WWE 205 Live Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 31

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistAugust 1, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 31

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    Cedric Alexander and The Brian Kendrick battled on this week's 205 Live.
    Cedric Alexander and The Brian Kendrick battled on this week's 205 Live.Credit: WWE.com

    The WWE cruiserweight division keeps producing great matches, and management keeps excluding it from Raw and pay-per-views. This has become the new norm.

    Being on the WWE Network instead of regular television already limits the 205 Live audience, and we all know the entire subscriber base doesn't watch the show every week.

    This means some of the best talents in the company have fewer eyes on them than everyone else. However, that will all change at SummerSlam.

    This week's show featured Cedric Alexander preparing to battle Drew Gulak at the so-called Biggest Party of the Summer by facing one of his current allies, The Brian Kendrick.

    Let's take a look at everything that happened on Tuesday's episode of 205 Live.

Tony Nese vs. Kalisto

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    Kalisto and Tony Nese.
    Kalisto and Tony Nese.Credit: WWE.com

    Tony Nese and Kalisto agreed to have another singles match on the condition that their respective teammates stay in the back to keep everything fair.

    Nese showed off his power and aggression early by dominating his smaller opponent. Kalisto tried several times to get the upper hand, but The Premier Athlete kept him on the defensive for the majority of the match.

    The Lucha House Party founder eventually managed to hit some of his more exciting moves to wake up the crowd, but a powerbomb into the turnbuckle stalled his momentum.

    Surprisingly, Kalisto was able to hit the Salida del Sol out of nowhere to get the victory. We have seen better from both competitors, but this was a decent match to get the show started.

    Buddy Murphy came out after the match to attack Kalisto, but Lince Dorado ran down to make the save. They took him out with a pair of superkicks to end the segment.


    Grade: B-


    Notes and Highlights

    • Nese has the worst entrance music on 205 Live.
    • The way Nese's head spiked into the mat during a hurricanrana was brutal.
    • Kalisto should get a second finisher. The Salida del Sol doesn't always look as good as it could.
    • WWE keeps putting together tag teams on 205 Live but has yet to make any announcement regarding an official division for the brand.

Lio Rush vs. Ricky Martinez

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    Lio Rush and Akira Tozawa.
    Lio Rush and Akira Tozawa.Credit: WWE.com

    Lio Rush came out and talked about why he won't give Akira Tozawa a rematch. He claimed the jobber he found is more qualified to face him.

    His opponent, Ricky Martinez, certainly had the size advantage, and he also seemed to be quick on his feet, but Rush quickly took control and showed off his agility. It took him all of two minutes to finish the match with the Final Hour.

    As expected, Tozawa came out to confront the newcomer, but The Man of the Hour chose to roll out of the ring so he could fight another day.


    Grade: C-


    Notes and Highlights

    • Rush calling anyone else "Kid" is weird.
    • Tozawa should sue Rush for gimmick infringement after the beautiful suicide dive he hit.
    • Drew Gulak and Cedric Alexander had a contract signing before the match. Gulak called Alexander "The Brock Lesnar of 205 Live" to insult his title reign.

The Brian Kendrick vs. Cedric Alexander

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    Gulak gave Kendrick a quick pep talk backstage before he went to the ring for his match against Alexander in the main event.

    After Alexander kept countering his moves in the ring, Kendrick suckered him out of the ring so he could drive him into the apron and the ring steps.

    Gulak joined the commentary team at this point to watch his friend battle his future opponent. Kendrick used a creative counter to lock in the Captain's Hook at one point, but Alexander made it to the ropes.

    After he got his bearing back, the cruiserweight champion hit the Lumbar Check to keep his 2018 undefeated streak going.

    Gulak distracted Alexander so Jack Gallagher could take him out with a vicious headbutt.


    Grade: B+


    Notes and Highlights

    • Alexander's chops are so loud you can almost feel them through the TV.
    • The "This is boring" chant a few minutes into the match was completely unwarranted.
    • Alexander is almost as good as Rusev at looking like he was almost knocked out. All he is missing are little cartoon birds flying around his head.
    • It's almost frustrating how easy Alexander makes everything look.

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