But what's the worth of that if their shelf life is so fleeting?

Possible Bandido Contract Signing?

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    And speaking of high-risk performers, Bandido, most recently known for performing in the main event at Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks' All In PPV, is getting a lot of mainstream buzz.

    According to Ortman, WWE talent scouts have been keeping an eye on the young lucha star and are interested in signing him.

    WWE has had mixed success with lucha performers. In this realm, the company's most successful legacy star is Rey Mysterio.

    Andrade "Cien" Almas, who wrestled in Mexico as La Sombra, is being pushed to the top of SmackDown. But there are also failed prospects like the original Sin Cara (Mistico), who was a massive star in Mexico but couldn't translate his high-flying theatrics to WWE without botching multiple times.

    Signing Bandido is a massive win, so long as WWE gives him the leeway and the support to accommodate his style.

Fatal 4-Way at WWE Crown Jewel?

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    Credit: WWE.com

    WWE's second major Saudi Arabia PPV will be called Crown Jewel, and it will be held on November 2. So far, WWE has scheduled one world title match: a triple threat for the universal title between Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns.

    As for the SmackDown-exclusive WWE Championship, H Jenkins of Ringside News is reporting a possible Fatal 4-Way between AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan and The Miz.

    On a roster so big, multi-man matches are the only way to feature everyone, but they can also suffer from a lack of focus.

    Hopefully, if this match comes to fruition, the producers and performers will spend a lot of time coordinating when to roll in and when to roll out, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to shine.

Is the Heartbreak Kid the Comeback Kid?

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    Credit: WWE.com

    WWE has been teasing this for weeks, but it seems Shawn Michaels will be coming out of retirement.

    According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (h/t Adam Silverstein of CBS Sports), Michaels will be competing in a tag match at WWE Crown Jewel this November.

    He is involved in a feud headed into October's Super Show-Down—he will be in Triple H's corner when the Game battles the Undertaker. This will then lead into Crown Jewel, where Michaels and Triple H will take on Undertaker and his kayfabe brother, Kane.

    This would be the first time in eight years that Michaels has competed in the ring—the last time was his retirement match versus the Undertaker at WrestleMania 26. If the rumor is true, this return match will certainly sell tickets.

    But the match cannot help but be disappointing. Michaels' last match was a stone-cold classic. It seemed that he would be the one wrestler who bowed out at the right time, who didn't go back to the well long after it was dry. That may no longer be the case, and the moment that closed WrestleMania 26 will mean much less. But business is business, after all.


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