WWE SummerSlam 2018: Dean Ambrose and the Most Likely Heel and Face Turns

Aaron Bower@@aaronbowerFeatured ColumnistAugust 16, 2018

WWE SummerSlam 2018: Dean Ambrose and the Most Likely Heel and Face Turns

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    As one of the biggest events in WWE's calendar, SummerSlam 2018 is bound to feature more than a couple of shocks and surprises.

    With a loaded card and some high-profile storylines, there's also every possibility of a number of stars turning either during or after those bouts, setting up events post-SummerSlam with a bang.

    Inevitably, the return of one star this week on Raw makes him a hot favorite heading up this particular list: but it isn't just Dean Ambrose who could turn this weekend.

    Here's a look at the most popular and likely candidates to flip things on its head this Sunday with a character turn.


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    Ever since Ronda Rousey appeared in WWE, she's had an ally by her side in the shape of Natalya.

    Can that association last forever? In the ever-changing industry that is professional wrestling, you suspect not.

    So what better time than this weekend, with Rousey pushing to win her first major title since arriving in the company, for the Canadian to turn on her compatriot and screw her out of victory?

    It's a booking decision that makes sense. There's a fair argument to suggest that Rousey isn't quite yet ready for the Raw Women's Championship, given how sporadically she wrestles.

    So a feud with Natalya will help keep her busy before the time is right to ascend to the role of champion.

    It would also allow Alexa Bliss to take on a fresh challenger elsewhere in the Raw women's division.

Becky Lynch

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    Ordinarily, the possibility of WWE turning one of its most popular babyfaces in Becky Lynch heel would be unthinkable. Lately, however, the booking of her has seemed to suggest something in that ballpark is imminent.

    Lynch's battle all the way from the lower reaches of SmackDown's women's division right through to challenging Carmella for the title at SummerSlam was a great story, and one expertly told by WWE too.

    But the return of Charlotte Flair has ruined the fairytale ending for Lynch somewhat, with Flair also muscling her way into the title picture at SummerSlam.

    It means Lynch now has to go through one of her closest friends, as well as the champion, to get her hands on the title this weekend.

    Given everything she's gone through to get to this point, would turning on Flair in order to become champion be a simple roadblock standing in the path of Lynch's ultimate goal? 

    She remains as popular as ever, which is why turning her would be a big gamble. But Lynch vs. Flair feels destined to happen, one way or the other.

    Right now, turning Lynch is the more likely option than Flair reverting to working as a heel once again.

Paul Heyman

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    The presence of Paul Heyman in Brock Lesnar's Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns on Sunday is going to be even more intriguing than usual.

    Heyman always manages to grab a slice of the limelight no matter what feud Lesnar is in, usually by reaffirming his reputation as the master of the microphone.

    But with Brock showing signs of dispensing with Heyman in recent weeks, and Heyman reacting emotionally to that, the prospect of him turning his back on the champion cannot be ruled out.

    Let's face it, it wouldn't be the first time Heyman has turned against Brock, given what happened at Survivor Series 2002 with Big Show.

    And this time, if Heyman did turn to align himself with Roman Reigns, it would create a fascinating dynamic for both men moving forward.

    With Lesnar still likely to leave WWE, it could be exactly what both guys need.

Dean Ambrose

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    It was certainly a novel move for WWE to bring Dean Ambrose back to TV on the go-home edition of Raw rather than at SummerSlam itself.

    But could that be to swerve everything into thinking an alliance with Seth Rollins is back on the table again?

    If Ambrose had simply showed up at SummerSlam and cost Rollins the Intercontinental Championship, it may not have had the same buzz surrounding it as Monday's return did.

    Now, fans will be tuning in to see exactly what Ambrose's role is in Rollins' bout against Dolph Ziggler this weekend.

    Ambrose is too high-profile to work as Rollins' hired help in the same way Drew McIntyre is for Ziggler. That's why it feels extremely likely that Ambrose will turn on Rollins and spark a feud between those two moving forward.

    It would enable Ziggler to keep hold of the Intercontinental Championship and give an opportunity to a face who badly needs a push on Raw, like Finn Balor.

    It all seems to make sense. Expect Ambrose to turn.